Is Yumble Still In Business 2024?

Feeding kids is a challenge in itself, but feeding them nutritious food is more of a battle. To tackle this challenge, came up a kids meal delivery company, called Yumble. Yumble even appeared on Shark Tank, and if you’ve watched the episode, then you might be wondering- Is Yumble still in business?

In some other era, Yumble might have been a failure; who knows, but the COVID-19 pandemic opened doors for such businesses. Confined into houses and unable to go out for a bite, people started relying heavily on food deliveries, and it was during this time that Yumble really took off.

Keep on reading to find out what really happened after that though and how is Yumble doing in 2024.

Is Yumble Still In Business

What Is Yumble?

Yumble is a kids meal delivery service that was founded by David and Joanna Parker in 2016. The business focuses on offering pre-packed, nutritious, and easy-to-prepare meals for children.

Yumble works on a subscription-based model; parents can choose and order from a nutritionist-approved rotating menu and get meal boxes delivered right to their doorsteps.

The company offers three meal plans- 6 meals, 12 meals, or 24 meals and a total of 22 different items that require no cooking.

These meal plans’ pricing ranges from $6.99 to $7.99 with free shipping and come with collectibles that your child can play with.

Yumble On Shark Tank

Yumble On Shark Tank

Founders David Parker and Joanna Parker appeared in the 10th season of Shark Tank and tried to raise $500,000 for a 4% stake in their company.

The couple revealed that they already have $1.3 million in sales and are seeing a 30% growth rate month-over-month. They also added that 70% of the customers who signed up for them reorder at the first opportunity.

After listening to their pitch, Shark Kevin O’Leary raised concerns about how Yumble will compete against competitors like Albertsons or Whole Foods, which Amazon owns now.

Eventually, guest judge Bethenny Frankel agreed to offer $500,000 but for a 15% stake. Shark Rohan Oza then offered $100,000 for a 12% stake and was willing to partner with Lori Greiner. Frankel then revised her offer to 6%, and Yumble gladly accepted.

What Happened To Yumble After Shark Tank?

After Bethenny Frankel agreed to invest $500,000 in Yumble, the founders revealed that they plan on using the investment to expand Yumble nationwide by expanding its delivery.

In a 2021 interview, though, Joanna Parker revealed that Frankel seemed quite excited about her investment, but the deal was never completed.

Despite not receiving the investment, Yumble was able to find investors and continued to grow.

Is Yumble Still In Business?

Is Yumble In Business

Since Yumble did not receive its Shark Tank investment, you might be wondering is Yumble still in business and how they are doing.

Yumble ceased operations in 2022 and was bought out by Dibz Kidz. In February 2023, the company posted on its Instagram account “a new chapter of Yumble,” as well as an “all-new lineup of shelf-stable ready-to-eat school lunches that kids love.”

However, Yumble is still in business, and although their offerings have changed now, Dibz Kidz still abides by the values set by the original Yumble.

How Is Yumble Doing Today?

Even though Yumble did not get the investment from Bethenny, their appearance on Shark Tank opened doors for new customers for them.

They were eventually able to find another investor, and Yumble is doing great today. They have, in fact, already expanded to 50 states in the U.S.

In 2023, Yumble has taken a summer break to rebrand and redesign itself to offer delicious new options.

The company has also stopped offering a subscription-based model and will now offer individual snack packs for $4.99 and lunch packs at $5.99.

The redesigning of Yumble promises to offer “completely customizable lunch kits,” with more than 2,800 potential combinations for children and parents to pick from.

Wrap Up

Yumble’s unique and successful business model has made it effortless for parents to feed their kids healthy and nutritious meals with zero prep time.

And although the company has now been bought by Dibz Kidz, Yumble continues to thrive.

We hope you found your answer to Is Yumble Still In Business in this guide.


What is the net worth of Yumble today?

The net worth of Yumble as in 2023 was estimated to be $8.3 million.

Does Yumble offers vegan or vegetarian options?

Yes, Yumble offers vegan and vegetarian options, and customers can choose from nutritious plant-based meal options.

What is the future of Yumble?

Yumble has now been acquired by Dibz Kidz and is still running under the name Yumble. The company is doing great and expanding to reach a wider range of customers. As long as people continue to seek nutritious and hassle-free meals for their kids, Yumble will thrive.

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