Jockey Franchise

The Jockey Franchise has always had its charm throughout the year in terms of business.

The innerwear business is the second-best model, earning Profit next to the retail garments industry.

Furthermore, India is the hub of traditional clothing, materials, and inner garments.

Jockey is one such brand that never goes unnoticed in the garment sector. And, Jockey is a globally recognized brand that produces and distributes men’s, women’s, and children’s innerwear, sleepwear, and athletics.

This article will look at how to launch a Jockey franchise in India.

Jockey Franchise
Jockey Franchise

Jockey Franchise Model

Investment 40-50 lakh
Area Required 1000-1400 sq.ft.
Royalty fee N/A

About Jockey Company

Jockey is a prominent brand that manufactures men’s and women’s innerwear, sleepwear, extended wear, and activewear.

The brand is easily found in practically all multi-retail brand stores, high streets, and commercial shopping malls worldwide.

Later the positive response from these locations has prompted the company to expand its presence in emerging areas.

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Jockey Franchise Benefits

  • The company provides the franchisee with operational know-how for running a Jockey innerwear store.
  • And the Profit from your experience and establish your brand’s reputation in the Indian market.
  • Make use of the company’s expertise and help.
  • Assistance in starting a new business includes training, interior, exterior store design, and location selection.
  • The organization stands behind each franchise store, providing guidance and assistance for the store’s professional and financial growth.

History of Jockey 

In 1878, the firm set a new record by producing almost 2500 pairs of stockings every day.

After the demise of Samuel Cooper, his sons, Charles, Henry, and Willis, acquired management of the corporation.

As of September 2017, the company had approximately 384 exclusive jockey outlets across India, including 286 stores on main streets and around 98 locations in malls, with a rapidly expanding customer base.

Profit margin of Jockey

The profit margin on the Jockey franchise is relatively high, making it one of the best investment prospects for novice entrepreneurs and individuals looking to establish a clothing business.

Moreover, the Jockey franchise gross profit is 30% to 35%. If you work harder for the organization, there are many incentives in place that are based on your sales.

And You might be eligible for this program and make more money. However, this program typically begins after 5-6 months.


Business comes in many forms. And Jockeyfranchise is one such opportunity to build your business around.

If there is one way to look at massive growth, it would be this. Moreover, Jockey’s policy of customizing the retailing strategy is commendable, and it is for you to latch on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Jockey Franchise a Good Investment?

Yes, a Jockey franchise is incredibly profitable and provides you with a consistent source of income because of its brand value. They have been in business for more than two decades.

What is the name of the person that owns Jockey?

Debra S. Waller is the CEO of Jockey International. Page Industries Ltd licenses Jockey

What are the steps to become a Jockey Franchise?

Go to Jockey’s website and select the “Franchise” page to apply online. It features a franchise form on which you must fill out and submit your information.

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