Kona Ice Franchise

Kona Ice is famous for serving the most delicious shaved ice on this side of the island. If you are interested in Kona Ice Franchise, then you are at the right place.

You will find all the details related to Kona Ice Franchise here. We will also assure some valuable points that will be helpful to you, so let’s begin.

Kona Ice Franchise
Kona Ice Franchise

About Kona Ice

Kona Ice is known for shaved ice. They have a delicious product and some sweet tunes, but they are more than just regular ice cream trucks.

They are a tropical escape in the form of a food truck, and also, the customer can customize their shaved ice cream according to their choice and taste.

The ice cream contains 60% less sugar than a regular sugar water cone and contains no high fructose corn syrup. It is the healthiest option in comparison to others.

History Of Kona Ice

Well, the bad experience of Tony Lomb at an ice cream truck generated the idea of Kona Ice. In 2007, Tom Lamb established the Kona Ice cream truck in Northern Kentucky.

His 3-year-old daughter had an awful encounter with an ice cream man. The truck had smoke coming out of it; the driver was not wearing a shirt.

Then Tom decided to open an Ice cream truck that would give a better experience and delicious ice cream.

Today, Kona Ice has become the fastest-growing event-based business, with more than 1,600 franchisee-owned trucks worldwide.

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Training Of Kona Ice

Kona Ice provides 16-20 hours of training at the franchisor’s corporate office in Florence, Kentucky.

All franchisees’ employees need to attend system-wide refresher or additional training courses from time to time. Some of the courses are optional.

Kona Ice Franchise Model

Initial Investment$15,000-$30,000
Royalty- FeeA fraction of the Industry Standard
Area RequirementN/A
Total Outlets1,600 Trucks

Types Of Kona Ice Franchise

Kona ice is divided into different styles depending on how much financial investment you can pay:

Kona Minis:

The small version of the Kona Ice Unit. It’s created for especially small venues and events, such as weddings, get-togethers, and parties. Kona Minis is a low-risk investment and can keep income flowing all year round.

The Kona Kiosk:

This style of the unit came in 2015 when the Kona ice started targeting semi-permanent venues and large events. It can serve the same amount of people as a Kona Ice Truck.

The Kona Trailer:

This option is ideal for long-term investors. The unit style serves at large venues such as amusement parks, circus venues, or stadiums. It is the perfect option for a permanent establishment.

The KEV 2.0:

This is the newest addition to Kona Ice. It is a smaller, more agile version of the main Kona Truck.

Term Of Agreement And Renewal

The length of the initial agreement is ten years. If the franchisees are in good standing, generate revenue, and meet another requirement, they may apply for two other successive terms of 10 years.

Advantage Of Kona Ice Franchise

  • Fast approval process
  • Marketing and Training support
  • Low Overhead
  • Fully Equipped Food truck
  • No real state expenses

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Challenges Of Kona Ice Franchise

  • Highest fee for relocation territories
  • Several small fees are required for your business
  • Ice Cream may not be famous all year round
  • The season changed to affect the sales
  • Additional vehicles cost

Kona Ice Comparison

CompanyKona IceMenchie’s
Founded In20072007
Initial Investment$15,000-$30,000$300,000 to $350,000  
Total Outlet1600540
Annual Revenue$165 Million$194 Million


How much does a Kona Ice franchise cost?

Kona Ice Franchise Cost is $15,000.

Is Kona Ice Cream healthy?

Yes, Kona ice cream is the healthiest option; the ice cream contains less than 60 % sugar and conations no high fructose corn.

What flavor is Tiger Blood Kona Ice?

Tiger Blood flavor has a delightful combination of strawberry, watermelon, and coconut.

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