Kona Ice Prices 2024

Kona Ice is an ice cream truck that provides healthier products with less artificial sugar. It was founded in 2007 and quickly grew to over 600 locations in many states around the United States. Kona Ice franchise is also one of the fastest-growing franchises.

Kona Ice Prices

This article will answer some questions about Kona Ice’s menu and give you an outlook.

Kona Ice Prices 2024

Shaved Ice Cups

Regular Cup$3.00$3.00
King Kona Cup$4.00$3.00
Kowabunga Cup$5.00$3.00
Color Changing Cup$5.00$3.00

Birthday Package

Birthday Package24 Cups$110.00
Each Cup Over 241 Cup$2.50

How Big Is A Kiddie Kona Ice?

How Big Is A Kiddie Kona Ice

Kiddie Kona Ice is 9 ounces. It’s their smallest size and the perfect size to sample a Kona product you want to get a taste of.

Does Kona Ice Take Debit Cards?

Yes, Kona Ice accepts multiple forms of payment, and one of those payments is the debit card. They also take Apple Pay, credit cards, and other similar payment methods.

What Is Kona Ice Sweetened With?

Kona Ice products are sweetened with pure cane sugar and natural stevia leaf extract.

What Is The Most Popular Snow Cone Flavor?

What Is The Most Popular Snow Cone Flavor

The most popular snow cone flavors are cherry, grape, blue raspberry, strawberry, mango, and watermelon. The exact order of these might change depending on the list, but these are some of the most popular ones.

What Is Kona Ice Godzilla Flavor?

The Godzilla flavor at Kona Ice was a fruity mix flavor. This flavor is currently not available under this name, but you can get something similar with Island Rush flavor as its name changed to this.

What Is Interesting About Kona Ice?

Kona Ice is interesting because it offers ice cream without artificial sweeteners or unhealthy sugars. They are natural and offer tasty ice cream without all the dangerous sweeteners.

How Much Does Kona Ice Cost?

The prices of Kona Ice are between $3 to $5 depending on the size of your order and the store’s location. In addition, they have a birthday package that gives you 24 cups for $110.

How Much Is A Kona Ice Cup?

How Much Is A Kona Ice Cup

The smallest and cheapest size is 8 ounces, the regular, and costs around $2. The Kowabunga size is the biggest and most expensive size, with 22 ounces, and costs around $5. There are also 12- and 16-ounce versions which cost between $2 and $5.

How To Pay For Kona Ice Online?

Kona Ice doesn’t have online ordering, but they are on several food delivery platforms. How you will pay depends on the delivery platform you are using. But generally, once you put your order in the cart, there are a couple of steps to take:

  • Go to checkout and pick your address,
  • Select the payment method and enter your information,
  • Confirm the payment and wait for your order to be confirmed.

How Much Is It To Refill A Kona Ice Cup?

A refill of Kona Ice Cup is an extra $3 on top of the drink price.

How Much Is Kona Ice Catering?

They have four catering packages.

  • Luau pack – 30-minute package and costs $150. Includes 15 collectible cups and 15 flower leis.
  • Surf pack – 30-minute package and costs $150. Includes 35 classic Konas.
  • Beach pack – 30-minute package and costs $185. Includes 50 classic Konas.
  • Hourly rate – 1 hour of service and costs $250. Includes 100 classic Konas.


What Kona Ice flavors are sugar-free?

Kona Ice uses either fruit-based concentrate or cane sugar as the sweetener. You can ask for this concentrate to get the sugar-free options on all their ice creams.

What Is Kona ice made of?

Kona Ice is made of pure cane sugar and natural stevia leaf extract. To create the flavors, they use the juice of the products.

What time does Kona Ice Close?

The closing hours of Kona Ice vary a lot. Some closes at 17.00, some at 21.00, and some at 20.00.





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