Kumon Franchise

Do you want a business with a learning or educational background? The Kumon franchise is one of the options you can consider.

Kumon is the world’s largest after-school learning program, providing a unique and personalized approach to supporting children’s academic achievement.

For those looking to impact their community while running their own business, Kumon offers a rewarding opportunity with its franchise system. With over 27,000 franchises operating worldwide and more than 4 million students enrolled, the Kumon franchise network has a proven track record of success.

Keep reading to know more about the cost, fees, and requirements to start a Kumon Franchise.

Kumon Franchise
Kumon Franchise

About The Kumon

Kumon is the world’s foremost after-school math and literature program for children in grades K–12.

Kumon’s purpose is to assist all children in developing fundamental academic skills and becoming self-learners.

The Kumon learning system is superior to fostering academic success, character, and life skills. They want to better education and societies all across the world.

Kumon History 

Kumon was born due to Toru Kumon’s (the founder of Kumon) affection for his kid. Everything began when the founder’s son struggled with his Math studies.

Toru Kumon produced Math worksheets for his kid to utilize in his studies because he was a High School teacher.

It took some trial, but he eventually devised a method for improving his son’s Math skills, which also enhanced his son’s academic ability.

Toru Kumon considered applying the same strategy he employed with his son to his neighbors. He decided to open an office for this in 1958.

The number of Math students at Kumon has rapidly expanded since then.

The company was formerly called Osaka Institute of Mathematics, but in 1983 it was renamed Kumon Institute of Education Co., Ltd.

What Are The Main Responsibilities Of A Franchisee?

A study center is open for classes two to six days a week; outside of class, your schedule must be flexible to meet the demands of your business.

You may need to lengthen your class times and add more days at the center as your business grows.

The development of your students and assisting them in reaching their full potential will be your primary priority.

However, you will oversee all elements of the business, including ensuring that potential parents have a pleasant customer experience, responding to early inquiries and scheduling diagnostic exams, and managing your Assistants and the day-to-day operations of your center.

Every day, being a Kumon Instructor is a rewarding and challenging job.

Kumon Franchise Model

Initial investment$64,400 to $160,9750
Net-worth Requirement$150,000
License fee$5,000
Land area1,000 square feet
Total Outlets1500

Kumon Franchise Required Qualifications

  • A strong desire to work with children and a strong belief in education.
  • Math and English proficiency are necessary, as well as an undergraduate degree.
  • A successful business requires understanding, communication, and customer service abilities.

Kumon Franchise Support And Training

Kumon is a company that takes pride in its sense of community and welcoming environment. A top aim is to make franchisees feel supported at all times.

Before opening their centers, all new franchisees are given an entire training program and intensive, individualized support when they open.

There is also a comprehensive system of ongoing assistance, including networking opportunities with other franchisees and a personal consultant assigned to each franchisee’s business development.

Kumon Comparison

CompanyKumon Mathnasium
Founded In19582002
Initial Investment$64,400 to $160,9750 $112,750 – $149,110
Total Outlet15001100
Annual Revenue$18 Million$21.1 Million

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long will it take me to create a Kumon study center of my own?

Instructors often need three to six months to be up and running from when they first inquire.

Is it possible for me to buy an existing Kumon center?

Yes. Each year, several existing Kumon centers become offered for purchase.

Is it possible to open a Kumon franchise that exclusively offers online classes?

To give a complete service to their students and their families, Kumon franchisees must offer both in-center and online sessions.

Is Kumon a franchise?

Kumon is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kumon Institute of Education Company that offers franchises.

How much does a Kumon franchise cost?

To qualify as a potential Kumon Franchise owner, you’ll require an initial investment of $64,400 to $160,9750 and an additional $150,000 as a franchise fee.

Who is the Owner Of Kumon?

Kumon was founded by Toru Kumon, a Japanese math teacher, in 1954. He developed individualized learning plans for each of his students and soon realized the effectiveness of this approach to education.

The company is now owned by Masayoshi Son, founder and CEO of SoftBank Group Corp., who purchased it from Benesse Corporation in 2015. Under Son’s leadership, Kumon has expanded its global reach to serve over 4 million students in 53 countries and regions worldwide.

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