La Pinoz Franchise Cost, Fees & Profit 2024

The restaurant and food industry is undoubtedly one of the biggest and highest-growing industries in the world.

There are many options to be involved in, and with the right selection, you can have an extremely profitable business.

La Pinoz is one of those businesses that offer franchises focusing on pizzas and other similar Italian cuisines.

This article will cover all the details about La Pinoz’s franchise system and whether it’s worth being part of their network.

La Pinoz Franchise
La Pinoz Franchise

About La Pinoz and La Pinoz History

La Pinoz is one of the biggest pizza restaurant franchise chains in India. They were founded in 2011 and quickly gained popularity, reaching over 100 stores.

La Pinoz offers traditional Italian pizzas with a constantly growing menu and selection of desserts, pasta, bread, and similar food.

They have been franchising to those interested in increasing the brand’s exposure as much as they can.

Franchise Model Table

Cost Or FeesAmount
Initial Investment       29-52 Lakhs
Franchising Since2011
Franchise-Fee9.9 Lakhs
Estimated Outlets150

How Much Does It Cost To Open a La Pinoz Franchise?

The expected initial investment to open a La Pinoz franchise is between 29 to 52 lakhs.

This investment includes the franchise fee of 9.9 lakhs that you pay upfront before starting the operations. On top of it, you also have to pay a royalty fee of 4% of your gross sales each month.

La Pinoz Franchise Requirements

La Pinoz doesn’t have any specific professional requirements from the franchisees.

If you have the necessary funds, La Pinoz will train you and teach you the basics of the industry to run your business.

La Pinoz Profit & Revenue

The expected monthly sales, the gross revenue, for an average La Pinoz franchise location is about 6 Lakhs.

When you remove the expenses, your gross profit is about 3.2 Lakhs, around a 53% profit margin.

After removing all other expenses such as salaries, rent, royalty fees, and others, the average net profit is 1.6 lakhs which equal to about 27% profit margin for an average store.

Opportunities abound for entrepreneurs in restaurant franchising, including brands like Cafe Rio, Portillo’s Franchise, Capital Tacos, Red Lobster Franchise, and Chicken Guy franchise.

La Pinoz Comparison

NameFranchise FeeRoyalty FeeInitial Investment
Smokin Joe’s3 Lakhs10%10-20 lakhs
Eagles Pizza6 Lakhs8%20-30 lakhs
La Pinoz9.9 Lakhs4%29-52 Lakhs


La Pinoz is one of the most famous pizza restaurants in India, offering franchises across the country for those interested.

There are no experience requirements, and if you have financials ready, you can open a La Pinoz franchise.

The expected initial investment is between 29 to 52 lakhs, including the 9.9 lakhs of the franchise fee. After you open the store, the royalty fee is 4% of the gross sales.

Overall, La Pinoz could be a great investment if you are an entrepreneur looking to own a business.


How can I start a La Pinoz franchise?

To start a La Pinoz franchise, you first need to apply to the company as a potential franchisee.

If you comply with all the requirements, they will get back to you on how you can start your branch.

How much does it cost to open a La Pinoz franchise?

To open a La Pinoz franchise, you can expect to spend between 29 to 52 Lakhs.

This investment includes everything like the 9.9 Lakhs of the franchise fee and all other startup costs.

Can I fail with a La Pinoz franchise branch?

La Pinoz is a business like every other business. If you can’t manage the business well, you will fail just like any other business.

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