10 Best Liquor Store Franchise

As per statistics, the liquor industry has brought $71,6 million in revenue to the US. The liquor industry contributes 1.65% of the US economy.

The liquor industry offers a wide range of business opportunities. It involves a lot of products like wine, beer, liquor, cognac, whisky, and a lot of other spirits.

In this article, we will discuss the top liquor store franchise for entrepreneurs willing to invest in the liquor store. So, let’s begin. 

10 Best Liquor Store Franchise
10 Best Liquor Store Franchises

Here Are the 10 Best liquor Store franchises For 2023

1. Macadoodles Franchise

Macadoodles Franchise
Macadoodles Franchise
Founded in1997
Initial investment$900,000 – $1,900,500
Franchise FeeN/A

Macadoodles have a long history of profitable operation and offer a lucrative franchise for you to become a successful franchise owner in an exacting and growing industry.

And the franchise doesn’t require any prior experience in retail liquor.

Everyone is eligible to own this franchise, as Maca Doodles provide you with a system of training and support.

An initial investment required to open A Maca Doodles franchise is $900,000 – $1,900,500. 

2. BevMax Franchise

BevMax Franchise
BevMax Franchise
Founded in1991
Initial investment$350,000 – $1,000,000
Franchise FeeN/A

BevMax is a liquor superstore located in the USA. The wine and liquor retail industry is growing tremendously, and BevMax is capitalizing on this growth to form a booming business.

It is a family-owned business, and it has been around for a decade. The first BevMax was opened in Stamford, Connecticut.

Though many changes have been seen, but their philosophy has not. They still believe, “Keep it clean, keep it stocked and keep it organized.”

The store has bright and well-organized high-leading technology and system.

BevMax is offering franchises to those entrepreneurs who want to become a part of a growing industry. But there are certain conditions for joining a franchise.

The candidate should have experience in the sales industry and management and, most importantly, must enjoy working with people and have good leadership and understanding to manage day-to-day activities.

3. Craft Beer Cellar Franchise

Craft Beer Cellar Franchise
Craft Beer Cellar Franchise
Founded in2010
Initial investment$48,000 – $120,000
Franchise Fee$15,000

The Craft Beer Caller spends a lot of time in search of beer made in breweries.

Their focus is on the growing interest in craft beer; Suzanne Schalow and Kate Baker created a comfortable shopping experience that led to instant success.

Currently, there are 13 stores of Craft Beer Cellar in operation, and most of them are situated in the Northeast and Missouri.

Craft beer is listed in the Franchises Under $10,000 and Franchise Directory, and owning a craft Beer Cellar franchise requires an initial investment of $48,000-$120,000. 

4. The Grape Retail Choice Franchise

The Grape Retail Choice Franchise
The Grape Retail Choice Franchise
Founded in2002
Initial investmentConfidential Information
Franchise FeeN/A

In 2002, the first Grape Retail Wine store was opened in Atlanta with the concept of combining two complementary revenue elements, a wine bar, and a retail store.

An innovative industry offers a franchise opportunity to Demystify wine through Grape’s Copyrighted wine by taste guide.

Their franchise team supports franchisees on the very steps like initial start-up and training support, Grand opening support, construction and design guidance, and so on.

Additionally, they also provide support in the ongoing operation, sales assistance, and managerial level through site visits and phone.

Opening The Grape Retail Wine store requires liquidity of $ $875,000 – $1,200,000. 

5. Tim Wine Market Franchise

Tim Wine Market Franchise
Tim Wine Market Franchise
Founded in1995
Initial investment$40,000 – $130,688
Franchise FeeN/A 

Tim Wine Market is famous for high-quality and hard-to-find wines. It offers a wide range of selective wines as well as several wine accessories and gifts across the world.

They also provide expert advice on wine selection, food pairing, and storage. Tim Wine Market is a nationally and well-respected leader in the wine retail business.

Tim’s provides advice on location selections, pre-training support for the operation, and ongoing wine knowledge to new franchisees.

Once franchisees complete a pre-training program, each franchisee receives an additional ongoing education in business operation.

An initial investment requires to open a Time Wine Market franchise is $40,000 – $130,688.

6. Vom Fass Franchise

Vom Fass Franchise
Vom Fass Franchise
Founded in1994
Initial investment$116,000 – $374,000
Franchise FeeN/A 

Vom Fass is known for its wines, spirits, spices, vinegar, and oils from bulk casks and amphora.

It is the premier retail store in the world and was awarded in 2012 as the #1 retail franchise and #2 overall in Germany by the business magazine Impulse in their prestigious Top 100 franchisees Ranking.

It is well-poised and well-positioned for rapid expansion in the US. Opening a Vom Fass franchise requires an initial investment of $116,000 – $374,000.

Vom Fass offers financing through a third party as well as a veterans discount of 5%. 

7. The Brass Tap Franchise

The Brass Tap Franchise
The Brass Tap Franchise
Founded in2007
Initial investment$791,967 – $1,327,475
Franchise Fee$37,500

The Brass Tap is known for its craft beer bar. The concept has proven its ability to lead a category filled with abundant opportunities.

They have not only crafted the ultimate guest experience, but they have also turned into a business model that maximizes your investment potential.

They provide training to help new franchisees on every step. The term of the training is four weeks at their corporate locations for the general manager and shift manager.

They teach you to operate a business. An initial investment requires to open a franchise is $791,967 – $1,327,475. 

8. Waters Edge Wineries Franchise

Waters Edge Wineries Franchise
Waters Edge Wineries Franchise
Founded in2004
Initial investment$554,974 – $1,220,060
Franchise Fee$50,000

Water Edge Wineries is a new concept with all the functionality of a traditional winery but without vineyards.

They produce over 50 different types of wines, including traditional wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Grigio, and so on.

Opening a Waters Edge Wineries franchise requires an initial investment of $554,974 – $1,220,060.

They also offer to finance with third-party financing sources to which they refer qualified franchisees.

They also provide initial training support to new franchisees. The term training period is around 40-50 hours.

9. Water 2 Wine Franchise

Water 2 Wine Franchise
Water 2 Wine Franchise
Founded in2003
Initial investment$142,500
Franchise Fee$35,000

Water 2 wine is known for its unique winery that provides its customers with wine testing and private label products that you never find found in typical wine stores.

It is a proven franchise model with over a decade of experience in the winery business.

They can help you with a tested business plan for opening, operating, managing, and growing a successful wine business.

Opening a Water 2 Wine franchise requires an initial investment of $142,500.

10. Society Wine Bar Franchise

Society Wine Bar Franchise
Society Wine Bar Franchise
Founded in2012
Initial investment$148,100 – $330,200
Franchise Fee$45,000

Society Wine Bar has a proven team of successful experts in the wine and franchise industries.

Society Wine Bar achieved brand success with their unique concept; they are eager to bring The Wine Bar all over the nation.

It is a low-cost investment opportunity that is highly scalable and much less expensive than a typical food business.

They provide an initial training program of two weeks at Cork University in Tampa.

The training covers everything you need to know about operations and sales, from learning how to prepare our products correctly and furnishing your new restaurants.

Opening a Society Wine Bar franchise requires an initial investment of $148,100 – $330,200.


Starting a liquor Store franchise is not an easy task. There is a lot to consider when choosing the best one.

We suggest, before choosing any franchise, pay attention to the reputation of the brand, training and support, and your budget.

We discussed all the topmost and best franchises in the article. So, first, analyze the things and then invest in the best.  

Frequently Asked Question

Is owning a liquor store profitable?

According to a study, a liquor store’s profitability can be between 15% and 20% of the initial investment in annual profits.

However, it also varies in different aspects, like the deal in higher volume products, such as warehouse and discount stores that experience significantly smaller profit margins.

Who is the largest liquor retailer?

Walmart is the largest liquor retailer.

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