Little Caesar Franchise

The Little Caesars Pizza franchise is one of the most recognizable pizza chains in the world. Founded in 1959, it has grown to over 5,000 locations across the United States and abroad. With a long history of success and popularity, Little Caesars has established itself as an excellent option for entrepreneurs seeking to open their own pizza business.

If you’re considering franchising with Little Caesars, this article provides all the information you need to understand what’s involved. We’ll discuss everything from franchise fees and start-up costs to training programs and restrictions with owning and operating a Little Caesars restaurant.

In addition, we’ll look at the potential return on investment (ROI) and other factors that could influence your decision to invest in a Little Caesars franchise.

With all the information you need right here, you can make an informed decision about whether or not Little Caesars is the right fit for your business goals and aspirations.

Little Caesar Franchise
Little Caesar Franchise

About The Little Caesar

Little Caesars Pizza is the third-largest pizza chain in the United States, after Domino and Pizza Hut.

Its distinctive competitive differentiations include its HOT-AND-READY concept, which allows walk-in customers to order fresh, pre-made meals with little to no wait time, and its extensive pizza menu.

A typical Little Caesar’s restaurant or a range of non-standard models are available to franchisees.

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Little Caesar History

Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 1959 by Michael and Marian Ilitch in Garden City, Michigan. The first store was a carry-out pizza shop with just five tables. By the end of the same year, they opened two more stores in Detroit and, within a few years, had become one of the largest pizza chains in the United States.

In 1969, Little Caesars introduced their signature Crazy Bread and, soon after that, began offering 2-for-1 pizza deals.

In the 1980s, they began expanding internationally and opened stores in Canada, Qatar, and Bahrain.

In the 1990s, Little Caesars started offering a Detroit-style deep dish square pizza called “Deep! Deep! Dish” and a new Stuffed Crust Pizza with cheese filling into the dough of its regular crust pizzas. They also launched their award-winning Hot-N-Ready program, which offers customers a large pepperoni or cheese pizza ready for pick up at all times without having to call ahead or wait in line.

Today, Little Caesars is the third-largest pizza chain in the United States and has over 5,500 locations worldwide.

They have continued to innovate their menu with offerings such as ExtraMostBestest Pizza, Ultimate Supreme Pizza, Crazy Sauce, and more. Little Caesars also continues to provide customers with a convenient way to get great-tasting pizza at an affordable price.

Types Of Little Caesar Franchise Opportunities

Little Caesars Pizza offers the following franchise opportunities across the world:

  1. Opportunities for Master Franchises
  2. Franchise Opportunities in Area Development
  3. Opportunities for Multi-Unit Franchises

Little Caesar Franchise Model 

Initial Investment$350,000-$1,427,500
Net Worth$250,000
Royalty-FeeGreater than 6% 
Area RequirementN/A
Total Outlets5,360

Little Caesar Franchise Support & Training

They provide extensive training and assistance, including visits to our headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, and dedicated teams from various functions to assist you. 

Little Caesars has a specialized franchise development team that assists qualified franchisees in implementing the same processes and systems that have helped many other franchisees succeed.

Franchisees are given the resources they need to follow the brand’s proven approach, such as ongoing training, preferred lenders, research, and developing new goods.

Franchisees will also receive support across all functions, including marketing, supply chain, R&D, communications, finance, architecture, and teams will come on-site to your shop for in-depth training before launch.

An Ideal Candidate For Little Caesar Franchise

Because Little Caesars Pizza provides a comprehensive training program for new franchisees, prior food service expertise is not required, though it is advantageous.

Franchisees should be dedicated to exceeding customer expectations and providing exceptional value to their customers.

Little Caesar Comparison

CompanyLittle CaesarPapa John’s
Founded In19591984
Initial Investment$350,000-$1,427,500$130,120 – $844,420
Franchise-Fee$20,000  $25,000  
Total Outlet5,3604,456
Annual Revenue$3.85 Billion$2.1 Billion 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Little Caesars the Right Restaurant for You?

Little Caesars is a fantastic fit for someone with previous food service experience and the ability to manage a fast-paced, high-volume restaurant.

What else can the franchisee be asked to do?

A franchisee has asked about the in-depth knowledge of the local culture and commerce in the intended area.

Is Little Caesars a franchise?

Yes, Little Caesars is a franchise organization, and now it has a comprehensive market of 6000 locations worldwide, of which 90% are franchised.

How much does a Little Caesars Franchise Cost?

To become an owner of the Little Caesars franchise, investors should expect to spend around $350,000-$1,427,500 and an additional $20,000 as a franchise fee.

Who is the owner of Little Caesars?

Mike and Marian Ilitch own little Caesars. The couple founded the pizza chain in 1959 with a single store in Garden City, Michigan. Today, Little Caesars operates over 5,000 locations worldwide and remains family-owned and operated under the Ilitches’ private holding company, Ilitch Holdings, Inc.

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