Lush Franchise Cost, Fees & Requirement 2024

Would you like to open a soap, treatments, and cosmetics shop but don’t want to start from scratch? Would you like to count a well-known brand that your clients are already familiar with?

Well, if you answered yes, one of the best ways of achieving your goals is becoming a Lush Franchise partner.

When opening a franchise, you have many advantages, but you’re not completely free with your choices: you need to obtain authorization, you need to sign a contract, you need to pay a franchise fee, and you may have some restrictions.

In this article, you’ll find out everything you need to know if you want to open a Lush Franchise.

Lush Franchise 
Lush Franchise 

About Lush Franchise

Lush is a cosmetics retailer that sells soaps, shampoos, lotions, and other body and face products. They produce and sell their own products.

The peculiarity of their products is that they are made of only vegetarian and vegan ingredients and that they are particularly colored.

When seen from the outside, a Lush store looks like a candy store. The perfume that comes from it is also very attractive to customers: these two elements are part of the success of Lush as a brand. 

History Of Lush Franchise

The founders of Lush, Mark Constantine, and Liz Weir met during the 70s, but they opened their first Lush cosmetic shop in 1995 in Poole, UK. They used to create cosmetics with fruit and vegetable ingredients. 

Lush expanded very quickly, first with two new stores in the UK and then internationally (Croatia, Australia, Brazile, Ireland, and then the rest of Europe and the world).

Lush was hit heavily during the pandemic: they needed to close a lot of stores and fire a lot of employees. However, they are back in business.

Lush stands out for its ethics: during the pandemic, its stores offered free handwashing soap to help prevent the spread of the virus.

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Lush stopped supplies and online deliveries to Russia.

They had to close their stores in Ukraine due to safety concerns, but they distributed their products to the people afflicted by the conflict for free.

They are also hiring Ukrainian refugees in their stores in the UK.

Lush Franchise Business Model

Lush is a franchise. It means that it is possible to become the owner of a Lush store and use the Lush brand name and products. 

Business ModelSkincare products retail franchise
Initial Investment$70,000
Franchise Fee$37,000
Number of outlets900+ in 42 countries around the world

Interested In Lush Franchise?


How Much Does It Cost To Open Lush Franchise Retail?

When opening a new Lush franchise shop, you need to calculate a budget that includes:

  • The rent of a location is from 20 to 50 square meters.
  • a franchise fee that amounts to $37.000;
  • furniture
  • supplies.

A Lush store doesn’t need to be big, and you can get a nice place, furnish and fill it with products for a little more than $30,000.

This, plus the franchise fee, makes a total initial investment of about $70,000.

Lush Franchise Revenue & Profits

Lush Franchise Revenue & Profits

The profit and revenue of any franchise depend on a variety of factors, including the size of the franchise, location of the store, operating costs, number of employees, etc.

Unfortunately, Lush has not disclosed the financials of its franchises, so it is known too much Lush franchises make.

You can get in touch with the current Lush franchise owner to get an idea of the revenue and profit of this company.


Lush dictates some requirements to anyone interested in opening a new lush franchise store:

  • The store needs to be comprised between 20 and 50 square meters;
  • It needs to be located in a densely populated area.

Franchise partners have also required an initial franchise fee. After that, the shop is theirs.

Training & Support

Lush offers a consulting service for its franchise partners. This is comprehensive of anything related to their franchise business: how to furnish the store, how to set up the items and windows, how to market the products, and also how to sell effectively.

Obligations & Restrictions

Lush Obligations & Restrictions

Lush doesn’t have many obligations and restrictions for the franchise partners.

There is no royalty fee, and the requirements are clear before the sign on the contract. After that, your Lush store is yours, and you can manage it as you like.

Of course, you can’t sell third-party cosmetics in it. You can only sell Lush products.

Term Of Agreement & Renewal

As you can see, the franchise fee is pretty high. This is because you need to pay only once, to get into business with Lush, and that’s all.

After that, the store is yours, you can use the Lush brand name, and you can market the Lush products forever. There is no expiration date on the contract.

Financial Assistance

At the moment, Lush requires an investment of $70,000 and doesn’t provide any financial assistance.

Potential franchisees interested in cosmetics can investigate opportunities with Mac Cosmetics, Karite Buerre, and Sephora franchises.

Comparison Franchise: Lush VS MAC Cosmetics

CompanyLushMac Cosmetics
ServicesCosmetics and skincare productsCosmetics products and tool
Franchise Fee$37,000 Negotiable
Initial investment$70,000$50,000 (Negotiable)
Number of stores900 + 500 +


Despite the challenges, Lush is a growing skincare and cosmetic business.

Their products are highly recognizable, and clients usually become affectionate with them and keep buying them.

If you want to exploit all of this, you can become a Lush franchise partner.

There are some requirements that you need to be ready to fulfill, but you can become the owner of a Lush store in your town.

Lush Franchise: FAQ

Is Lush a franchise or a chain?

Lush is a franchise. It is, therefore, possible to open a Lush store and become its owner.

Who is the owner of Lush?

The founders of Lush, Mark Constantine, and Liz Weir, are still the owners of the company.

How many Lush Franchises are there?

Lush has more than 900 stores opened in 42 countries around the world.

Is Lush Franchise a good investment?

Lush Franchise is a good investment for many reasons: the brand is well known, the products are highly recognizable, and you need to pay a high fee, but you aren’t due any more money to the company after that.

All your profit is yours, and that’s why you can quickly build a high ROI.

Is the Lush Franchise worth it?

Because the initial investment is not over the moon, and because there is a high demand for Lush products on the market, the investment in this Franchise is certainly worth it.

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    • Hi, you can refer to this article for details regarding the Lush franchise. If you want to start this franchise and want the relevant details, then please get in touch with the company directly.

    • Hi, you can refer to this artilce for the same. And if you want more details about the franchise process then you can reach out to the company directly.

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