Marco’s Pizza Franchise Cost, Fees & Requirement 2024

No one does it better than the Italians when it comes to Pizza, and Marco’s Pizza is the perfect example of that!

Marco’s Pizza is one of the most successful pizza franchises in America and has been serving delicious Italian-style pies since 1978.

The secret to Marco’s success is its commitment to quality ingredients, freshly baked dough, and a unique blend of cheeses.

They also offer a delicious selection of wings, subs, salads, and desserts, making them a favorite amongst pizza lovers all across the country.

If you’re looking for a great way to start your own business and become part of one of America’s most beloved franchises, Marco’s Pizza is the perfect option.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about opening a Marco’s Pizza franchise, from the costs involved to the training and support offered to franchisees.

Marco's Pizza Franchise

About The Marco’s Pizza

Marco’s Pizza is one of America’s most beloved pizza franchises.

It is known for its commitment to providing authentic Italian Pizza with fresh, made-in-house dough and a unique blend of cheeses.

Their menu also includes delicious items such as wings, subs, salads, and desserts to satisfy everyone’s cravings.

At Marco’s Pizza restaurants, you can expect a fast food-style service that still manages to offer high-quality ingredients with every order.

All of their pizzas are made with hand-tossed dough and cooked in their specially designed brick ovens, which help give them their delicious flavor and texture.

Marco’s Pizza also uses only the freshest produce, meats, cheeses, and spices from Italy so that customers can experience an authentic Italian taste when they order from Marco’s.

In addition to their classic pizzas, Marco’s Pizza also offers pizza bowls, subs, salads, and a variety of desserts.

Marco’s Pizza is an excellent option for those who are looking to start their own business in the restaurant industry.

History Of Marco’s Pizza

History Of Marco's Pizza

Marco’s Pizza was founded in 1978 when Pasquale “Pat” Giammarco opened the first store on Starr Avenue in Oregon.

Pat had moved from Italy to the US with his family as a young child and had grown up working in their pizzeria.

He developed the iconic Marco’s Pizza sauce recipe with his father, which is still used in all their restaurants today.

In 2002, restaurant industry expert Jack Butorac visited 5 Marco’s Pizza locations across different cities and found a consistent pizza taste despite diverse exteriors and inconsistent branding.

After this visit, Butorac began working as a consultant with Giammarco and started negotiations to buy the rights to the franchise Marco’s Pizza.

In January 2004, Butorac assumed leadership of the company with the goal of taking it nationwide. And by 2005, Marco’s Pizza was well on its way to becoming a national brand, with rapid nationwide expansion.

Marco’s Pizza has over 1,100 stores in 33 states, the Bahamas, and Puerto Rico.

Marco’s Pizza continues to be one of America’s favorite pizza franchises thanks to its commitment to quality ingredients and authentic Italian-style recipes.

Marco’s Pizza Franchise Model

Cost Or FeesAmount
Initial Investment$242,142–$633,109
Franchise Fee$25,000
Royalty Fee5.5%
Estimated Outlets1,100+

How Much Does It Cost To Open A Marco’s Pizza Franchise?

Opening a Marco’s Pizza franchise requires a substantial financial investment.

The total investment to open a Marco’s Pizza franchise is estimated to be between $242,142 and $633,109.

Of that amount, franchisees must have liquid capital of at least $200,000 and an overall net worth of over $600,000. 

In addition to the initial investment costs, franchisees must pay a one-time franchise fee of $25,000.

This fee covers the cost of franchisor support services such as marketing and advertising materials as well as training and research initiatives. 

Once the franchise is open and running, Marco’s Pizza will collect ongoing fees from their franchisees in the form of royalties (5.5%) and advertising contributions (7%).

These fees are collected every month in order to cover Marco’s Pizza’s ongoing support services for their franchises around the country. 

All in all, opening a Marco’s Pizza is an expensive endeavor, but with the right commitment from the franchisee, it can be extremely rewarding too. 

In addition to all these information it’s also crucial to know how much does a Marco’s Pizza franchise owner make.

Marco’s Pizza Franchise Requirements

Marco's Pizza Franchise Requirements

The requirements for opening a Marco’s Pizza franchise are quite stringent.

To qualify to become a Marco’s Pizza franchisee, applicants must have liquid assets of at least $200,000 and an overall net worth of $600,000 or more. 

Additionally, applicants must demonstrate business ownership experience and plan to be actively involved in the day-to-day operations of their franchise rather than simply investing as passive investors. 

In addition to these financial qualifications, all prospective Marco’s Pizza franchisees must also successfully complete the company’s extensive training program before opening their store.

This program includes on-site training at one of the company’s approved locations as well as online courses.

Furthermore, once accepted into the program, applicants must sign a Franchise Agreement with Marco’s Pizza that outlines the franchisor’s obligations and expectations as well as the rights and responsibilities of both parties over the duration of the contract.

Marco’s Pizza Franchise Training And Support

Once accepted into the program, Marco’s Pizza provides its franchisees extensive support and training. 

Each franchisee must attend a 5-day classroom training designed to teach them the basics of running a successful Marco’s Pizza store.

The franchisor encourages participants to bring at least one other operator to help them understand the process and ensure success. 

After the classroom training, each franchisee must complete 6 weeks of hands-on training at a certified training store.

During this time, they will work closely with store managers and owners to learn the day-to-day operations as well as management techniques. 

Franchisees are also given access to an online University e-learning platform to supplement their in-person training and keep track of their progress. 

Once the 6-week training is complete, the franchisee must attend an additional week of comprehensive business management training that covers topics such as employee engagement, operations mastery, and P&Ls.

Marco’s Pizza also provides ongoing support for its franchises via Area Representatives or Franchise Business Leaders who are responsible for providing vital operational insights throughout the Grand Opening celebration and beyond. 

Franchisees are also assisted by Regional Marketing Managers who provide guidance on marketing initiatives that help drive more customers into their stores. 

Marco’s Pizza Franchise Terms Of Agreement & Renewal

Marco's Pizza Franchise Terms Of Agreement & Renewal

The Marco’s Pizza franchise agreement is a 10-year, renewable contract with specific requirements.

After the initial 10-year term ends, franchisees can renew the agreement for two additional terms of 10 years each upon meeting certain criteria. 

The requirements for renewal are outlined in the Franchise Agreement and include maintaining an acceptable level of profitability, satisfactory store conditions and customer service, adherence to the franchisor’s Standards of Operation, and payment of all fees.

Marco’s Pizza Franchise Obligations And Restrictions

The franchisee is responsible for making sure the business is running at its full potential in terms of both capacity and efficiency. 

In addition, franchisees are obligated to keep the standard of their work and services at a high level, provide appropriate personnel and delivery vehicles and hire an adequate number of people to assist with these tasks.

Marco’s Pizza Franchise Financial Assistance

Marco’s Pizza does not offer direct or indirect financing to its franchisees.

However, the company does provide a discount on the franchise fee for veterans and first responders.

Veterans are eligible for a $10,000 discount on the franchise fee, and first responders receive a $5,000 discount. 

In addition to this, Marco’s Pizza also offers growth incentives such as reduced royalty rates and discounted franchise fees to qualified franchisees who open multiple stores. 

If opening a pizza franchise appeals to you, consider the Little Caesar Franchise, Blaze Pizza, Cici’s Franchise, Papa Murphy’s, or Papa John’s as viable options.

Marco’s Comparison

CompanyMarco’s PizzaJet’s Pizza
Year Founded19781978
Franchise Fee$25,000$25,000
Initial Investment$242,142–$633,109$600,000-$750,000
Number of Outlets1,100+400+


Being the only national pizza chain in the US founded by an Italian immigrant, Marco’s Pizza has established itself as a leader in the industry.

With its extensive training and support programs and financial incentives for franchisees, the franchise is an attractive option for those looking to own and operate their own business. 

If you think this could be a good fit for you, now is the time to take advantage of the opportunity and become a franchisee with Marco’s Pizza. With their commitment to excellence, you are sure to be successful.


Does Marco's Pizza Offer Franchising?

Yes, Marco’s Pizza offers franchising opportunities. If you are interested in owning and operating your own business, contact the franchise team to get started today. 

Who Founded Marco's Pizza?

Marco’s Pizza was founded by Italian immigrant Pasquale “Pat” Giammarco in Toledo, Ohio, in 1978. 

How Many Marco's Pizza Locations Are There?

There are currently over 1,100 Marco’s Pizza locations in 33 states as well as the Bahamas and Puerto Rico.

Is Opening A Marco's Pizza Franchise A Good Investment?

Yes, opening a Marco’s Pizza franchise can be a great investment.

With the brand’s commitment to excellence, its dedicated team of professionals, and financial incentives available to qualified franchisees, it is an attractive opportunity for those looking to own and operate their own businesses. 

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