Max’s Restaurant Menu With Prices 2024

Max’s Restaurant, also known as just Max’s, is a Philippine-based restaurant chain operating in many different markets, like the Philippines and North America. They were founded in 1945 and quickly grew in popularity with their traditional Philippines dishes and fried chicken.

Considering that they are offering quality Philippines dishes, you might wonder what they have on their menu. This article will answer some of the questions about Max’s Restaurant’s menu and give you a little insight.

Max Restaurant Menu

Max’s Restaurant Menu With Prices 2024


Chicharon BulaklakCrispy ruffle fat.$14.00
Chicken ChicharonCrispy chicken skin. Served with vinegar garlic dip on the side.$13.00
Max’s TeasersSampler of Lumpiang Shanghai, Sweet Potato Fries, and Calamares.$14.00
CalamaresBattered and deep-fried squid rings, served with vinegar garlic dip.$14.00
Lumpiang ShanghaiEgg roll with ground pork and veggies, served with sweet sour sauce.$11.00

Salads and Sides

Sibuyas, Kamatis…Onions, tomato, radish.$6.00
AtcharaPickled papaya.$6.00
French Fries$4.00
Sweet Potato Fries$5.00
Max’s Eco Bag$2.25

All Day Breakfast

LongsilogPork sausage.$10.99
TapsilogMarinated beef.$12.00

Rice and Noodles

Java riceFried rice with annatto flavor.$13.00
Miki BihonEgg and rice noodles with meat.$15.00
Pancit PalabokThick rice noodle with seafood.$15.00
Pancit BihonRice noodle with meat.$15.00
Pancit CantonEgg noodle with meat.$15.00
Steamed Rice$5.00+
Garlic Fried Rice$6.00+
Crabmeat Fried Rice$16.00
Shrimp Fried Rice$13.00
Adobo Fried Rice$14.00
Salted Fish Fried Rice$13.00
Binagoongan Fried Rice$14.00


Pocherong BakaBeef chunks with vegetables.$21.00
Sinampalukang ManokChicken tamarind soup.$12.99
Sinigang na Salmon BellyTamarind soup with salmon.$17.00
BulaloBeef shank broth with veggies.$24.00
Sinigang na BangusTamarind soup with milkfish.$17.00
Sinigang na BaboyTamarind soup with pork.$17.00
Sinigang na HiponTamarind soup with shrimp.$17.00
Nilagang BakaTender beef soup with greens.$20.00
Batangas Lomi$19.00

Max Fried Chicken

Max’s Leg Quarter8 pcs leg and thigh$18.00
Spicy Chicken8 pcs leg and thigh$18.00
Max’s Fried ChickenMarinated chicken.$11.00+

Beef, Pork and Chicken

EmbutidoSteamed ground pork with veggies.$16.00
Crispy Pork Belly Kare-kareCrispy pork belly with Kare-Kare sauce.$20.00
Pork BinagoonganPork sautéed in shrimp paste.$15.00
Bicol ExpressSpicy coconut milk pork belly.$18.00
Pinatuyoung Pork AdoboMarinated pork chunks.$15.00
Filipino BistekBeef sirloin with onions and soy sauce.$17.00
Adobo sa GataChicken in coconut milk sauce.$16.00
Classic Chicken AdoboChicken stew marinated in soy sauce.$15.00
Lechon KawaliCrispy pork belly.$18.00
Crispy PataDeep fried pork hock.$24.00
Kare-KareBeef stew in peanut sauce.$20.00

Vegetables and Seafood

Daing na BangusMarinated milkfish.$18.00
EscabecheSweet and sour fish fillet.$15.00
Spicy Laing TilapiaCrispy Tilapia with taro leaves.$11.00
Fried Lumpiang UbodHeart of palm egg roll.$14.00
Fresh Lumpiang UbodHeart of palm egg roll.$14.00
Ensaladang TalongEggplant salad with shrimp paste.$8.00
ChopsueyAssorted vegetables with meat.$15.00
PinakbetMixed vegetables with pork and shrimp.$15.00

Sizzling and Grilled Specials

Max’s Grilled ChickenMarinated boneless chicken.$16.00
Tofu Con Lechon SisigSisig cooked with sizzling tofu.$16.00
Dencio’s Krispy Pork SisigChopped crispy pork.$17.00
Pusit SisigChopped squid with savory sauce.$16.00
Chicken BBQ SkewerMarinated chicken skewer.$5.00+
Pork BBQ SkewerMarinated pork skewer.$5.00+
Inihaw na LiempoGrilled pork belly.$17.00
Inihaw na PusitGrilled jumbo squid.$17.00
Grilled Boneless BangusGrilled milkfish.$18.00
Sizzling TofuTofu cubes with special sauce.$16.00
Bangus SisigChopped milkfish with onions.$18.00
Lechon Kawali SisigDiced pork belly sizzled.$18.00
Chicken SisigDiced chicken sizzled.$16.00
Classic Pork SisigChopped pork sizzled.$16.00

Combo Meals

Max’s Basic ComboLeg quarter of chicken.$10.00
Max’s Budget ComboLeg quarter and lumpiang Shanghai.$11.00
Chopsuey Meal ComboLeg quarter and chopsuey.$13.00
Max’s Fiesta Plate ComboLeg quarter and lumpiang ubod.$13.00
Max’s Platter ComboLeg quarter and pancit canton or bihon.$14.00
Half Chicken Dinner ComboHalf Max’s chicken and salad or soup.$14.00


Mango and Coconut Jelly in CreamSweet mangoes, coconut jelly, and sugar palm fruit.$6.00
Mango FloatWhipped cream with caramelized mango.$5.00
Turon with Coconut JamFried banana roll with coconut jam.$9.00
Turon a la ModeFried banana roll with ice cream.$6.00
Ice CreamFlavors: Ube, macapuno, mais keso.$3.00+
Leche FlanCustard with caramel syrup.$5.00
Maiz con QuezoSweet corn with cheese ice cream.$6.00
Tropical Ice Cream SamplerSample of macapuno, ube, and maiz ice cream.$7.00
Buko PandanYoung coconut with pandan gelatin and coconut ice cream.$6.00
Halo-HaloFruit preserves, beans, milk, and ice cream.$10.00
Saba con Yelo$5.95
Max’s Caramel Bar$7.00


Sago’t GulamanTapioca and gelatin drink.$5.50
Calamansi JuicePhilippine lime juice.$5.50
Buko JuiceCoconut juice.$5.50
Mango Juice$5.50
Calamango Juice$5.50
Bottled Water$2.00
Pineapple Juice$5.50


Tray Lumpiang Shanghai$40.00+
Half Tray Pancit$55.00+
Full Tray Pancit$110.00+
Pork Barbeque (15 skewers)$65.00
Chicken Barbeque (15 skewers)$65.00
Max’s Chicken (legs and thighs)$40.00+
Half Tray Pork Sisig$55.00
Half Tray Bistek$60.00

How Much is Max’s Buffet?

Max’s buffet is a breakfast option available only between 7 AM and 11 AM at select Max’s Restaurant branches.

The prices start from P499, about 9 US Dollars. Depending on the exact menu you have, the store’s location, and the additions you receive, the price might increase. The base price is P499.

How Much is Platter Meal in Max’s?

How Much is Platter Meal in Max's

Platter meal is available in their Philippines location. Their North American location has Max’s platter instead.

A platter meal costs 378 PHP, which is about US $8. In North America, Max’s platter costs $14.95.

How Much is Chicken in Max?

Max’s Restaurant has a variety of chicken food, and each of them has different pricing.

Whole fried chicken, one of the most popular chicken dishes, costs 699 PHP, which is about $12.3. Overall, the chicken products’ prices vary between 100 PHP to 3,500 PHP, depending on the size of the product.

What is Max’s Restaurant Known For?

Max’s Restaurant is known for its chicken dishes and classic Filipino dishes, and specific seasonal specials. Their most famous product is Max’s Fried Chicken.

How To Order Max Restaurant Online?

How To Order Max Restaurant Online

You can order Max Restaurant’s online in several ways. The best method is to directly order from them.

  • Go to
  • Click on “Order now” on the top right.
  • You will be redirected to, and you can choose which food you want from here.
  • Once you click on “order” for the food you want, you need to choose whether you want delivery or pick-up.
  • Click on your desired selection and follow the instructions.
  • In the end, make the payment and either wait for the delivery or go pick it up from the restaurant.

How Much is Halo Halo at Max Restaurant?

Halo Halo special costs $11 in Max’s Restaurant North America. It costs 499 PHP in the Philippines, which is about US $9.

Max Restaurant Menu: FAQ

What is Max's restaurant hours?

Most Max’s Restaurants in the United States open at 11 AM on both weekdays and weekends. There are some that open as early as 7 AM.

Most of Max’s Restaurants close at either 8 PM or 9 PM, depending on their location. Almost all Max’s Restaurants close one hour later than their usual closing hours on Fridays and Saturdays.

Is Max's Restaurant Fine Dining?

Max’s Restaurant is more of a casual dining restaurant close to the fast-food culture than a fine dining restaurant. They are between casual dining and fast food, but they are not fine dining. 

Is Max’s Restaurant a fast food?

Max’s Restaurant is partially fast food as they offer some fast food options, but they also have casual dining offerings.


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