MBA Chaiwala Franchise

A narrative about MBA Chaiwala Franchise how the MBA dropout became the World’s second-renowned chaiwala. 

About MBA Chaiwala

MBA Chaiwala is just a chai person selling chai on Ahmedabad’s streets. The name itself represents an owner who is an MBA dropout and started his business named “MBA Chaiwala”.

Ek Garam Chai Ki Pyali Ho

From having Peri-Peri to stirring Tapri with Chai. Read how overnight life turned.

MBA Chaiwala Franchise
MBA Chaiwala Franchise

MBA Chaiwala Franchise Model

InvestmentRs. 10 lakhs
Area Required100 sq. ft.
Franchise FeeRs. 3 lakhs

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Features of MBA Chaiwala Franchise

  • Chai Wala: Chai Bolo Chai, Chai Garam Garm, Elaichi Vali Chai, that’s not what MBA Chaiwala is doing here, What is their style?
  • Lets narrate the story of Bunty who visited MBA chaiwala, he thought it was an Arts and Cultural Organization for the first time, a second time LinkedIn office. The third time that he believed it to be a Tomorrowland Concert, making Bunty so confused.
  • The philosophy behind MBA Chaiwala is to depict the lively and diverse atmosphere, expressing poetry, humming songs from Bollywood, making jokes. And a general atmosphere that, at the same time, has a good feeling, happiness, and warmth.
  • Campaigns for the national trend all year round.
  • Beloved among young people.
  • Million views, Millions reach. 
  • It’s an experience, an emotion, an opinion, a position.
  • Social effort for better India, network, and connectivity.
  • Attractive Marketing Campaign, buzz campaign.
  • Engagement year-round activities.


  • Efficient national, regional, and local marketing
  • Support for site selection
  • Design of shop layout
  • Installation of equipment
  • Opportunities for training
  • Management of inventory
  • Employment and training of personnel
  • Acquisition of raw materials
  • Set-up and implementation of SOPs
  • Launch of Store
  • Infrastructure Accessible
  • Various investment approaches to improve geographical reach
  • Bare minimal personnel expenditure
  • Costs for Zero Installation
  • Moveable if in one place
  • Minimum Bare Rent
  • Setup for low cost
  • Fast food supply
  • Cafe Station First
  • Break-in six months
  • Prepacked recettes and spices that can be made for everyone
  • No difficulty for the attrition of employees

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the franchise fee of the MBA Chaiwala Franchise?

The franchise fee of the MBA Chaiwala Franchise is Rs. 3 lakhs.

What is the investment of the MBA Chaiwala Franchise?

The investment of the MBA Chaiwala Franchise is Rs. 10 lakhs.

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