MedPlus Franchise, Cost & Franchise Model 2024

Are you considering opening a MedPlus franchise in India? You’ll find all you need to know about opening a MedPlus pharmacy franchise in this post, including prices, investments, and other details.

MedPlus Franchise

About the MedPlus

MedPlus Health Services Pvt. Ltd. is India’s largest health pharmacy, offering pharmacy franchises around the country.

Medplus operates several businesses, including Medplus mart, labs, Ritecure, and Medplus lens.

Subsequently, The company was started in 2006. and now, They now have over 1000 outlets in India, serving 2 million clients daily through the most efficient logistics and offline retail. 

Their cutting-edge diagnostic lab aids in diagnosing a broad spectrum of illnesses.

Furthermore, Medplus has recently released a new community care exceptional service that allows you to identify the best doctors in your area.

If you’re interested in starting a medication franchise, Medplus is the ideal option.

MedPlus aims to continually understand and surpass customers’ expectations to become their first option for health and wellness requirements.

As a result, it has become one greatest Pharmacy Franchises in India.

MedPlus Franchise Model

Cost Or FeesAmount
Investment17 to 20 lakhs
Area Required300 sq. Ft.
Royalty FeeN/A

History of MedPlus

The first MedPlus pharmacy store debuted in Hyderabad in February 2006, and it has since evolved to become India’s second-largest pharmacy retail chain, with over 1500 locations across the country.

Medplus now employs more than 10,000 persons and serves over 3,50,000 clients per day., their online pharmacy, and general shop, which opened in 2015, has quickly risen to become the country’s largest e Pharmacy.

Moreover, Customers can buy medicines, OTC items, FMCG, and nutrition products from the comfort of their own homes or via mobile, read critical information about drugs, and maintain their health data through MedPlusMart.

The Advantages of a Medplus Franchise

  • Medplus is well-known and well-organized in every way. You make contact with the largest retail pharmacy chain in India.
  • It also enables access to nearly all health-related products and services.
  • Starting a business with them would not only allow you to earn money, but it will also provide you with a vocation that will enhance your social standing.
  • Their most excellent pharmaceutical hub provides you with training, support, and knowledge.
  • It is only feasible because of their advanced technology and professional knowledge.
  • You won’t have to worry about it with MedPlus.
  • Top pharmaceutical professionals thoroughly examine all drugs before being provided to clients.
  • As soon as you become their partner, you enjoy all the fantastic benefits.

The pharmacy franchise market offers several opportunities for entrepreneurs, such as the Walgreens franchise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What franchise locations are available?

The company’s crew is working tirelessly to establish franchises in every region of the country. However, they are available in a few states at the moment. Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka are the states in question.

Is it possible to make money with a MedPlus franchise?

Yes, you profit handsomely from your whole business volume. Aside from that, you will receive rewards and incentives based on your performance from time to time. We don’t have to think twice about starting a franchise with them.

What is the process for obtaining a MedPlus franchise?

Medplus has made applying for their franchising scheme quite simple. Visit their official website ( for all franchise-related information, including video testimonials. You can also send an email; They’ve included the email address in our post.

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