Meineke Franchise Cost, Fees & Requirement 2024

The Meineke franchise is active in the car care sector. Their franchise program allows you to open a car care center that you can own and manage but that can exploit the brand and expertise of Mineke.

Meineke is a very well-known brand in the car care sector; people in the US are very familiar with it, and that’s why these centers usually become very successful very quickly.

Success with franchises is easier, but, of course, it comes at a cost. In particular, Meineke requires a quite high franchise fee. 

It’s important that you are very well aware of the costs and requirements before launching this new adventure.

Interested In Meineke Franchise?

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This article is meant to provide you with anything you need to know about the Meineke Franchise.

Meineke Franchise

About Meineke

Meineke Car Care Centers are commonly known as simply Meineke. They are a franchise automotive repair chain with 966 in the United States.

The car centers and the franchise program itself are listed among the best service providers and franchise programs in America.

Today, there are 996 Meineke car repair centers in the United States, with 2500 employees working in them, and they are a point of reference for a lot of drivers.

History Of Meineke

Meineke was first founded in 1971 in Texas. The franchise program started soon after, in 1972.

Since then, the history of the brand has been pretty straightforward: new car centers kept opening all across the United States until they reached the number of 966 in 2022. 

The company is very successful, with an annual revenue of $516 million. 

They are always open to new franchise applications, even though their requirements might be restrictive for many.

So keep on reading to find out if you are fit to apply for a Meineke franchise.

Meineke Business Model

Meineke is a franchise car repair center chain. Anyone who is interested can apply for a franchise collaboration.

Their website is very open about what it takes to become a franchise partner, and you can apply by simply filling up a form on their website.

Business ModelCar repair centers’ chain
Initial Investment$350,000
Franchise Fee$35,000
Royalty fee$20,800
Advertising fee6%
Number of outlets966
Annual revenue$516 million

Interested In Meineke Franchise?

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How Much Does It Cost To Open A Meineke Franchise?

How Much Does It Cost To Open A Meineke Franchise

The Meineke franchise is quite expensive because, other than paying the franchise fee, the activity requires a big initial investment to set up your car repair business.

The franchise fee is $35,000. Other than that, you need to pay for your location, equipment, and hiring of your employee.

The total initial investment, including the franchise fee, is therefore estimated at $350,000 or more.

Meineke also requires additional ongoing fees:

  • A royalty fee that amounts to $20,800 per year;
  • A 6% advertising fee.

If you’re considering investing in a Meineke franchise, it’s important to evaluate different aspects that can affect your potential salary as a Meineke franchise owner. One crucial factor is the cost of owning a Meineke franchise. Understanding whether Meineke is affordable or expensive is essential in assessing the financial viability of your venture.

Additionally, it’s worth exploring the services provided by Meineke, such as state inspections and free estimates. State inspections not only expand the range of services you can offer but also impact potential earnings. Moreover, offering free estimates demonstrates Meineke’s commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction.


To qualify for franchise ownership with Meineke, you must have the following:

  • A net worth of $1 Million +
  • Liquid assets of $500,000 +

Training and Support

Meineke provides a lot of training and support. In particular, a technical hotline is always available, and there are also online courses that you can attend if you need them.

There is also additional support provided through newsletters, meetings, evaluations, and more.

Term Of Agreement And Renewal

The franchise contract with Meineke has a duration of 15 years. 

After that, if you want to keep on being the owner of a Meineke car repair center, you can renew your contract with a renewal fee of $2,500.

Obligations And Restrictions

Meineke requires some obligations concerning the design of the car repair center.

They also have restrictions concerning the location, the dimension of your garage, and the number of employees.

This is all meant to make sure that Meineke centers are always able to provide the best service possible and maintain the company’s quality standards.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is provided to third parties, but it doesn’t cover all the costs. It only covers startup costs, equipment, and inventory. It doesn’t cover payroll and the franchise fee.

The car franchise market offers several opportunities for entrepreneurs, such as franchises from BMW Franchise and Rocket Car Wash franchise.

Meineke Comparison

CompanyMeineke AAMCO Transmissions
Number of Outlets966598
Franchise Fee$35,000$39,500
Royalty fee$20,8007.5%
Total Initial investment$350,000$250,000


As you can see, there are many factors that make the Meineke Franchise one of the most expensive out there. The initial investment requires to set up your car repair center is high. 

Then, there is a high franchise fee and a fixed royalty fee (a fixed royalty fee is considered more expensive than one expressed in percentage because you’ll need to pay it even if you have a low profit.

When the royalty fee is expressed in percentage, instead, having a low profit makes you have a low royalty fee). Furthermore, after 15 years, you’ll need to pay a renewal fee. 

That said, the Meineke franchise can also be one of the most successful you can open because of the popularity of the brand and because there is always a high demand for car repair services.

Meineke Franchise: FAQs

Is Meineke a franchise or chain?

Meineke is a franchise. It means that you can become the owner of your own Meineke car repair center.

Who is the owner of the Meineke Franchise?

Roark Capital is the current owner of the Meineke franchise.

How many Meineke car repair centers are currently there?

There are 966 Meineke car repair centers currently active in the United States.

Is the Meineke franchise a good investment?

The Meineke franchise isn’t an investment for every pocket.

But for those who can afford it, it is a good investment because of the popularity of the brand and the current demand for its services.

Is the Meineke franchise worth it?

You need a huge capital if you want to join the Meineke franchise program. However, it is totally worth it.

The brand has proven to be successful over the years, the demand for car repair services is still high in every region of the United States, and the brand is so well-known that it won’t be hard to start having clients flock to the car repair center.

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