Mission BBQ Franchise

Barbecue was primarily a southern specialty, but it is now popular throughout the United States, particularly in the South and Canada.

As a result, it’s no wonder that a Mission BBQ franchise is becoming more popular as a new business venture.

Mission BBQ Franchise
Mission BBQ Franchise

About Mission BBQ

Mission BBQ, established in Glen Burnie, Maryland, is an American barbecue restaurant brand.

Daily, mission BBQ strives to deliver authentic BBQ produced from the purest, richest appetizing ingredients and to do so in a patriotic dining hall adorned with homage to those who have made Our Country great, given to us by those who have earned them.

Mission BBQ Franchise Model

Investments$663,649 to $2,080,491
Net worth$77 million
IndustryFood restaurant
Area RequirementN/A
Total Outlets109

Mission BBQ Offers Three Different Styles Of Barbecue

Unlike many other barbecue restaurants, Mission BBQ offers three distinct styles: Texas barbecue, Kansas City barbecue, and North Carolina barbecue.

They provide the option of dry rubbing our protein if you’re a carnivore who enjoys smoked foods.

They give you as many as nine or ten different sauces to find your perfect match.

All of the sauces on the table or in the Craftsman’s toolbox symbolize distinct locations with diverse flavors like Vinegar from the Carolinas, the sweetness of sauces from the South, to the tanginess of Kansas City.

A variety of meats and sauces is available. Every day, all meat is smoked on-site for up to 16 hours, and the barbecue sauces are made from scratch.

KC Classic, Memphis Belle, Bay-B-Que, Smoky Mountain, Texas Twang, and Tupelo Honey Heat are some of the most popular sauces.

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Mission BBQ Opened On The Ten Anniversary Of 9/11

With a strong sense of patriotism, Kraus and Newton decided to launch their restaurants on a significant day in American history.

On the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks, the first Purpose BBQ opened its doors.

Mission BBQ described its move to start on this challenging day in history as a wish to “in some tiny way… change things back.”

The concept would operate as the cornerstone for the restaurant’s nationalistic ethos and commitment to honor military and first-responder personnel.

According to Kraus, they’re in the BBQ business, but they’ll serve you with a strong dose of patriotism.

They’re doing it when our organization needs to be re-energized, and they recognize how blessed they are to have such people serving their community and country.

How To Start This BBQ Business?

  • Make sure the mode of service delivery you choose is appropriate for the general audience. When it comes to presenting your cuisine to the general public, Barbecue offers many options.
  • It is critical to have a business plan.
  • Select the appropriate equipment and suppliers.
  • Ensure you have all of the necessary credentials and certifications.
  • Provide a print advertisement for your organization’s Grand Opening.

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Mission BBQ Sponsorship

The restaurant assists its military, but it also sponsors sporting teams.

It has funded various sports teams, notably the more recent Wisconsin Badgers and Notre Dame Fighting Irish defensive linemen, as have many other eateries.

The Badger sponsorship came after the NIL policy was changed to allow athletes to be compensated for utilizing their name, image, and/or likeness for commercial reasons outside the team.

Mission BBQ has agreed to sponsor many Badgers, football players.

Mission BBQ Comparison

CompanyMission BBQChipotle  
Founded In20111993  
Initial Investment$663,649 to $2,080,491$800,000 – $1,000,000  
Franchise-Fee$35,000$20,000 to $75,000  
Total Outlets1092189
Annual Revenue$82.0 Million $5 billion 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mission BBQ ribs either beef or pork?

Beef ribs

What sort of wood is used by Mission BBQ?

Wood made with white oak

Is there a military discount at Mission BBQ?


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