Mosquito Joe Franchise

Running your firm can help you realize your dream of liking what you do. By being a Mosquito Joe franchise owner, you may not only improve your quality of life, but you can also bring outdoor fun back to your town.

Mosquito Joe Franchise
Mosquito Joe Franchise

About Mosquito Joe

Mosquito Joe is the largest and fastest-growing mosquito control company in the United States.

It started as a small mosquito control company in Norfolk, Virginia, in 2010 and has developed into a market leader.

Mosquito Joe has established a reputation for providing high-quality service to homeowners, assisting them in eliminating mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas, and guaranteeing that “outside is fun again.”

Barrier spray, natural therapy, tick and flea control, and misting system services are all available from the company. It also offers the possibility of becoming a franchisee.

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Mosquito Joe Franchise Model 

Initial Investment$102,850-$288,150
Initial Franchise-Fee$40,000  
Royalty Fee10%  
Area RequirementN/A
Total Outlets372

Mosquito Joe Training 

Before you enter the business, franchisees must complete training. Mosquito Joe makes sure that all new franchisees are appropriately trained.

This is offered at various intervals. An onsite training session lasts 5.5 hours, followed by a 30-hour training session in the company’s headquarters.

Additional and continuous training is available online, at seminars, and through the distribution of printed materials.

As a result, you’ll keep current on current approaches and implement industry best practices for dealing with mosquitoes and other pests.

Mosquito Joe Support

Mosquito Joe will give marketing and ongoing support to new and existing franchisees to help them flourish.

Membership in its cooperative advertising, ad templates, and national media advertising will all be part of the marketing support.

Mosquito Joe also offers regional advertising, social media presence, advertising, and search engine optimization.

Membership in its purchasing cooperatives, newsletter releases, gatherings and conventions, and a toll-free number are all examples of ongoing assistance.

Why Should You Do Business With Mosquito Joe?

Mosquito Joe is a popular choice for business ownership among people like you for the following reasons:

  • Consumer demand for outdoor spaces and concerns about mosquito-borne illnesses have fuelled a thriving outdoor pest control sector.
  • Mosquito Joe is instantly recognizable, thanks to world-class branding and marketing.
  • A low-cost investment opportunity with a quick start-up
  • The recurring revenue model has the potential to be profitable in the long run.
  • Training that is both comprehensive and ongoing
  • Customer service and back-office management solutions are cutting-edge.
  • A business you can be proud of is centered on your community and gives back.

Qualifications & Ideal Candidate

Franchisees should be energetic, goal-oriented, open to new ideas, learn new skills, and possess excellent business acumen.

Candidates who are ideal for the job will love working with and managing people. Excellent communication and leadership abilities are required.

Understanding the value of technology and the advantages of taking calculated risks are valuable assets, as new owners will be in charge of their growth rates.

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The Maids Franchise Comparison

CompanyMosquito JoeThe Maids
Founded In20101979
Initial Investment$102,850-$288,150$64,100 – $154,300
Franchise-Fee$40,000  $12,500
Total Outlets3721585
Annual Revenue$134.3 Million$61.8 million

Frequently Asked Questions 

What does Joe, the mosquito, do?

Mosquito Joe treats residential and commercial customers for mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas.

Who started Mosquito joe?

Eric Strumpf started mosquito joe.

How much does a Mosquito Joe franchisee earn?

Because mosquito control is a seasonal industry, the franchisees can make a year’s worth of profit in little as seven to nine months.

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