5 Best Online Store Franchise

As per the record, online stores contribute $2.45 trillion to USA GDP. Well, this is the era of virtualization.

When the pandemic hit, we saw major growth in the online store, and the world became virtual partially.

5 Best Online Store Franchise
Online Store Franchise

Now, most people prefer to shop online because it saves time and gives more options in one place.

Also, since all the businesses went up to online platforms, this increased the demand for online stores that provided services like website building, management, local business SEO, and so on.

In this article, we will discuss the best online store franchise and some other facts related to them.

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Here Are The Top Online Store Franchise

1. SocialOwl Franchise

SocialOwl Franchise
SocialOwl Franchise
Founded in2015
Initial Investment$149

SocialOwl provides a successful local social media business. It offers lucrative franchise opportunities to individuals who are willing to invest.

Anyone can apply for this franchise, and no prior experience is required to open it. Moreover, they provide a training program and ongoing support to new franchises.

It is the fastest-growing industry; you can easily make money from it by just setting your own price and keeping 100% of your sales. Opening a SocialOwl franchise requires an initial investment of $149.

2. My Business Venture Franchise

My Business Venture Franchise
My Business Venture Franchise
Founded in1993
Initial InvestmentN/A

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MBV is a nationwide technology services provider with over 25 years of experience in its field.

They specialize in providing powerful websites, shopping crafts, credit card processing, secure payment gateways, strategic marketing campaigns, social media, and custom logos.

They also offer a home-based franchise opportunity and one on one training, support, free shipping of products sold on the website, and so on to new franchisees.

MBV is a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. Opening an MBV franchise requires cash of $3,995.

3. Ideal Directories Franchise

Ideal Directories Franchise
Ideal Directories Franchise
Founded in1999
Initial Investment$149

Ideal Directories offers a local directory business and coupon. It is a great way to earn money while supporting local businesses in our community.

They offer a home-based franchise to an individual without any prior experience.

Moreover, they also provide training and support, sales and marketing material, and everything you need to run the business.

However, Ideal Directories opportunities are only available in the USA and Canada. Opening a franchise requires minimum liquidity cash of $199.

4. Runningboard Marketing Franchise

Runningboard Marketing Franchise
Runningboard Marketing Franchise
Founded in2018
Initial Investment$75,000-$255,000
Locations17 Units

Runningboard marketing digital mobile billboard company, is a completely unique concept in the market and the only franchise of its kind.

This franchise model is perfect for investors who are looking to break away from the traditional, service-based business.

It’s a mobile-based franchise! There’s no real estate lease or build-out required. You only need a couple of employees to run the business.

Moreover, they also offer a training program, and the franchisees and an employee must attend the training program compulsorily for the satisfaction of the franchisor.

Opening a Runningboard Marketing franchise require liquidity cash of $50,000. Additionally, they offer third-party financing as well as a venture discount of 10% on the initial fee.

5. Eazi-App Franchise

Eazi-App Franchise
Eazi-App Franchise
Founded in2012
Initial InvestmentN/A

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Eazi-sites is introducing the greatest website building platform, which has intelligent marketing features, search engine optimization, industry-leading commerce, and lightning-fast page loading.

They can access 100% of stunning website templates or let our team of talented designers build the best website for you.

Easi-sites offer the opportunity to become a website development specialist with industry-leading training.

The franchise opportunity is available in the United States and worldwide. It is a home-based franchise.

Opening an Eazi-Sites franchise requires an initial investment of $7995. Moreover, they also provide a training program to new franchisees.


Here are the best online store franchise by Dr.Franchises. All the franchises we discussed above are our top picks and will definitely give you a higher profit than your expectation.

But before choosing any franchise, read all the terms and policies of the franchisor. And the last thing you need to consider is that don’t go over budget.

Always stick to your budget because you also need liquidity to manage your franchise business.

If you put all your Investment into owning a franchise, then it would be difficult for you to manage the business’s day-to-day activity.

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