OXXO Care Cleaners Franchise

Do you want to open a business with a dry-cleaning or laundry background? OXXO Care Cleaners Franchise is one of the best options you can consider for this.

In this article, we will discuss the OXXO Care Cleaners Franchise and other factors like its profit, expenses, cost, fees, and so on.

We will also guide you on how to become a part of OXXO Care Cleaners. So, let’s get started.

OXXO Care Cleaners Franchise
OXXO Care Cleaners Franchise

About OXXO Care Cleaners

In 2000, Salomon Mishaan founded the OXXO Care Cleaner with the aim of offering dry-cleaning services.

Today, it has revolutionized the dry-cleaning industry with its unique concept of offering 24/7 service, just like an ATM machine.

They allowed customers to pick up or drop off clothes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while keeping regular business hours.

Soon its concept became popular among customers, which increased its goodwill across the U.S., and in 2011, it started offering the franchise of its business because of high demand.

Currently, it has more than 51 units across the U.S. and is rapidly growing. The business model of OXXO care cleaners is very flexible, and they offer three different types of franchise opportunities – Plant Store, Drop Store, and ATM Unit.

All these stores have different requirements for investment because of their size, but other conditions remain the same.

OXXO care cleaner never requires any kind of prior experience from you because they provide the initial training program to all franchisees. Moreover, the requirement list is not as long as other franchises.

You can simply buy the OXXO Care Cleaner franchise without any trouble. They also offer third-party financing and 10% off on franchise fees as a veteran discount for eligible candidates.

Also, the franchisor provides different support and marketing guidelines to enhance your growth.

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OXXO Care Cleaners Franchise Model

Initial InvestmentPlant Store requires $475,500 – $667,000
and Drop Store requires $169,500 – $388,500 and ATM Unit requires $119,000 – 162,500
Franchise-Fee$36,000 for all stores
Area Requirementaround 600 – 1,000 sq. ft. for all stores
Total Outlets51

Training & Support Of OXXO Care Cleaners

OXXO Care Cleaners provide an initial training program to all new franchisees. The duration of the initial training program is around 50 hours.

This program includes on-the-job and classroom training; both programs individually consist of 25 hours.

In this program, the franchisor will guide on the system operation, store operation, packaging, cleaning cycle, sorting, inspection, and so on.

Moreover, the franchisor also provides different kinds of support like local area marketing, guidelines for advertising, collateral sample packages, and usage of the OXXO trademark.

Apart from this, they also guide you in selecting equipment, assistance, and other things to enhance your franchise business growth without any trouble.

Term & Renewal Of Agreement

The initial term of agreement of the OXXO Care Cleaners franchise is 10 years. Currently, we don’t have any information related to the renewal of the term, and the franchisor also never released any data related to the renewal term of the franchise.

So, if you want to know about the renewal of the term, then you can visit the official site and ask for Franchise Disclosure Document. You will get all information in it.

OXXO Care Cleaners Comparison

CompanyOXXO Care CleanersLapels
Founded In 20002002
Initial Investment$475,500 – $667,000$391,031-$731,122
Liquidity$250,000$80,000 – $250,000
Total Outlet5143
Annual Revenue$12.7 Million$17.9 Million

Frequently Asked Question

How many OXXO Care Cleaners franchises are there?

OXXO Care Cleaners has more than 51 units across the U.S.

Does the OXXO Care Cleaners franchise offer finance?

Yes, OXXO Care Cleaners franchisees offer a third-party financing option. 

Where is OXXO Care Cleaners headquarters?

Miami, Florida

Is OXXO Care Cleaners a franchise?

OXXO Care Cleaners is recognized as one of the best franchises and leaders in the eco-friendly dry-cleaning industry.

How much does an OXXO Care Cleaners Franchise Cost?

The initial investment cost of the OXXO Care Cleaners franchise ranges from $475,500 – $667,000, with an additional franchise fee of $36,000.

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