Pacific Rim Franchise Cost, Fees & Requirement 2024

If you are a video game or film passionate, you’ve certainly heard of the Pacific Rim franchise.

The Pacific Rim franchise is very successful, and it is known all around the world.

Being a franchise, you might be wondering whether you can become part of it, open your Pacific Rim business, or share your Pacific Rim content, just like it happens with other franchises that allow you to open your own business after you pay a franchise fee.

Is this possible with the Pacific Rim franchise? Keep on reading to find it out.

Pacific Rim Franchise
Pacific Rim Franchise

About Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim is a franchise owned by Legendary Pictures. It includes films, video games, books, comics, and merchandise.

The franchise is very well known around the world, especially thanks to the video games and films dedicated to it.

The last of the Pacific Rim was an animated series called “Pacific Rim: The Black” that premiered on Netflix and was watched by millions of people around the world.

History Of Pacific Rim

The Pacific Rim franchise is based on science fiction stories and characters. Each content describes some wars between humans and alien monsters or robots.

It all started back in 2013 when the first contents were released: it was a film (Pacific Rim) and then the first graphic novel (Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero), and a video game (Pacific Rim: Kaiju Battle).

Each of these contents had its sequels: further films, graphic novels, video games, and books were released during the following years.

The Pacific Rim saga is still not concluded; there is still content constantly published. The last piece was the Netflix animated series we mentioned in the previous article.

In the meantime, Pacific Rim also became a cultural phenomenon, and merchandising is increasing the company’s profits by a lot. Merchandise items include t-shirts, posters, and – above all action figures.

Pacific Rim Franchise: Business Model

That Pacific Rim is a franchise means that its characters, environments, and stories are developed across multiple media and platforms.

Pacific Rim is not a franchise that you can join by paying a fee: you can’t open your Pacific Rim business, and you can’t create Pacific Rim content and share it.

Business ModelMedia franchise
Initial InvestmentNone
Franchise FeeNone
Media video games, films, comics, and books.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Pacific Rim Franchise?

Because it is not a franchise that you can join, it makes no sense to speak about the initial investment.

However, there is one way to exploit the Pacific Rim popularity for your business, and that is to sell its merchandise.

If you have a gift shop, a comic store, a video game store, a merchandise store, or anything suitable for the purpose, you can sell Pacific Rim merchandise in it.

All you need to do is purchase the items from an authorized supplier.

The investment, in this case, depends on how many items you want to buy, but it is certainly not as high as opening a real franchise store.


If you want to sell Pacific Rim merchandise, there are no particular requirements. The only important thing to pay attention to is to buy from authorized suppliers.

Training and Support

The Pacific Rim franchise does not provide any support to those who want to sell their merchandise or products in their store.

The only training you might need, after all, is in marketing. But they are not offering direct training: you need to apply the strategies you are already running for other products in your store.

Obligations And Restrictions

You can only sell original Pacific Rim products bought from authorized suppliers. Other than that, there aren’t any particular obligations or restrictions.

Term Of Agreement And Renewal

If you want to sell Pacific Rim merchandise and products in your store, you don’t need any agreement with the main company.

You only need to buy and sell them, just like you do with any other products.

Once more, it’s important that you make sure that you’re only selling original products and that you are buying them from authorized sellers.

Financial Assistance

The Pacific Rim franchise does not provide any financial assistance to anyone who wants to be involved in the business by selling their products or merchandise. 

Aspiring entrepreneurs in the video game franchise realm have choices like GameStop to consider.

Comparison Franchise: Pacific Rim VS Fast and Furious

Franchise NamePacific RimFast and Furious
MediaFilms, books, comics, videogames, merchfilms, videogames, toys, board games, theme park attractions
Possibility to join the businessNONO
Possibility to sell productsYESYES
Particular restrictionsNONO


As we’ve seen, Pacific Rim is not a franchise in the classic meaning of the term.

It is not a franchise like, for example, the Lush Franchise or the Aroma Joe’s franchise that allows you to open your own Luch or Aroma Joe’s business.

Pacific Rim is a franchise meaning that its characters and environments are developed across multiple media platforms.

The only way you can participate in the Pacific Rim business is by selling their products (video games, books, films) or merchandise (t-shirts, action figures, and more).

Pacific Rim: FAQ

Is Pacific Rim a franchise or chain?

Pacific Rim is neither. It is a bunch of content developed on different media platforms, connected by the same characters and environments.

Who is the owner of the Pacific Rim franchise?

The Pacific Rim franchise is owned by Legendary Pictures.

How much Pacific Rim franchise content is there?

There are three films, five graphic novels, seven books, five video games, and two board games.

Is Pacific Rim a good investment?

Selling Pacific Rim products and gadgets in your store is a good investment because Pacific Rim has a lot of fans all around the world.

Is the Pacific Rim franchise worth it?

As mentioned above, selling the Pacific Rim products and gadgets is worth it because the franchise is very well known all around the world, and you’ll be able to reach its fans in your retail or online store.

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