Chai Calling Franchise

Chai Calling Franchise is one such venture, with a warm and inviting atmosphere that evokes the atmosphere of a typical chai stall.  About Chai Calling Franchise Chai (Tea) and Indians are two terms that are interchangeable. Tea stalls are plentiful, and finding one that is comfortable and tastefully decorated adds a new dimension to your tea experience. Tea… Read More »

Huber and Holly Franchise

Huber & Holly set out to be a different kind of business from the start, one that not only promoted ice cream and food but also brought people together in daily celebrations. About Huber and Holly Every day, they go to work aiming to accomplish two goals: to create delicious food and to make the world a better… Read More »

The Shawarma King Franchise

Mr. Asim Patel, the owner, has successfully led The Shawarma King Franchise since its inception in 2010.  About The Shawarma King The headquarters of the company are in Bhiwandi/ Thane (Maharashtra, India), and they have an increasing network of franchisees across Maharashtra. The franchisees have been granted to a group of companies, but the owner keeps a close… Read More »

Biryani Queen Franchise

Biryani Queen franchise has a wonderful story of its own foundation, expansion, growth, and its amazing features.  About Biryani Queen Franchise Smita (Founder) had tried various cuisines everywhere she traveled as an ardent and sophisticated foodie. She ordered biryanis from 7-8 well-known outlets in Gurgaon one day because she was craving strong authentic biryani. She couldn’t find any… Read More »

Aadarsh Amruttulya Franchise

The tea brand Aadarsh Amruttullya franchise discovered its own tea blend and special masala from various tea-producing states in India.  About Aadarsh Amruttulya Franchise The tea brand “Aadarsh Amruttullya” is known for its “Unique Masala Tea, Best Customer Service, and Tidy, Attractive Outlets.” As a result, almost everybody of any age enjoys their tea. Many customers expect “Aadarsh… Read More »

Chaaswala Franchise

Chaaswala franchise has begun its journey to becoming a customer-centric company. About Chaaswala Franchise Savitaben had no idea what her dairy shop Patel would become decades later when she opened it in 1994. She started the dairy shop to feed her family, but by paying close attention to the consistency of their dairy goods, Patel Dairy became the… Read More »

Chaat Puchka Franchise

Chaat Puchka franchise is an Indore-based food stalls brand with the mission of providing hygienic and fresh cuisines in a well-organized format.  About Chaat Puchka Franchise They are new to the foodservice industry, and they are proud to introduce fresh ideas, original recipes, and a positive customer experience. Their menu is highly customizable and they sell a wide… Read More »

Brain Freeze Franchise

The Brain Freeze franchise family has been making ice cream for over 35 years, but it’s also been their dream to open their own shop. Where they could create handmade ice creams using only the finest ingredients.  About Brain Freeze Franchise The majority of people are married and eat a lot of ice cream. If they could, they’d… Read More »

Dock Frost’d Franchise

Dock Frost’d franchise strives to keep the deserts special and ensure that their guests have an authentic experience when they visit them.  About Dock Frost’d Franchise Dock Frost’d’s philosophy is based on a few simple goals: tradition, quality, and creativity. Their philosophy is based on handcrafted recipes and a never-ending quest for the best ingredients. They collaborate to… Read More »

Mor & Rich Ice Cream Franchise

Mor & Rich Ice Cream Franchise would put money into technology, creativity, and the creation of a dependable global distribution network. About Mor & Rich Ice Cream Mr. Jagdish and Hansa Mor founded an ice cream manufacturing plant in 2001. It is one of Gujarat’s most well-known and profitable ice cream brands. It has two manufacturing units, one… Read More »