Foi Noodles Franchise

Foi Noodles Franchise began with a small outlet in Indore on February 17, 2011, and now has over 45 locations across India. Food is prepared according to normal protocols, but the kitchens in which it is prepared are kept extra clean, and hygienic outflows in serving are used even more. About Foi Noodles Franchise FOI Noodles has now… Read More »

Unique Brew Franchise

Unique Brew Café Franchise is a company that takes pride in the systems and processes that make them who they are, and their simple but effective business practices keep the most important thing in mind. About Unique Brew Franchise Replicating UniqueBrew Café’s success story around the country with associates who are ready to share in the business’s growth… Read More »

Crazy Noodles Franchise

Crazy Noodles Franchise is a one-of-a-kind franchise opportunity in the fine dining family restaurant room for Chinese and Oriental cuisine, which is one of India’s most famous cuisines. About Crazy Noodles Franchise Traditional Chinese favorites, as well as many pieces from modern Oriental cuisines such as Thai and Japanese, are available on their menu. Their pricing is based… Read More »

IceKraft Franchise

Icekraft Franchise gives you the finest sweets and savory delights, freshly prepared only for you. Come try their freshly rolled ice creams, waffles, freak shakes, desserts, burgers, and more. Icekraft’s freak drinks, cold pan ice creams, pancakes, waffles, salads, and fries are very popular among teenagers. About IceKraft Franchise From the menu itself, the whole philosophy is based… Read More »

The Bombay Fries Franchise

The Bombay Fries Franchise is a packaged food outlet that serves exclusive and delectable types of fries, tornados, shakes, waffles, and more, and is a foodie’s paradise. Mr. Sanket Agarwal began it on February 22nd, 2017. About The Bombay Fries He decided to open a cafe where he could serve fries, but not in the typical salted fry… Read More »

Gianis Ice Cream Franchise

Giani’s Ice Cream Franchise is proud to be celebrating its 63rd year of business. International Quality Standards were used to design the manufacturing plant. About Gianis Ice Cream Franchise Established by Giani Gurcharan Singh in the mid-twentieth century, Giani’s di Hatti, Fatehpuri, and Chandni Chowk are fondly remembered. Their popular Rabri Faluda recipe has been retained and remains… Read More »

Marky Momos Franchise

The Inspiration for Marky Momos Franchise, Chinese cuisine is well-known in India. The proliferation of Chinese restaurants in India attests to the far eastern cuisine’s enormous popularity in this part of the world. About Marky Momos Franchise Since February 2009, the best outlets for Chinese cuisine in Jaipur City. Marky Momos was the first casual fine dining establishment… Read More »

The Chocolate Room Franchise

The Chocolate Room Franchise first opened its doors in 2007. The business has expanded at a rapid pace over the last ten years. The company now has locations in 11 countries, 20 states, 25 cities, and 290 chocolate cafes around the world. About The Chocolate Room It was the first chocolate café brand to offer franchises in India,… Read More »

Chaat Ok Please Franchise

Chaat Ok Please, co-founded by Manav Shital and Niti Agarwal in 2015, has a unique idea of serving chaat with refinement. ‘Chaat Ok Please Franchise’ is a chain of eateries that serve hawker-style Indian street food that is uniform but personalized, allowing for a wide range of items to be prepared and served in a hygienic manner. About… Read More »

Frozen Bottle Franchise

In India, the frozen bottle franchise is all the rage. Their stone jars and milkshakes are becoming increasingly common. They currently have 50 locations in 11 major cities across India, with plans to open nearly 200 more in the next two years. About Frozen Bottle Frozen Bottle has big plans for the future, including revolutionizing the frozen desserts… Read More »