Mini Cake House Franchise

Mini Cake House Franchise in Virar West, Palghar, and Mumbai, which opened in the year 2018, is a leading player in the group Cake Shops in Palghar, Mumbai.  About Mini Cake House This well-known establishment serves customers both locally and from other parts of Palghar, Mumbai, as a one-stop-shop. This company has built a strong presence in its… Read More »

Mighty Bites Franchise

Mighty Bites Franchise is a fresh meat processing plant in the United Arab Emirates. To ensure efficient development of all their goods, their plant is fitted with high-end machines operated by seasoned professionals and highly-trained workers.  About Mighty Bites Franchise At Mighty Bites, product protection is a top priority. To enforce their safety procedures, they take all appropriate… Read More »

The Kebab Exchange Franchise

In Pune, The Kebab Exchange franchise provides an authentic Mughlai dining experience. They are currently located behind the Amanora Mall as a cloud kitchen model. About The Kebab Exchange The Kebab Exchange’ serves delectable dishes such as kebabs, biryanis, salads, and kebab rolls, prepared by some of Kanpur’s best chefs to provide an unforgettable Mughlai dining experience at… Read More »

Shahi Durbar Franchise

Shahi Durbar franchise believes in fast creativity and is proud to have changed the way people think about ice cream. About Shahi Durbar Ice Cream Producer and Shahi Durbar, India’s largest rising live ice cream diner chain, which caters to all age categories under one roof, has launched an all-in-one exclusive store, also known as the regular outlet,… Read More »

Nandri Franchise

The interior construction at the Nandri franchise began during the lockdown in 2020, and the result is a south Indian riot of flavors served on a south Indian platter.  About Nandri Franchise Since then, the restaurant, which is well-known in cities like Nagpur, has had a steady stream of happy repeat customers. You will enjoy the goodness of… Read More »

Wrapchic Franchise

Wrapchic franchise is the first bistro in the world to wrap all of the thrilling and colorful flavors of Indian cuisine into a convenient Mexican format. About Wrapchic Franchise They placed two very critical items at the core of the brand: taste and comfort. Like Mr. Wraphchic, they’ll go to great lengths to stick to tradition and make… Read More »

Big Mart Franchise

About Big Mart The Big Mart is a globally recognized brand. Big Mart Brand began its journey in 2007 with affordable food and grocery delivery to customers’ homes. Big Mart helps you to escape the monotony of buying groceries and embrace a more casual approach to grocery shopping and buying. From the convenience of your own home or… Read More »

Order Me App Franchise

About Order Me App Patanjali, Baba Ramdev’s brand, plans to launch an app that will enable customers to purchase Patanjali’s own naturopathic items through a digital service. Order Me is the name of the app, and it will link consumers to local stores that sell the items. As a result, the exclusive e-commerce platform will sell ‘Made in… Read More »

Lal Pathlabs Franchise

About Lal Pathlabs Franchise Be a franchisee of Dr. Lal PathLabs, India’s biggest and most prestigious private pathology laboratory network, with over four decades of pathology experience. Dr. Lal PathLabs welcomes you to join the network of India’s largest and most reputable diagnostic network, Dr. Lal PathLabs. They have over 2.3 million happy customers across India, thanks to… Read More »

Roman Management Services Franchise

About Roman Management Services Franchise In India, Roman Management Services Pvt Ltd provides a one-of-a-kind franchise offer. If you want to set up a business for free, you can check out Roman Management’s franchise opportunities in Delhi NCR. Invest in a business for just one lakh, which is returnable with a 10% annual interest rate. After consistently working… Read More »