1964 Meal Factory Franchise

1964 Meal Factory Franchise is best suited to lowest return investments. About 1964 Meal Factory Chaat Adda & Yappy Cafe, Eggoholic And 1964 Meal Factory in pan Indian level, with a known name and strong brand awareness, make the restaurant such an exciting possibility when built-in pro-table areas. Chain customers tend to be highly loyal to eateries and… Read More »

Stark Bistro Franchise

Stark Bistro Franchise began with an intention to unite Marvel’s world with its famous characters with boundless food passion.  About Stark Bistro Franchise This was a vision that was made to an environment where guests can unite and enjoy all types of scrupulous food in an ambiance that is incredibly imaginative and engaged with their favorite hero Marvel.… Read More »

The Lassi Corner Franchise

The Lassi Corner Franchise endeavor to produce healthy, delicious, and nutritious food. About The Lassi Corner Across 3,9 years, in 47 Indian cities of Tier 1 and Tier 2, they grew to 228+ OUTLETS. They provide outlet types with taped surfaces from 90 m2 to 1500 m2 in different sizes and sizes (Cafes, Restaurants, Kiosks within Top IT… Read More »

Lassi Bae Franchise

Lassi Bae Franchise wants to provide clients with exquisite food at low prices.  About Lassi Bae LASSI BAE – it is worth providing their unique customers with high-class Lassi, Shakes, Snacks, Falooda, and Crushers. Their main purpose is to engage, entertain and enjoy food for their customers. Try them, you’re not going to leave them..! Customer love is… Read More »

Frootica Franchise

At Frootica Franchise they are a retail company of a new generation that offers top-quality Ice cream, Desserts, and Snacks. About Frootica Franchise Their workforce is composed of experienced professionals who know how to produce and serve hot, delicious, and smooth steaming food, fresh bread, and drink. Their menu gives the greatest recipes and techniques for you with… Read More »

Twisting Scoops Franchise

In co‐operation with a Màras company in Ankara, Turquía, Twisting Scoops Franchise is a Turkish ice cream brand.  About Twisting Scoops In India & Nepal, they serve scoops in 13 cities. With all-natural ingredients from the fields of Istanbul, they make real Turkish doldrums. In contrast to other ice creams, Turkish Honduras has the sticky fabric, with actual… Read More »

Gianis Ice Cream Franchise

Gianis Ice cream Franchise provides training and standard operating instructions for simplicity of operation and management. About Gianis Ice Cream Established by Gianis Gurcharan Singh in the middle of the 20th century, it has been recalled with affection as Chandni Chowk and Gianis di Hatti, Fatehpuri. Their famous Rabri Faluda recipe has been kept and remains one of… Read More »

Chahapura Franchise

Chahapura Franchise serves a selection of tea and freshly cooked fast food bites in a cone. About Chahapura Franchise Chahapura is a brand of tea rooms that have successfully run and grows significantly in Nashik. It’s been able to become a tea room. Operating at 4 sites in Nashik at now. The tea quality is guaranteed by the… Read More »

Chai Nagri Franchise

Chai Nagri Franchise is an emerging food and drinks brand. About Chai Nagri Another successful startup is Chai Nagri. In 2018 the enterprise was formed in Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh by Divam Wadhwa, a student in computer science engineering Divam Wadhwa came up with the notion that they would start their “Chai Nagri” venture during their third year… Read More »

Tea Time Franchise

The reputation of the Tea Time Franchise has rapidly expanded in the tea and health world mostly via word of mouth. About Tea Time Franchise As a country, they consume the most tea in the world. Indeed, after water, tea is the world’s second-largest drink consumed. The fact is that they are the world’s second-largest tea manufacturer. Tea… Read More »