Cream ‘N’ Kulfi Franchise

Cream ‘N’ Kulfi Franchise provides you with over 60 creamy culinary flavors.  About Cream ‘N’ Kulfi The myth never fades, Kulfi is a famed frozen Indian dessert since the 16th century. Kulfis are classified as classic Indian glaciers but are denser and more creamy than glazing. Experiences the exotic flavor of kulfi and icecreams produced from 100 percent… Read More »

Umraan Regional Franchise

Umraan Regional Franchise is a name that is quickly expanding in the culinary industry with an emphasis on its franchise partner. About Umraan Regional Umraan, the meaning of prosperity is a unique concept that aspires for a new level of the food and beverage industries in the Indian fast service restaurant. Umraan is an Indian And International Flavor… Read More »

Just Kebabs Franchise

Just Kebabs Franchise can grasp the importance of its necessity, thus they use the addition of authentic marinated meat. About Just Kebabs Franchise Kebabs food tradition takes center stage in the menu grilled in charcoal tandoor to specific Kebab treatments in their fold. Without serving excellent Kebabs, no individual treat or big celebration is considered complete. They have… Read More »

Aaoji Khaoji Franchise

An expert team of professional food and beverage professionals is Aaoji Khaoji Franchise. About Aaoji Khaoji They focus on the ongoing development of intelligent F&B concepts. The aim of the development of compact and economic modules is to save on high leasing prices and installation costs. Their committed Chefs Team guarantees that through their food court counters they… Read More »

Kurtosshhh Franchise

The name Kurtosshhh Franchise Kalac, meaning chimney cake, they got to know. About Kurtosshhh Franchise The day they roamed across Budapest I still remember hungry. I’ve been a foodie every time, so I make sure I taste local food wherever I travel. And I really believe that cuisine is not just about flavors, but also its geographical aspects… Read More »

Zoop Vadapav Franchise

Zoop Vadapav Franchise is looking actively for persons who are passionate about starting and succeeding. About Zoop Vadapav Franchise Welcome to the Zoop universe, a certified corporation ISO 9001-2015. Zoop Vadapav is one of India’s most rapidly developing franchises. They are committed to building food companies throughout India. They are proud of the best Indian dishes and serve… Read More »

Brown Burger Co Franchise

Brown Burger Co Franchise offers Indian aficionados exquisite, healthy, and chooses burgers and snacks.  About Brown Burger Co They serve the most healthy burgers in the city. When we think about health, nobody imagines a burger, but it is what reinvented the wheel! The brand is proud that it is the first Indian multitasking burger restaurant chain in… Read More »

Piconzza Franchise

Piconzza Franchise has experimented with delicious ingredients to create unique and sumptuous cones full of happy pizza cups.  About Piconzza Franchise Pizza is a single brand in Pune with the goal of delivering the palates with its variety of pizza cones in the delicious. A unique concept of delicious worldwide pizza aromas in cone shape was introduced by… Read More »

Wow Nitrogen Icecream Franchise

Wow Nitrogen Icecream Franchise is a frozen delicacy that is usually enjoyed as a dessert or snack.  About Wow Nitrogen Icecream The good value of an ice cream rests in its creamy and smooth textures, yet it is nearly difficult to have creamy ice cream to satisfy one’s desire due to the freezing of particles of fat and… Read More »

Wow Stone Icecream Franchise

This Wow Stone Icecream franchise provides business chances that are recognized to provide you a fascinating feeling in a cup or cone. About Wow Stone Icecream Wow Stone Ice Cream is prepared out of hand-picked inputs and mixed with cakes, candy, fruit, and dried fruits provided in the best possible condition. Ice creams from Wow Stone Icecreams several… Read More »