Panda Express Franchise

We’ve all heard of Panda Express’s success, and perhaps you’d like to join the Panda Express franchise.

If that’s the case, keep reading to find out if you can acquire a Panda Express location and run it as a company.

Panda Express Franchise
Panda Express Franchise

About The Panda Express

Panda Express is a fast-food restaurant in the United States specializing in American Chinese cuisine.

And, like all other business cuisines, they wanted to provide something unique to the table.

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Andrew Cherng and his master chef father, Ming Tsai Cherng, founded the company in 1973 in California, United States.

Panda Express didn’t get off to a flying start like any other new business.

They had some downtime, which prompted Andrew Cherng to provide freebies to get people to dine at the restaurant (Panda Inn).

Donahue Schreiber (a real estate manager) persuaded the Cherngs to create a Panda Inn fast food shop for the Galleria’s (Real estate) food court in 1983, and thus Panda Express was born.

The Inn was successful, and the first Panda Express opened in the Glendale Galleria in 1983.

The next branch opened in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1987, and by 1993, Panda Express had launched its 100th facility after only ten years, and by 2002.

In 2007, the 1000th site opened, bringing the brand’s total revenue to a billion dollars for the first time.

Panda Express now has over 1500 outlets across 45 states. The company now has over 2,200 locations around the world.

Panda Express is actively involved in various charitable and humanitarian endeavors, and it gives its employees more excellent wages to retain quality employees.

According to the company, Panda Express has approximately 1,900 locations in 50 states across the United States and Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Korea, and Mexico.

Is Panda Express A Franchise?

Since its inception, the company’s success has been projected to have franchise locations worldwide.

It is not the case; Panda Express has no franchises, and all of its outlets are company-owned.

The stores are within academic premises, typically licensed to the institution.

How To Start A Panda Express Franchise?

As previously stated, Panda Express is not a franchise, so the possibility of owning one is nil, as the Cherngs have decided to keep the company under their control for the time being.

However, if you are still interested in joining the company, they only offer shop locations to prior employees or workers.

If you want to do business with Panda Express, you must have already worked with them, giving you a more excellent grasp of how they operate.

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Finance Model For Panda Express 

Investments $377,100 – $1,884,000
Franchise-Fee $25,000
Royalty-fee  8%
Area Requirement N/A
Total Outlets 1,900

Panda Express  Comparison

CompanyPanda Express Taco Bell
Founded In19731970
Initial Investment$377,100 – $1,884,000$525,100 – $2,622,400
Total Outlet1,9007,800
Annual Revenue$100.0 Billion$2.03 Billion

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it possible for me to invest in Panda Express?

Unfortunately, Panda Express is not available in the United States at any price.

How much does Panda Express's CEO earn?

Panda Express executive remuneration averages $215,085 per year.

Is Panda Express a Franchise or Corporation?

Panda Express is a fast-food franchise restaurant chain that primarily serves American Chinese food.

How much does a Panda Express franchise Cost?

Opening a Panda Express franchise requires an investment of $377,100 – $1,884,000 and an additional franchise fee of $25,000.

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