Panera Bread Franchise

Well, we all know Panera Bread has expanded into numerous markets. If you are interested in opening a Panera bread franchise, you are at the right place.

Here you will find all the information related to Panera Bread Franchise. So, let’s begin.

Panera Bread Franchise
Panera Bread Franchise

About The Panera bread 

Panera bread is famous for serving its lip-smacking bread bowls and tasty salads. Ever since its operation, the company has expanded over and beyond.

Now, Panera bread is the sixth-largest restaurant chain in the USA. Moreover, it has more than 2300 bakeries across USA and Canada and still is expanding in many places. 

In addition, Panera bread is known for the excellent quality of food. They don’t compromise with food quality.

Panera bread is overpriced, but their foods have a higher rate than any other fast food Restaurant.

The menu of Panera Bread includes bread bowls, Cup Cakes, soup, and tasty salads.

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History Of Panera Bread

Panera was founded in 1981 as a single cookie shop known as Cookie Jar. And in the next year, the founder of Cookie Jar, Ron Shaich, merged the shop into a French bakery called Au Bon Pain.

Furthermore, In 1999, Ron Shaich expanded the business to include four divisions, and a new bakery-café franchise called Panera Bread.

He created a unique niche that would come to call “fast-casual .” After that, Ron laid down that Panera could be nationally dominant.

He made his goal to build a chain of restaurants that served food that customers could eat without guilt.

The Business Model Of Panera Bread

Panera bread has different logistics related to franchises. They don’t allow single-unit franchises. So it’s not possible to open just one bakery-café.

If you are interested in opening a Panera Bread franchise, you have to develop several units, typically 15 bakery-café in 6 years.

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franchise model of Panera Bread

Investment required$ 1,117,000 to $3,464,000
 Liquidity$3 million
Area requirementN/A
Total Outlets2100

Qualification For The Franchise

  • Cultural fit for bakery and a passion for fresh bread.
  • Experience as a multi-unit restaurant operator
  • Total commitment to the development of the brand
  • Infrastructure to meet development schedule


Panera bread provides both baking training and retailing training. Baking Training is a six-week program.

You learn to grade product quality, time management, cleanliness, and efficiency in the training period.

And Retail Training consists of one week of classroom training and six-week hands-on training, and trainees shall be tested for knowledge and standard of procedures.


What is the most popular Panera bread sandwich?

Chipotle Chicken Avocado Melt

How good is Panera Bread?

Panera bread has a consumer rating of 1.74 stars from 266 reviews.

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