Playa Bowls Franchise

Playa bowl is a quick-service restaurant serving acai bowls, pitaya bowls, and other healthy food options; it is a slice of summer.

Playa bowls may be the appropriate spot to put your money if you’re willing to expand your portfolio and get into franchising.

Here we have discussed some significant points related to this franchise that will help you understand the company and its franchise policies.

Playa Bowls Franchise
Playa Bowls Franchise

About Playa Bowls

Playa Bowls consist of different bowls made from fresh and high-quality ingredients. Their menu includes acai, coconut, pitaya, banana, oatmeal, and chia pudding.

They have the specialty of serving in a bowl, and each bowl can be customized to fit the customers’ craving.

They have also partnered with local refuse companies to minimize the environmental footprint and make recycling easy.

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History of Playa Bowls

Playa Bowls was established in 2014 by two beach lovers, Rob and Abby. The store began out as a small stand.

Originally, it had a small menu of a few acai bowls and some smoothies.

In the beginning, customers had no idea what acai was, so they decided to explain the customer about acai and its benefits.

They spent a lot of time and energy on this, and as word spread of this creative & intuitive pop-up stand, more & more people started getting into line for acai.

They both realized it was time to take their growing business to the next level.

Only in seven-year, they converted a small stand of acai into over 140 stores nationwide.

Playa Bowls Franchise Model

Initial Investment$168,675-$435,058
Area RequirementN/A
Total Outlets140

Advantages of Playa Bowls

  • Generous Portions
  • Inviting Ambiance
  • Simple Product Preparation
  • Environment-Friendly franchise

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Disadvantages Of Playa Bowls

  • Expensive Product
  • Longer waiting time
  • High calories
  • Labor shortage

Menu Of Playa Bowl

Their menu is full of delicious and sweet Playa Bowls. The menu includes acai, juices, coffee, shakes, ice creams, poke bowls, and smoothies.

They serve healthy acai, pitaya, coconut bowls, and smoothies.

How Much Does A Playa Bowl Franchise Make?

There are a number of aspects that determine the profitability of the Playa Bowls franchise.

Profit varies depending on the investment size, expenses, and demand for the product.

As we all know, Playa Bowls has already earned goodwill in the market, so there is a good possibility that revenue must be higher. 

Playa Bowl Comparison

CompanyPlaya BowlClean Juice
Founded In20142014
Initial Investment$168,675-$435,058$259,000 – $502,500
Total Outlet140170
Annual Revenue$3.65 Million$215 Million

Frequently Asked Question

Who founded Playa Bowls?

Robert Giuliani and Abby Taylor found the concept of Playa Bowls.

Is Playa Bowls healthy?

Playa Bowls are a healthy treat full of minerals, vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants.

How much does it cost to open a Playa Bowls Franchise?

Opening a Playa Bowls franchise requires an initial investment of $168,675-$435,058.

Is Playa Bowls a franchise?

Playa Bowls is a restaurant franchise offering acai bowls, pitaya bowls, coconut bowls, chair pudding bowls, oatmeal bowls, smoothies, juices, and so on.

How much does a Playa Bowls Franchise Cost?

Playa Bowls requires a franchise fee of $35,000, with an initial investment range of $168,675-$435,058.

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