Popstroke Franchise Cost, Fees & Profit 2024

The golf industry is massive, with generally high-income people playing it in city clubs. They are good businesses, and anything related to golfing is generally a lucrative opportunity. They also tend to grow at a faster rate than usual businesses.

One of the famous concepts in the golfing world is the golf-entertainment concept, which generally features golfing, dinners, and other entertainment. Popstroke is a golf entertainment concept offering casual dining combined with a technologically advanced golf environment.

If you are thinking about being a part of the Popstroke brand and becoming a franchise to them, you are in the right place. This article will talk about Popstroke, its franchise system, how it works, associated costs, and what you can expect.

Popstroke Franchise

About Popstroke and Popstroke History

Popstroke was founded in 2018 to provide a new environment for golf lovers. The company was founded by two business executives, one from Wall Street and the other from a venture capital firm.

The aim of the company is to combine the golfing experience with casual dining by offering a dynamic and technological golf environment.

They were recently bought by Tiger Woods Design, and they are taking over the company’s entire management, as well as the expansion to new locations. That’s why they are currently not franchising and expanding with their own resources.

Franchise Model Table

Estimated Outlets7

How Much Does it Cost to Open a Popstroke Franchise?

Popstroke is not a franchise. Therefore, there are no costs associated with opening a Popstroke franchise.

If the company decides to franchise in the future, then they will post some average numbers for the cost of opening a store.

How Much Does it Cost to Open a Popstroke Franchise

Why Doesn’t Popstroke Offer Franchising?

The company has made no official announcement regarding its franchising strategy or plans. That’s why it’s not public information about the decision why Popstroke is not offering franchising.

In most cases, companies do not offer franchising to keep all the control of their stores to themselves and not give up any portion of the business.

It allows them to have a certain quality in each store while not losing any percentage of the total business and revenue from the stores.

Popstroke Franchise Profit & Revenue

Popstroke is a private company managed by the Tiger Woods Design Company. That’s why the company’s financials are not available to the public.

Therefore, we don’t know the company’s profit and revenue numbers for both the entire company and for each of its locations.

What Are Some Alternatives?

What Are Some Alternatives

Popstroke might not offer franchise opportunities, but you can still become a part of the industry through alternatives.

There are a few companies working in a similar area that you can franchise with.

Here are some of the examples.


TopGolf is an entertainment-focused institution that offers competition of golf and other games while offering dining and other entertainment.

TopGolf organizes parties with food and drinks included on its premises while also having competitions with a focus on golfing.

They have about 64 outlets with a proven franchise business model that has been in operation since 2005.

To open a TopGolf franchise, you must be ready to make an initial investment of between $15 and $50 million.

To learn about the royalty and ad fees, franchise fees, TopGolf franchise owner salary and other related startup and ongoing costs, you can inquire with them. All these things depend on the location and the size of the franchise outlet.

Dave & Buster’s

Dave & Buster’s is, in essence, a sports bar that offers a variety of food but also offers interactive games and simulators.

The company has been franchising since 1998 and has an extremely structured franchise business plan with over 140 active franchise stores. They mostly operate in the United States, but they also have locations outside of the USA.

The expected initial investment is about $11 million to become a franchise with Dave & Buster’s. Royalty fees, franchise fees, and other startup and ongoing costs vary depending on several factors. You can reach out to them directly to learn more about it.

Play X-Golf

X-Golf is an indoor golf simulation company that also offers drinks and meals for special events and parties.

Generally, most X-Golf locations have a fully functioning bar and meal courses for all kinds of events and times of the day.

X-Golf also has competitive leagues year-round that you can join either by yourself or with your team.

They currently offer franchises, and they have stores all around the United States, approximately 80 locations.

They have a solid franchise business plan that makes it easier for franchisees to start and succeed. The franchise fee is $30,000, and the total average investment to open an X-Golf is about $700,000.

If opening an entertainment franchise appeals to you, consider Topgolf franchise as a viable option.

Popstroke Comparison

NameFranchise FeeRoyalty FeeInitial Investment
Chuck E. Cheese$800,000N/A$1.1 million-$1.8 million
Monster Mini Golf$40,0007%$764,000-$1.2 million

Popstroke Franchise: Conclusion

Popstroke is an experimental golf club that offers a technological golf experience while also offering casual dining on its premises. It was recently bought by Tiger Woods company, and they have been growing exponentially ever since.

The company was founded in 2018, and ever since they were founded, they never franchised, and they are still not franchising.

That’s why there are no associated costs to open a Popstroke franchise outlet. They currently have 7 locations, with 4 more to come soon.

The company is expanding with its own means, and there is no information about why they don’t franchise. There is also no information on whether they will franchise in the future.

Popstroke Franchise: FAQ

How much is the franchise fee for Popstroke?

Since Popstroke is not a franchise, there are no costs, including the franchise fee. There is no associated franchise fee with Popstroke.

How can I get a Popstroke franchise outlet?

You can’t own a Popstroke franchise outlet because, currently, they are not offering franchises to anyone. The company is expanding through its own means and does not take anyone in to open outlets.

Is Popstroke a franchise?

No. Popstroke is not a franchise. It is also not known whether they will become a franchise in the future or not.




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