Pressed 4-Time Franchise Cost & Fees 2024

Pressed 4-Time Franchise

Are you willing to invest in an A Pressed 4-Time franchise? If yes, then you are in the right place. The Pressed 4-Time franchise is one of the best dry cleaning franchises to own. Here we will share details to help you start a Pressed 4-Time franchise.

About Pressed 4-Time

Pressed 4-Time is famous for its dry-cleaning service, started in 1987. They work internationally and have a great history. They offer services like dry-cleaning, shoe washing, and repairs for homes and offices.

In 1992, they began offering franchises and now have over 180 locations in 33 states and Canada.

The business model of Pressed 4-time is flexible. They don’t ask for any prior experience but prefer candidates with good management skills. They offer training and support to manage your franchise.

Pressed 4-time also provides options like third-party finance and a 35% discount on franchise fees for veterans.

Pressed 4-Time Franchise Model

Franchise ModelValue
Initial Investment$31,260-$37,995
Franchise Fee$29,900
Royalty FeeN/A
Area RequirementN/A
Total Outlet180

Training & Support Of Pressed 4-Time

Pressed 4-Time gives an initial training program to new franchisees. The training lasts 30-60 days and includes classroom and on-the-job learning.

They design training to teach all the skills needed to run this franchise. When you are ready to open, they provide marketing training to increase sales.

They always offer guidance to grow your business. Pressed 4-Time also supports you with coaching, conferences, software, marketing support, and more.

Pressed 4-Time Franchise Revenue & Profit

The company has not shared the profit and revenue of Pressed 4-Time franchises. However, the Pressed 4-Time company made $22.6 Million in revenue in 2022.

Dry cleaning franchises often generate up to $1 million in revenue, so Pressed 4-Time’s numbers may be similar.

Term & Renewal Of the Agreement

The initial agreement with Pressed 4-Time Franchise is 10 years. You can renew for one more year after that, if you meet the franchisor’s requirements and your business is doing well.

Pressed 4-Time Financial Assistance

There is no direct or indirect financing from Pressed 4-Time for the setup of a franchise. However, Pressed 4-Time offers the option of third-party finance. Getting a third-party loan needs a good credit report; otherwise, you might be turned down.

If opening a coffee franchise appeals to you, consider Zips Dry CleanersMartinizing FranchiseComet CleanersCD One Price Cleaner and Pressed 4-Time as viable options.

Pressed 4-Time Comparison

CompanyPressed 4-TimeOXXO Care Cleaners
Founded In19872000
Initial Investment$31,260-$37,995$475,500 – $667,000
Total Outlet18051
Annual Revenue$4 Million$12.7 Million

Frequently Asked Question

How many Pressed 4-Time franchises are there?

Pressed 4-Time has more than 180 units across the U.S.

Does the Pressed 4-Time franchise offer finance?

Yes, Pressed 4-Time franchisees offer a third-party financing option. 

Where is Pressed 4-Time headquartered?

Berkley, Michigan

Is Pressed 4-Time a franchise?

Yes, Pressed4Time is a profitable dry-cleaning franchise.

How much does a Pressed 4-Time Franchise Cost?

The franchise fee for Pressed 4-Time is $29,900, and their investment costs ranges from $31,260-$37,995.

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