Pro-Cuts Franchise Cost, Fees & Requirement 2024

Pro-Cuts is a franchise company active in the hair-beauty sector. It has been a very experienced franchise since it has been active since 1982.

The company has allowed many entrepreneurs to launch their hair salons with their brand, but unfortunately, it is no longer franchising.

However, the franchise was so successful that it is worth knowing as much as you can about it.

Why? On the one hand, this type of knowledge makes you able to recognize a good franchise and, on the other hand, to be ready to catch the opportunity as soon as Pro-Cuts re-opens applications for franchises.

Without further delay, let’s dig deep into anything you need to know about the Pro-Cuts Franchise.

Pro-Cuts Franchise
Pro-Cuts Franchise

About The Pro-Cuts Franchise

Pro-Cuts is a hair-salon franchise. Their salons are specialized in a particular type of service: very quick and extremely affordable haircuts.

This was one of the factors that determined the company and its hair salons’ success over the years.

If you want to open a Pro-Cuts salon (when you’ll have the possibility in the future, when the company will re-open to franchise application), you’ll need to adapt to this type of service and provide quick and cheap haircuts to your customers.

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History Of Pro-Cuts Franchise

Pro-Cuts was founded in 1982 and began franchising in 1984. The first hair salon specialized in providing a familiar and friendly service.

The environment has always been familiar, and the services have always been affordable.

In 1984, when they started franchising, they obtained immediate success and started opening more and more hair salons, and today they can count about 200 salons in the USA.

Pro-Cuts Franchise: Business Model

Pro-Cuts is focused on providing quick and affordable haircuts to its customers. It has always been a franchise, but it’s currently close to applications.

Company namePro-Cuts
Business ModelHair salon franchise
Initial Investment$84,000 -$148,000
FranchiseNo longer franchising
Franchise Fee$12,500 -$22,500
Royalty fee6%
Number of outlets200

How Much Would It Cost To Open A Pro-Cuts Franchise?

The deal Pro-Cuts used to offer to their franchises was extremely convenient.

The franchise fee was between $12,500 and $22,500, and the initial investment, depending on the dimensions of your hair salon, was between $84,000 and $148,000.

Pro-Cuts also required a 6% royalty fee.

Because this is considered a good deal, you can use this as a reference to evaluate different types of franchises in the same sector or different ones.

Pro-Cuts Franchise: Requirements

Just like any other big franchise, Pro-Cuts is also used to meet some requirements for their franchisees.

In particular, a Liquid Capital of $100,000 was required, and a Net Worth of $300,000.

Pro-Cuts Training

Pro-Cuts used to offer some training about business management. No training was provided regarding hair styling skills.

This is common to many hair beauty franchises: if you want to launch a business like this, you need to have the skills, acquire them somewhere else, or hire someone with the necessary skills.

Pro-Cuts Franchise: Financial Assistance

Pro-Cuts didn’t provide direct financial assistance. If you needed funding, you had to find it elsewhere.

Since we’re using Pro-Cuts as a case study to know as much as we can about successful franchises, you should expect the same with other successful franchisees in the same sector.

Pro-Cuts: Terms Of Agreements And Renewal

The franchise contract with Pro-Cuts was for ten years. After that, franchisees had to pay a renewal fee of $2,500. These terms are also considered convenient and extremely affordable.

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Pro-Cuts Franchise: Obligations And Restrictions

Because this can be common to other franchises in the same sector, it is worth mentioning that Pro-Cuts would have some restrictions for their franchises.

The most important is that they had to comply with the company’s services and ethics.

For example, they had to provide quick and affordable treatments; they had to create a friendly environment and have families as a target audience.

Other obligations were regarding the furnishing: all Pro-Cuts hair salons had to be simple and friendly environments, even in their design.

The hair salon franchise market offers several opportunities for entrepreneurs, such as franchises from Drybar Franchise, Supercuts Franchise, and Great Clips Franchise.

Pro-Cuts Comparisons 

CompanyPro-CutsGreat Clips
Number of Outlets2004621
FranchiseYes (no longer franchising)Yes
Franchise Fee$12,500 -$22,500$20,000


Even though Pro-Cuts isn’t currently open to new franchise applications, it is still worth it to learn as much as you can about it because it is the perfect example of a convenient and successful franchise.

With the information we provided in this article, it’ll be easier for you to understand if another franchise is convenient and worth it.

It is also worth knowing as much as you can about Pro-Cuts to be ready as soon as they are open again to franchise applications because, as we’ve mentioned many times, this franchise has not only always been affordable and convenient but also successful.

Pro-Cuts Franchise: FAQs

Is Pro-Cuts a franchise or chain?

Pro-Cuts has always been a franchise, but it is not currently open to franchise applications.

Who is the owner of Pro-Cuts?

Regis Corp is the company that currently owns the Pro-Cuts franchise.

How many Pro-Cuts hair salons are there?

There are more than 200 Pro-Cuts hair salons in the United States.

Was Pro-Cuts considered a good investment?

Pro-Cuts was considered a good investment, and that’s why we wanted to discuss this franchise even though it is no longer open to new franchise applications.

We wanted to present it to you as an example of a good franchise where you can invest.

From this example, you can learn that you need to check the costs of a franchise, but also its growth rate and the type of service it provides.

Always ask yourself whether there is a high demand for the services or products that the franchise provides.

Was The Pro-Cuts Franchise Considered Worthy?

The Pro-Cuts franchise has always been considered worth it.

That’s why you should use it as an example: a franchise with similar characteristics can be considered worth it.

The features that make Pro-Cuts a worthy franchise are its costs and the fact that it provides a service for which there is always a high demand.

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