Rocket Car Wash Franchise Cost, Profit, Requirements 2024

Do you have plans or ideas to own a car wash franchise and be in the industry? It is definitely a good choice because the car wash industry can be highly lucrative with much less work compared to other businesses that you can franchise.

Rocket Car Wash Franchise

You might wonder whether it is best to start your own car wash or to franchise a famous brand like Rocket Car Wash.

In this article, we will talk about Rocket Car Wash, whether they franchise or not, if it is a good idea, answer frequently asked questions, and give you some alternatives in the car wash industry.

About Rocket Car Wash and Rocket Car Wash History

Rocket Car Wash is one of the most famous car wash businesses in the United States. They currently operate in over seven states with more than 100 stores.

Since they were founded by Danny White and Chris Erickson, the company has grown exponentially, acquiring other car wash companies on the way.

The brand is operated by the City+Ventures, which has a diversified business portfolio from car washes to restaurants.

Rocket Car Wash doesn’t currently offer franchising, and they expand with their own money. That’s why they are not a good target if you are looking to own a piece of them.

Franchise Model Table

Cost or FeeAmount or Percentage
Estimated Outlets100+

How Much Does it Cost to Open a Rocket Car Wash Franchise?

Rocket Car Wash currently doesn’t offer franchising opportunities. That’s why there is no cost associated with opening a Rocket Car Wash franchise. If the company decides to franchise in the future, then they will post some expected average costs for each Rocket Car Wash franchise.

Why Doesn’t Rocket Car Wash Offer Franchising?

The company didn’t officially announce why they are not offering franchising. However, they have big plans to expand the company into new locations, aiming to hit new regions by going well above 100 locations nationwide.

The reason might be because they want to keep the whole ownership of the brand and control the quality by themselves.

Right now, they are expanding by their own finances or by getting funding from outside sources as a company. Because they are thinking of new expansions, there might be an opportunity in the future, but it is not yet certain.

What Is The Profit & Revenue Of Rocket Car Wash Franchise?

Since Rocket Car Wash is a private company owned and managed by City+Ventures, its financials are also not available to the public. The only available information online is by Zoom Info, and according to them, Rocket Car Wash’s revenue is about $15 million. The accuracy of the information is not approved, and it might not be accurate.

What Is The Overall Sales Of Rocket Car Wash Franchise?

The information by Zoom Info shows us the total gross revenue of Rocket Car Wash in a year. This means Rocket Car Wash makes approximately $15 million in overall sales annually.

What Are Some Alternatives Of Rocket Car Wash Franchise?

If you still want to own a car wash franchise, you can do so with other brands. Here are some of the car wash companies that offer franchising.

1. Cactus Car Wash

What Are Some Alternatives Of Rocket Car Wash Franchise-Cactus Car Wash

Cactus Car Wash is a relatively new and smaller car wash company that was founded in 1996 and has operations in two states with four stores. They are famous for their high-tech equipment and experienced, trained staff to clean the cars quickly and professionally.

Cactus Car Wash helps its franchisees from pre-opening to post-opening almost every step of the way. The initial franchise fee is $45,000, with a 5.5% royalty fee from the gross revenue. The expected total investment is between $2.3 million and $3.8 million. It one of the 10 best car wash franchise opportunities.

2. Tommy’s Express Car Wash

What Are Some Alternatives Of Rocket Car Wash Franchise-Tommy’s Express Car Wash

Tommy’s Express is one of the fastest-growing car wash businesses in the United States, with impressive numbers. The median gross sales for franchised stores is $2.3 million annually. They provide exceptional support to franchises, from training to marketing.

The costs associated include the $50,000 initial franchise fee and the 4% franchise fee to the brand from your gross sales. You need at least $1 million in liquid capital and $2 million in net worth. The total expected initial investment is between $2.9 million to $3.2 million, including the franchise fee.

3. Green Shine Car Wash

What Are Some Alternatives Of Rocket Car Wash Franchise-Green Shine Car Wash

Founded in 2005, Green Shine has been franchising since 2011. They are based in Florida but have stores nationwide through franchising. They have over 20 stores, and they are open to more expansion.

To open a Green Shine car wash, you need to pay the $19,900 initial franchise fee and have a net worth of $75,000. The royalty fee is 5% of the gross sales. The total expected initial investment is between $47,910 to $160,615.

Potential franchisees interested in cars can investigate opportunities with the BMW Franchise and Meineke franchises.

Rocket Car Wash Comparison

NameFranchise FeeRoyalty FeeInitial Investment
Fleet Clean USA$30,0008.5%$163,825-$720,375
Mr. Clean Car Wash$35.0006%$2.4 million-$3.2 million
Rocket Car WashN/AN/AN/A


Rocket Car Wash is a big national car wash company operating with over 100 stores in seven states. They are owned by City+Ventures, and they are currently not franchising, expanding with their own money. That’s why you can’t be a franchisee to Rocket Car Wash.

However, brands like Fleet Clean USA, Cactus Car Wash, and Tommy’s Express Car Wash are some of the alternatives that you can go for if you want to own a car wash franchise.

Each of these opportunities is quite lucrative, with different levels of initial investment and franchise fees.


Can I franchise Rocket Car Wash?

At the moment, Rocket Car Wash is not a franchise. That’s why you can’t franchise with Rocket Car Wash.

What is the Rocket Car Wash franchise fee?

Since Rocket Car Wash doesn’t franchise, there is also no associated franchise fee for Rocket Car Wash.

Can Rocket Car Wash be a franchise in the future?

The company didn’t say anything about the plans regarding franchising plans, but it is a possibility. They are planning more expansions in the future, which is always a sign that there might be plans to franchise. However, it is not sure, and the company didn’t say anything about it.

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