21+ Pros & Cons Of Roof Maxx | Before & After Service

Roof Maxx is a godsend for those who are looking for a quick and cost-effective fix for their deteriorating roof shillings and this can be made clear by looking at Roof Maxx Pros and Cons, before and after comparison.

Shillings get brittle, dry and lose their shine due to continuous sun exposure and changing weather conditions. To fix this issue, most people wonder how useful Roof Maxx can be.

Keep on reading to find out every essential detail of Roof Maxx in this article.

Roof Maxx Before & After

What is Roof Maxx?

Roof Max is a widely used, scientifically developed roof rejuvenating spray treatment that was developed by the world’s largest private research and development company, Battelle Labs.

The award-winning and revolutionary technology of Roof Maxx allows it to penetrate deep into the brittle, old roof, which thereby restores the shine and strength of the shillings again.

Roof Maxx can make your roof shillings last for five years, and this process can be repeated three times, increasing your roof’s life by up to five years.

How Does Roof Maxx Works?

Roof Maxx is innovative solution that is made of all-natural food-grade, non-toxic oil that helps in increasing the life of asphalt shingles.

So asphalt shingles consist of petrochemical oils that allows the shingles to expand and contract as per the change in weather.

Now over time, the petrochemical dries out that causes the shingles to loosen up.

This is where Roof Maxx comes in! When applied, this plant-based oil gets infused into the shingles restoring its durability, flexibility and waterproofing to better withstand the changing weather.

Pros & Cons of Roof Maxx

Pros of Roof Maxx

1. Costs less

Roof replacement is one of the most expensive renovation projects that can cost is around $9,117, and home owners dread it for the right reasons. Roof Maxx, as such is a great alternative for the cost of it usually falls under $2,500.

2. Eco friendly

According to McElroy Metal, roof shingles are terrible for the environment as they are often not recycled, and in fact, each year, 11 tons of shingles are disposed of and end up in landfills.

Additionally, the underlayment material and debris of insulation also end up in landfills polluting the environment.

In contrast, Roof Maxx consists of all-natural bio-friendly oil that replaces the petrochemical oils that are naturally found in asphalt shingles.

As such, Roof Maxx is not only a cheaper alternative but also an eco-friendly option.

3. Does not spread fire spread

It is natural to worry about your house’s safety, and the application of Roof Maxx might make you wonder if it would accelerate fire more quickly in case of emergency. Thankfully, the application of Roof Maxx does not accelerate the spread of fire.

4. Saves time

Depending on the size of your roof, it might take up to two days for complete roof replacement.

However, the Roof Maxx application takes only thirty to ninety minutes, which helps in saving a lot of precious time.

5. Wide availability

Roof Maxx has a wide network of independent dealers in the United States and is constantly moving to increase its network.

It is available in over 600 cities across the United States. So you shouldn’t have a problem with finding a Roof Maxx dealer near you.

6. Improves flexibility

The application of Roof Maxx rejuvenates the brittle and loose shingles and improves their flexibility again.

So instead of being hard and brittle, your shingles will get the suppleness and flexibility they had when they were new.

7. Adds to the roof’s life

Roof Maxx is supposed to add life to your asphalt roof. So each application of Roof Maxx helps in keeping the asphalt shillings intact, which adds five more years to your roof’s life.

8. Ehance appearance

The application of Roof Maxx restores the shine of the shingles and makes them look darker, making them look how they looked when they were new.

The shingles would remain dark for a few months after the application and would lighten up slowly again.

9. Shingle permeability

Permeability is quite important for two reasons mainly: first it allows your roof to breathe and this helps in preventing moisture build-up, which helps in avoiding mold and mildew formation.

Second, it keeps your home cool in the summer as the shingles allow the heat to escape through.

10. Improves water proofing level

Roof Maxx rejuvenates & restores your roof’s shingles, thereby improving its water-proofing level and durability.

It will not prevent the leaks completely (if you are facing this issue), but it will definitely reduce the damage.

11. Shields against rough weather

Roof Maxx is composed of natural oils, so when applied, it helps in granule adhesion. This helps in protecting the shingles against rough weather.

12. No leftover mess

When you get a roof replacement or roof installation done, there will be a whole mess of debris, nails, and other garbage left behind. Roof Maxx, on the other hand, leaves no oily residue or any other mess behind.

13. Saves labour cost

Roof replacement is not only a time-consuming task but also labor-intensive work.

Roof replacement will require the involvement of 2-3 people, which would cost you more money as well.

Roof Maxx, on the other hand, can be applied by a single individual, which can help you in saving labor cost.

So are you loving this Roof Maxx process, you can now have your own Roof Maxx business at your location.

Cons of Roof Maxx

1. Not a permanent fix

As already shared, each Roof Maxx application lasts for up to five years, and it can be applied only up to three times.

So Roof Maxx is not a permanent solution, and sooner or later, you might have to replace your roof.

2. Requires professional

Spraying Roof Maxx all over your house roof can be not only challenging but also dangerous. Besides, it is important to coat the shillings evenly and carefully for the best results.

As such, you must hire a professional to get this job done efficiently, and this might cost you a bit.

3. Not compatible with all kinds of materials

Roof Maxx is designed especifically for asphalt shingles and is not compatible with all types of roofing materials.

So in case your roof is made of a different material, chances are that you might have to look for an alternative instead.

4. Inconsistent service quality

Roof Maxx services are provided by independent dealers, and this is why there may be a lack in consistency and quality of the service offered.

Meaning that in terms of service, you might not get the same quality as you did before or vice versa.

5. Damage recoccurance possibility

In case your roof was damaged before applying Roof Maxx, then there might be a chance of damage reoccurrence even after applying Roof Maxx.

This means Roof Maxx does not repair any existing damage on the roof permanently.

6. Might be expensive for some

The quantity of Roof Maxx that you will need varies on the size of your roof. So it might cost you a bit more if you have a roof that is bigger in area and is damaged already.

7. Cannot be applied randomly

Roof Maxx should be applied only when the top granule coating of the shingles begins shedding off.

So if you live in a warmer climate and have a roof that is only 6-8 months old, or if you live in a northern region and has a roof that is 8-10 years old, then Roof Maxx shouldn’t be applied yet, as it may still have its natural oil intact.

8. Affected by harsh weather

If you live in places with extreme snowfall, then the ice can damage your roof. Additionally, places with heavy rainfall can wash away the Roof Maxx layer.

So it is not suitable for people who live in places with extreme weather conditions.

Roof Maxx Before & After

Roof Maxx Before & After

Roof replacement can dig a hole in your pocket, so something like Roof Maxx can be a saviour for worn out shingles.

Although Roof Maxx is not a life long solution it is supposed to last for at least 5 years after each treatment.

In the before photo of the comparison between Roof Maxx before and after photos, you will see that the natural oil of the shingles worn out over time, causing the shingles to crack and become brittle.

Additonally, you will notice that the shingles probably lost their shine due to sun exposure.

In contrast, in the after photos of the shingles in comparison between Roof Maxx before and after photos, you will notice that the shingles practically looks new.

What Is Roof Maxx

After applying Roof Maxx, the shingles get their shine back, the cracks are healed again and becomes supple and flexible again.

Check out 13 Year Old Roof After Roof Maxx Application (feedback from direct customer)

What to expect After Roof Maxx application!

  • Restored roof appearance

Roof Maxx revitalizes the roof, restoring its color and vitality, giving it a refreshed and attractive appearance.

  • Enhanced curb appeal

The treatment helps improve the overall aesthetic appeal of the home, enhancing its curb appeal and potentially increasing its value.

  • Reduced signs of wear and tear

Roof Maxx’s formula penetrates the shingles, reducing the signs of aging and weathering such as cracks and granule loss.

  • Extended roof lifespan

Roof Maxx helps extend its lifespan, allowing homeowners to get more years of reliable protection from their existing roof.

When is the Best Time to Apply Roof Maxx?

process of roof maxx

The best time to apply Roof Maxx is when your roof shingles start loosening up, drying out, and start losing their flexibility.

Or depending on the climate and weather conditions of your region, when the shingles are 6-10 years old.

Other signs of Shingles include black stains, cracking, granule loss, streaks, or curling shingles.

Roof Maxx Process

Should you decide that you want to use Roof Maxx, you have to get in touch with a Roof Maxx dealer.

Then they will come to assess the condition of your roof to check if Roof Maxx is right for you.

After this, they perform a roof tune-up for general maintenance of the roof, followed by applying Roof Maxx on the shillings.

Each Roof Maxx treatment lasts for 5 years, and this can be done up to three times whenever your shillings age out.

The whole process takes no more than two hours and creates no fuss.

How Much Does Roof Maxx Costs?

According to Bankrate, the national average cost for a roof replacement is around $9,117, with potential costs soaring as high as $46,000.

However, homeowners now have a more budget-friendly option with Roof Maxx.

The national average cost for a Roof Maxx treatment is mostly under $2,500, significantly lower than the expense of a full roof replacement.

The actual cost of Roof Maxx will depend on the size of your roof, labor, materials used, etc. To get an accurate price, you can go to Roof Maxx’s site.

But to give you a general idea, Roof Maxx will cost you 15% – 20% of the total cost of roof replacement.

So, for example, if you have a 1500 square foot roof, then it might cost you $8000 to get the roof replaces entirely. But Roof Maxx, on the other hand, will cost $1200-$2,000.

Does the Application of Roof Maxx Increase the Chances of Fire Spreading?

Roof Maxx has been fire tested by The Ohio State University during its development.

During the test, two types of shillings- one normal and one Roof Maxx applied shillings were burned for ten minutes.

After ten minutes, when the shilling was examined, it was found that the effect of fire was the same for both showings.

Concluding that Roof Maxx does not increase the chances of fire spreading more.

Wrap Up

Roof Maxx is not a permanent solution; however, this natural oil-based product can help you save a lot of money as it costs only 15% – 20% of roof replacement.

In this guide, we shared each and every detail of Roof Maxx worth knowing and did a Roof Maxx before & after comparison. I hope you found this useful.


Is there an alternate method to stop the detoriation of roof shillings?

Did you know that copper can prevent the oxidization of shilling asphalt particles?

So a cheaper alternative to stop the deterioration of roof shillings is by applying a sheet of copper to your new roof or to an existing roof that is not yet showing signs of deterioration.

Is it safe to use Roof Maxx?

Roof Maxx has been certified as USDA Bio-Preferred product, and it is made of 100% non-toxic ingredients making it safe for you, your kids, and your pets.

Can I do Roof Maxx treatment myself?

No, it is advisable that Roof Maxx treatment should be carried out by certified experts only.

Is there any weather requirement to apply Roof Maxx?

Dry temperatures are optimum for Roof Maxx treatment. So the suitable weather condition to apply Roof Maxx is 36 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can Roof Maxx seal the roof for leaks?

No, Roof Max cannot seal the Roof for leaks, as most leaks occur at the flashings.

Does Roof Maxx applied shingles last forever?

No, Roof Maxx applied shillings do not last forever. Roof Maxx can, however, extend the life of your shillings by an additional fifteen years.

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