Roti & Boti Franchise

Roti & Boti Franchise has become more beautiful takeover in the Middle East and more in the near future will emerge. 

About Roti & Boti

Since their humble beginnings in 2016, their enthusiasm for healthy Indian cuisine has motivated them.

Roti & Boti was designed with the specific aim of being different, as did other Indian restaurants.

They know many people adore Indian cuisine, but many do not enjoy the usually unhealthy elements that make normal Indian cuisine so excellent.

Their menu includes products that contain healthy spices but keep the ghee, butter, oils, and heavy cream out of the grinding.

Their crew is proud of the fact that, as in any other Indian restaurant, they can give their new and trustworthy guests wonderful Indian-inspired cuisine.

They know that some people still seek classic Indian food, and they are all right.

Their disclaimer is that Roti & Boti is NOT the place for you if you expect heavy, oily, unhealthy Indian cuisine.

They hope that you would join in the growing trend already found by so many other people and try Roti & Boti as a unique option.

Roti & Boti Franchise
Roti & Boti Franchise

Roti & Boti Franchise Model

InvestmentRs. 26 lakhs
Area RequiredRs. 300 sq. ft.
Franchise FeeRs. 6 lakhs

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Features of Roti & Boti Franchise

  • Exotic and healthful Indian cuisine is served in Roti and Boti.
  • Their menus feature meals such as tikkas, kebab, lollipops, creamy kebab, and delicious gravy.
  • They have no heavy, oily, or harmful food.
  • Quality – Flavor, and quality at an affordable price
  • Its specialty includes multi-course dishes, shawarma, and stylish décor.
  • Their concept consists of delicious dinners and gives you a great eating experience. The design of their establishments.
  • Presentation – The presentation of the dish is flawless and simply by looking at it is tasty.
  • Roti and Boti provide genuine Indian food cooked with herbs and spices seasoned worldwide and domestically.
  • The brand will provide development and retention.
  • You also have marketing strategies in place to support your company.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the franchise fee of the Roti & Boti Franchise?

The franchise fee of the Roti & Boti Franchise is Rs. 6 lakhs.

What is the model of the Roti & Boti Franchise?

The model of the Roti & Boti Franchise is QSR.

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