Salad and Go Franchise

We all know, Salad and Go has expanded into various markets and is known for delicious Salads.

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Salad and Go Franchise
Salad and Go Franchise

About Salad And Go Franchise

Salad and Go is a restaurant chain that serves the healthiest and most nutritious food at an affordable price to everyone.

The concept of Salad and go to serve healthy food. Many restaurants serve healthy food, but they are mostly not affordable for everyone, whereas Salad and go offers salads at the cheapest cost.

Most of the places that offer food at a cheap cost compromise the food quality or are not good or unhealthy.

Salad and Go team believes in providing the food quality and service you want and deserve.

They are known for their world-class Salad, which uses fresh and finest ingredients. Also, they only use natural and organic ingredients.

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History Of Salad And Go

Salad and Go were established in 2016 by Roushan Christofells. The first store opened in Gilbert, Arizona, and now it has six stores in Arizona.

They specialize in salads and warps, but their healthy food at such low prices increased the demand, and their stores started expanding, after which they started offering Franchise. Currently, the company operates 45 stores in Arizona and Texas.   

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Salad And Go Franchise Model

Initial Investment$30,000-$35,000
Area RequirementsN/A
Total Outlets45 Units

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Training And Support

Salad and Go provide four-week training to the franchisor. In the first two weeks, they will provide classroom and hands-on training, and the next two weeks of training will be done in the franchisee’s own restaurant.

In addition, there is a sanitation certificated course as prepared by the NRA that the franchisors will have to take to qualify for the test.

Term Of Agreement & Renewal

The initial term of the Franchise is 10 years. The Franchise will be renewed for another 10 years if the performance is good and they generate revenue.

Salad And Go Comparison

CompanySalad And GoChili’s
Founded In20161975
Initial Investment$30,000-$35,000$2,848,695 to $4,637,695
Total Outlet451610
Annual Revenue$5.0 Million$3,005.7 Million


Where was the first Salad and Go opened?

The First Salad and Go were opened in Gilbert.

Is Salad and go considered fast food?

No, It is not typically fast food.

How many calories are in a salad and go Salad?

There are 470 calories in a Go cobb salad.

What is the Salad and Go Franchise Royalty-Fee?

Salad and Go Franchise Royalty-fee is 6% of gross sales.

Is Salad And Go a franchise?

No, Salad and Go doesn’t offer franchising. They are a privately owned, local business based in Phoenix, Arizona, with no current plans to start offering its franchise.

How much does a Salad And Go franchise cost?

Salad And Go is a self-owned company, and it doesn’t offer franchise opportunities. Therefore, no information is available related to the franchise cost of Salad And Go.

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