Samarth Amruttulya Franchise

Samarth Amruttulya Franchise Chai is the favorite choice for many clients and the crucial quality component that drives their business growth. 

About Samarth Amruttulya

They established with the aim to serve their best among them all for the Tea-Lovers.

Their secret recipes and processes have been developed to make a success of their vision and how they serve the best on the market.

Samarth Amruttulya Brand, which is recognized for the “Paramparik chai,” a tea business that many people appreciate, has a peculiar taste.

The brand Samarth Amruttulya has found its unique tea mix among the world’s best tea manufacturers.

Samarth Amruttulya Franchise
Samarth Amruttulya Franchise

Samarth Amruttulya Franchise Model

InvestmentRs. 5 lakhs
Area Required250 sq. ft.
Franchise FeeRs. 1 lakh

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Features of Samarth Amruttulya Franchise

  • Samarth Amruttulya currently plans to build further outlets in the near future using a franchise model at 6 places in Maharastra and Mumbai.
  • Flavors: The combination of traditional flavors and contemporary trends ensures that the menu is widely accepted across age, gender, and race. They have a creamy, peppery, and nice tea texture.
  • Quality: their motivation is to offer excellent quality and inexpensive tea at a wide range of world-class options.
  • Presentation: You want the freshest tea blooms to be used for all the tea you create, as many of the subtle aromas in traditional tables.
  • Hygiene: careful care cannot be compromised in every stage of preparation in terms of hygiene.
  • They hygienically stick in all their outlets, surely from the point of view of hygiene and cleanliness extremely excellent.
  • The coffee model is designed for your franchise.
  • Samarth Amruttulya will give training and standard operating manuals to facilitate the management and running of an outlet.


  • The increased strategy of marketing & sales Support.
  • Avg’s sales are between 1000 and 1200 cups a day.
  • Live in the outlet, tea is going to be ready.
  • Required License: FSSAI, Fire NOC, Glow Sign, Health, Store Act.
  • Life: 3 months Tea Powder & Masala about
  • Cities of choice: Tier 1, 2 & 3
  • Rent: The agreement with the landlord should be five years.
  • One of the franchisees’ facile ideas should be in the outlet area Appropriate parking, Market area, Station area (Crowded area)

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the investment of the Samarth Amruttulya Franchise?

The investment of the Samarth Amruttulya Franchise is Rs. 5 lakhs.

What is the model of the Samarth Amruttulya Franchise?

The model of the Samarth Amruttulya Franchise is Cafe.

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