Sanfort World School Franchise

Sanfort World School Franchise is a United Kingdom-based pre-school chain. It is the only preschool in the area equipped with a smart learning program.

About Sanfort World School

Silicon India has Sanfort ranked first in the category of preschool in Delhi. In India, it was the first to develop the concept of preschool.

Sanfort has teamed up with the “Trinity College of London” to provide children with cutting-edge education.

Sanfort has been authorized by the United Kingdom’s “British Association of Early Childhood Education.”

Sanfort World School Franchise
Sanfort World School Franchise

Sanfort World School Model

InvestmentRs. 15 lakhs
Area Required2000 sq. ft.
Payback time2 years

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Advantages of Sanfort World School Franchise

  • There is no danger of a recession.
  • Exceptional return on investment
  • An industry with the fastest rate of growth
  • Since it is a nursery, the working hours are flexible.
  • Society’s acknowledgment.
  • Low initial outlay

Nowadays, education is a top priority for any family.

Every family desires to provide their children with a high-quality education. Since education begins in childhood, a good preschool was a must.

Sanfort, on the other hand, solved the problem by establishing a franchise in India. In a short period of time, Sanfort has won a slew of prestigious awards.

Their sole mission is to combine education and creativity.

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