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Scooter’s Coffee is a drive-thru-focused coffee chain operating in the United States. They have been operating and expanding since 1998, their foundation.

Their name also quickly became famous, and they are now known in most areas where they operate.

They have a rich menu with their own special drink, Caramelicious. You might have some questions about Scooter’s’ menu and if it’s worth visiting there for their menu.

This article will answer questions about Scooter’s menu and give you an outlook.

Scooter’s Menu
Scooter’s Menu

Scooter’s Menu With Prices 2024

Breakfast (Serve all day.) Menu With Prices

Breakfast Bagels$4.19
Breakfast Burritos$3.45

Signature Espresso Drink Menu With Prices

Candy Bar Latte$4.20
Turtle Latte$4.20

Classic Espresso Drinks Menu With Prices

Flavored Latte$3.78

Blenders Menu With Prices

Candy Bar$4.90

Other Favorites Menu With Prices

Brewed Coffee$2.05
Chai Tea Latte$3.59
Hot Chocolate$2.87
Cold Brew$3.31

Fruit Smoothies Menu With Prices

Green Tea Mocha$4.93
Fruit ‘n Cream$4.91
Fruit ‘n Ice$4.91
Peanut Butter Power$5.52

Scooter’s most popular drink is its signature coffee, Caramelicious. It can be either hot, cold, or blended, and it’s a fresh taste that only Scooter’s does.

Does Scooter’s Have Cold Foam?

Yes, Scooter’s has cold foam, and it’s available year-round. It also has sugar-free options like vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut.

You can ask for it in all your drinks separately if the drink doesn’t already have it.

What Is The Fall Secret Menu At Scooter’s?

Fall Secret Menu At Scooter's

A fall secret menu is when Scooter’s shares one drink each day for a week in autumn.

These drinks are seasonal and generally either once a year or limited edition that comes once only.

What Is The Signature Drink At Scooter’s?

Scooter’s signature drink is the Caramelicious. You can get it hot, iced, or blended.

The drink has velvety caramel sauce, espresso, milk, and whipped cream in it, and you can also ask for extra caramel sauce.

What Is A Daydreamer At Scooters?

Day Dreamer is a special drink at Scooter’s which is a white mocha with vanilla. Some people ask for it with extra cold foam and cinnamon and order it like that.

Is Scooters Or Starbucks Cheaper?

Is Scooters Or Starbucks Cheaper

There aren’t massive price differences between Scooter’s and Starbucks. Scooter’s is only slightly less expensive than Starbucks, but the difference is quite small.

Is Scooter’s Gluten Free?

Except for the Cookie Blender drink, all other drinks at Scooter’s coffee shops are gluten-free.

But if you want to make sure for the store you go to, you can ask the baristas about the gluten-free situation and the risk of cross-contamination.

Is Scooter’s Drive Thru Only?

Yes, Scooter’s is a drive-thru-only coffee shop franchise chain. They come as a kiosk, and both company-owned and franchised stores are all drive-thru.


Is Scooter's cheaper than Starbucks?

Scooter’s is cheaper than Starbucks. In certain locations, they might be the same, but overall, Scooter’s prices are lower.

However, the difference is not too much. The difference is only a little.

What time does Scooter's Close?

There is no single closing time for all Scooter’s. Their closing hours vary between 7 PM and 10 PM. Each coffee shop has its own hours based on its location and size.

Is Scooters Coffee good?

Most reviews on the internet about Scooter’s Coffee say that their Coffee is quite good and worth the money.

There aren’t many bad reviews about their drinks, so we can say that Scooter’s Coffee is good.


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