10 Best Self-Storage Unit Franchise

Self-storage has become an increasingly important part of American life as people accumulate more possessions and find themselves in need of extra space.

Whether it’s a move, a renovation project, or just the need to downsize, self-storage units offer an ideal solution.

Storage units aren’t just a lifesaver for homeowners and renters; they can also be lucrative business ventures.

Investing in a self-storage unit franchise can provide an excellent return on investment, with customers needing such storage year-round.

Here are the top 10 self-storage franchises to consider if you’re looking for a surefire way to make money:

10 Best Self-Storage Unit Franchise
10 Best Self-Storage Unit Franchise

10 Best Self-Storage Unit Franchise

1. Go Mini’s Franchise

Go Mini's Franchise

Year Founded2002
Initial investment$342,804–$662,704
Franchise Fee$45,000
Royalty Fee8%
Ad Fee2%

Go Mini’s is one of the top self-storage franchises in the market today. It was founded in 2002 and has grown to have over 133 locations across North America.

Go Mini’s offers portable and mobile containers for customers looking for a convenient storage solution.

Unlike traditional storage units, which require upfront payments and demand that customers move their possessions to the unit, Go Mini’s containers are delivered directly to your location and can be easily filled at your own pace.

The company staff will then transport it to its storage facility free of charge.

This simple process makes it easy for customers to get the extra storage space they need without worrying about any logistical details.

Furthermore, Go Mini’s uses advanced monitoring technologies to ensure that all self-storage units remain secure and pest-free at all times.

With its wide variety of sizes and features, Go Mini’s provides an affordable way for customers looking for reliable self-storage solutions.

2. Zippy Shell Franchise

Zippy Shell Franchise

Year Founded2009
Initial investment$657,450–$1,219,830
Franchise Fee$75,000–$150,000
Royalty Fee$16/container/month

Founded in Australia in 2009, Zippy Shell has grown to have over 36 franchise units.

It specializes in providing portable storage and moving containers for customers who need extra space for their belongings.

The company’s products are designed with convenience and security in mind, allowing customers to store their items with ease.

Its storage containers come in various sizes, from small ones that can fit into tight spaces to larger ones that can hold bulky items.

Furthermore, Zippy Shell offers climate-controlled units perfect for storing valuable items such as artwork and antiques.

As a Zippy Shell franchisee, you will be tasked with managing the entire storage process, including delivering the containers to customers and ensuring that they are stored in a secure location.

With its reliable services and competitive prices, Zippy Shell is an excellent option for customers who need additional space on short notice.

3. Storage Authority Franchise

Storage Authority Franchise

Year Founded2014
Initial investment$500,000–$4,000,000
Franchise Fee$35,000
Royalty Fee6%

Storage Authority is another great self-storage franchise option. Founded in 2014, Storage Authority offers more traditional self-storage facilities that customers can access 24/7.

The company also specializes in providing advanced security systems and technological advancements to ensure customer safety.

At Storage Authority, customers can choose from a wide variety of storage unit sizes and amenities.

All units are climate-controlled and come equipped with individual locks, assuring customers that their belongings remain safe and secure.

The company also offers flexible rental terms, allowing customers to rent by the month or for longer periods of time.

With its user-friendly services and robust security measures, Storage Authority is an ideal choice for prospective franchisees looking for a reliable storage solution.

The company’s relatively low initial investment makes it an especially attractive option for those looking to start their own self-storage business.

But is Storage Authority franchise profitable? To know more about the franchise, read our complete guide.

4. UNITS Moving and Portable Storage Franchise

UNITS Moving and Portable Storage Franchise

Year Founded2004
Initial investment$460,022–$1,008,322
Franchise FeeN/A
Royalty Fee8%

As one of the national leaders in the portable storage industry, UNITS Moving and Portable Storage have become a reliable source for customers seeking convenient storage solutions.

Founded in 2004, the company specializes in providing climate-controlled containers that can be used as temporary or long-term storage options.

UNITS Moving and Portable Storage is designed to make the entire storage process easier for customers.

The company’s staff will deliver an empty container directly to your home or office, allowing customers to fill it up at their own pace without having to worry about transportation details.

Once the units are filled, the staff will store them in one of UNITS’ secure facilities until they’re needed again.

For franchisees looking for a hassle-free way to enter the self-storage industry, UNITS Moving and Portable Storage is an excellent option.

Its reliable services, easy storage process, and flexible rental terms make it one of the best franchises in the business.

5. MyWay Mobile Storage Franchise

MyWay Mobile Storage Franchise
Year Founded2006
Initial investment$180,800–$760,200
Franchise FeeN/A
Royalty Fee3%

MyWay is one of the leading do-it-yourself moving and portable storage companies in North America.

Founded in 2006, the company offers a wide range of services, including residential moving and storage containers as well as corporate relocation services.

MyWay’s containers are designed with convenience in mind, making it easier for customers to store their items without worrying about any logistical details.

Its portable storage containers come in various sizes and can be delivered directly to your home or office free of charge.

Once filled up, MyWay will then transport them to its secure storage facility, where they will remain until you need them again.

According to MyWay, its national customer service center eliminates the need for franchisees to hire a full team of customer service representatives, as all requests are routed directly to the company’s headquarters.

With its reliable services and competitive prices, MyWay is an excellent option for customers who need extra space on short notice.

6. U-Haul Franchise

U-Haul Franchise

Year Founded1945
Initial investmentN/A
Franchise FeeN/A
Royalty FeeN/A

At some point in their lives, every American has heard of U-Haul. The company is best known for its moving and storage services, but it now provides self-storage solutions as well.

With over 20,000 locations across the US, U-Haul is one of the most recognized self-storage brands in the country.

U-Haul offers a variety of storage units in different sizes, so customers can find exactly what they need to store their belongings.

All units are climate controlled and feature advanced security measures such as motion detectors and video surveillance systems. Customers can easily access their units 24/7 with the help of an app.

U-Haul doesn’t offer traditional franchise opportunities, but you can become a dealer and take advantage of its competitive rates to offer storage solutions in your area.

This means there’s no startup cost, so you don’t need to worry about paying a hefty fee to become a part of the U-Haul network.

Read our complete article on U-Haul Franchise to get detailed information on the franchise.

7. SMARTBOX Franchise

SMARTBOX Franchise

Year Founded2008
Initial investment$365,900-$849,300
Franchise FeeN/A
Royalty Fee7%

SMARTBOX is one of the leading portable storage solutions providers in the US. The company was founded in 2008 and has since become a trusted name in the industry.

SMARTBOX provides customers with portable storage containers that can be safely stored at its secure storage facility or delivered directly to their homes.

SMARTBOX’s ground-level loading capability makes it easy for customers to load and unload their belongings without having to worry about any structural damage.

Additionally, each container is equipped with tracking technology that allows customers to keep track of their belongings in real-time.

For those looking to invest in a self-storage franchise, SMARTBOX is an excellent option.

Whether it’s the company’s National Customer Order Center for handling customer inquiries or its innovative marketing programs, the franchise provides franchisees with all of the necessary resources to help them succeed in running their own business.

8. GarageTown Franchise

GarageTown Franchise

Year Founded2008
Initial investmentN/A
Franchise FeeN/A
Royalty FeeN/A

Combining storage units with real estate investments may sound like a strange idea, but it is one that has been successfully executed by GarageTown.

The oversized condominium storage units created by the company provide customers with a secure and convenient place to store their possessions.

The condominiums are designed to blend in with the neighboring homes, giving customers easy access to their units without drawing attention from passersby.

The units come in various sizes and have amenities such as climate control, lighting, and alarm systems for added security.

GarageTown is an innovative concept that provides customers with a convenient way to store their belongings while also making them a return on investment.

The company allows franchisees to purchase units at discounted prices and manage the amenities associated with them, giving customers a unique storage experience.

9. White Glove Storage & Delivery Franchise

White Glove Storage & Delivery Franchise

Year Founded2005
Initial investment$75,000-$300,000
Franchise FeeN/A
Royalty FeeN/A

White Glove Storage & Delivery, also known as WGSD, offers clients a comprehensive storage and delivery service.

Founded in 2005, the company provides customers with an extensive range of moving and storage solutions, including custom containers designed for fragile items such as artwork and antiques.

With its comprehensive services, WGSD is perfect for customers who need reliable and secure long-term storage solutions.

Its units are climate-controlled, have advanced security systems that can be monitored remotely by the customer, and are compliant with all applicable insurance regulations.

Furthermore, WGSD also provides full training to franchisees on how to properly handle these valuable possessions.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking for extra space or an investor looking for a profitable franchise opportunity, White Glove Storage & Delivery could be a great option.

WGSD’s focus on providing premium services to its customers and franchisees makes it a promising player in the self-storage franchise industry.

10. PODS Franchise

PODS Franchise

Year Founded1998
Initial investment$1,200,000–$2,000,000
Franchise FeeN/A
Royalty Fee8%

PODS, short for Portable On Demand Storage, offers a unique and profitable franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs interested in the self-storage industry.

Unlike regular micro storage facilities, which require expensive permits and are confined to a 5-7 mile radius, PODS’ delivery system allows for greater market penetration and a wider customer base.

PODS’ stackable units also allow franchisees to maximize space by three times, increasing revenue potential without needing additional real estate.

Furthermore, the company offers a flexible renting structure that allows franchisees to cater to a range of consumer demands, providing an opportunity for recurring revenue.

Overall, PODS’ innovative storage approach, flexible rental options, and established recognition make it an attractive franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs wanting to enter the self-storage industry.

When should you choose a Self Storage Franchise?

Managing a self-storage franchise is no joke, and before you decide to invest in a self-storage franchise, you must ask yourself these questions:

Do I have the needed investment?

Self Storage franchises cost a lot because it involves leasing or purchasing land for the construction of storage units.

You must assess whether or not you have the desired amount in your bank account or else find out ways to fund your business with the help of investors or in-house financing offered by the franchise itself, etc.

Am I willing to take responsibility?

Your customers would store all kinds of things in your self-storage business, and you are required to offer them the confidence that their things would remain safe.

As such, you need to be responsible and willing to take responsibility for the safety and security of their items.’

Can I dedicate the necessary time?

Self Storage business requires the involvement and management skills of the owner for the smooth functioning of a business.

If you are looking for an opportunity that does not require a lot of your time, then a self-storage franchise business is probably not the best choice for you.

How to Choose a Self Storage Franchise?

Before you decide to invest in a self-storage franchise, there are certain factors that you must consider, such as:

Real Estate

The biggest downside of a self-storage business is that its real estate market is really sought after.

Whether you want to lease an already developed storage franchise or build a franchise location right from scratch- it will be really expensive.

Make sure to take the help of a real estate agent to find the best deals on land.

Logistical & Technical Support

In order to run your self-storage franchise smoothly, you will need sophisticated software tools to check rental agreements, occupancy rates, etc.

So while looking for the best option, make sure to ask for a detailed demonstration of the franchise’s software.

Also, ask about any additional features or tools the company plans to introduce in the coming months.

Operational Flexibility

The flexibility of operation and management varies from franchise to franchise.

Do your research, find out how much flexibility different self-storage franchise offers, and choose the one you think you would enjoy working with the most.

For example, you can ask if you can practice your marketing tactics or, if you can, hire a third-party management company, etc.

Training and Support

Training and support from any franchisor is extremely necessary and even more so in the case of self-storage franchises.

Proper training helps the interested candidate understand how your business works and can ensure a smooth flow of work in the long run.

So make sure you find out if the self-storage business you are interested in provides training and support or not.


Investing in a self-storage unit franchise can be a lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to break into the storage industry.

With the rising need for extra storage space, self-storage units have become a vital part of American life. 

The 10 franchises listed above offer a variety of storage solutions, including portable and regular units, with different features and rental terms to fit the demands of different consumers. 

By choosing a reliable and reputable franchise, entrepreneurs can take advantage of a proven business model, extensive training and support, and a ready-made customer base.

However, if you should also have the knowledge of the cost to start a storage unit business. This will ensure that you make an informed decision.


How Much Does Self-Storage Franchise Cost?

The cost of investment for a self-storage franchise can vary greatly depending on the size, location, self-storage franchise brand, etc.

However, on average, a self-storage can cost you anywhere between $5,000,000 – $8,000,000.

Is Self-Storage Franchise Profitable?

Yes, a self-storage franchise business can be extremely profitable.

In fact, franchise owners can expect to make $365,000 to $800,000 annually from this business on average if done properly.

However, the profit earned can vary based on the size of your self-storage units, the location, the numebr of units you have, etc.

What is the Self-Storage Franchise Profit Margin?

Those interested in owning a self-storage franchise might be very curious to find out how much is the profit margin for this business.

Self-storage is one of the few businesses offering a profit margin of up to 41%. Your profit margin would depend on factors like your franchise terms and conditions, size, location, etc.

Which is the Cheaptest Self-Storage Franchise?

White glove storage and delivery franchise is one of the cheapest self-storage franchises to own, with initial investment ranging from $75,000-$300,000, followed by

MyWay Mobile Storage Franchise which requires investment in the range of $180,800–$760,200.

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