Sephora Franchise Cost, Fees & Requirement 2024

Sephora is one of the most known cosmetics brands these days.

Sephora’s products are high quality, but they are extremely affordable: this is the way they attract a lot of customers, and Sephora stores and always crowded.

If you are thinking of opening a new business, you may be evaluating the option of opening a Sephora Franchise store. But is it possible? Is Sephora open to franchise partners?

In this article, we’re going to find out all these details so that you can know whether or not you can get into business with one of the most famous cosmetics brands in the world.

Sephora Franchise
Sephora Franchise

About Sephora

Sephora is a cosmetic chain company that sells its products in its branded stores.

Sephora’s products are cosmetics: makeup, skincare products, nail products, fragrance, and more. The products are branded, and they are only available in their stores.

Inside Sephora stores, customers not only can buy products but can also receive assistance.

For example, customers are encouraged to test the product before purchasing them; sometimes, Sephora’s employees teach customers how to use makeup and other products.

The brand is Franch, but it has gained a lot of success all around the world. There are tens of Sephora stores in Europe, North America, and worldwide.

History Of The Sephora Franchise

The Sephora brand was first launched in 1970 in France. Dominique Mandonnaud acquired the brand in 1993 and merged it with his own perfume brand under the Sephora name.

During the 90s, Sephora continued to expand until, in 1997, it was sold to LVMH.

From this moment on, the brand expanded globally, opening stores in more than 35 countries: in 1998, they opened the first in the United States (New York), and in 2004 the first Sephora store in Canada (Toronto).

The expansion of Sephora is now continuing with the acquisition of other brands: for example, in 2021, Sephora purchased (an online retailer of beauty goods.)

Interested In Sephora Franchise?


Sephora Franchise: Business Model

As we’ve mentioned, Sephora is a cosmetics retailer chain known for selling branded products and for allowing customers to test products in the store before buying them. But is it a franchise?

Unfortunately, Sephora is not a franchise. The company possesses all its stores around the world. It means that it is impossible for you to open a new Sephora store.

Business ModelMedia franchise
Founded 1970
Initial InvestmentNone
Franchise FeeNone
Number of outlets2700 worldwide

How Much Does It Cost To Open A Sephora Store?

How Much Does It Cost To Open A Sephora Store

Unfortunately, you can’t invest your money in a Sephora store. The managers of Sephora stores around the world are all employees of the main company.

It’s a shame that external investors can’t become franchise partners because it could have been a good investment: the brand is well-known, and stores are almost always successful. 

Sephora Franchise Revenue & Profit

The revenue and profit for a Sephora franchise store may vary depending on the store’s size, location, number of employees, etc.

Unfortunately, the company has not made any financial representation about its franchise’s performance, so we do not know the revenue and profit of the Sephora franchise.

However, Sephora as a company made $10.0 Billion in 2022, and with approximately 28,540 employees, it has a revenue per employee ratio of $350,385.


As we’ve mentioned, the only ones who can be assigned to the management of Sephora stores are managers that Sephora directly hires for this purpose.

External investors can’t purchase a store and become its owners.

Training & Support

Sephora provides a lot of training and support to all its employees at any level of the working chain.

However, because it is not currently open to franchise partners, it doesn’t provide any kind of support to external investors. It is simply not open at the moment to external investors.

Obligations & Restrictions

Sephora Obligations & Restrictions

Employee managers who run Sephora stores have many obligations and restrictions dictated by the company.

After all, they are only employees. As we’ve mentioned many times, there is no possibility for external entrepreneurs to become franchise owners of a Sephora store. 

You purchase Sephora products and sell them in your own branded store, either. Sephora products are only available in Sephora stores.

Terms Of Agreements & Renewal

Because Sephora is not a franchise, they are not open to agreements with external investors.

Finance Assistance

Sephora is not a franchise, and it does not provide any type of financial assistance.

If opening a cosmetics franchise appeals to you, consider Lush Franchise, Karite Buerre, and Mac Cosmetics as viable options.

Sephora VS MAC Cosmetics

CompanySephoraMac Cosmetics
ServicesCosmetics products and assistanceMakeup products and tool
Franchise FeeNONegotiable


Sephora stores are always successful businesses. However, it is not possible to become a franchise partner and open your own Sephora store.

Sephora is not currently open to franchise partners, and it is not expected to become a franchise since the company has never expressed such intentions.

It’s a shame because the Sephora Franchise could have been a good investment, seeing the worldwide success of Sephora products and stores.

Sephora Franchise: FAQs

Is Sephora a franchise or a chain?

Sephora is a chain. The company possesses all its stores around the world, and it is not currently open to franchise partners (and it is not expected to open in the near future).

Who is the owner of the Sephora chain?

The current CEO of Sephora is Martin Brok.

How many Sephora outlets are there?

Sephora counts about 2700 locations all around the world.

Is Sephora a good investment?

The Sephora Franchise would have been a good investment because the brand is well-known and appreciated and can already count on a large fan base.

However, it is not possible to make such an investment because Sephora is not a franchise.

Is the Sephora Franchise worth it?

The Sephora franchise would be worth it for franchise partners, but, unfortunately, the Sephora Franchise is not a thing.

As we’ve mentioned many times, Sephora is a chain, and the company is the direct owner of all their stores.

Store managers are employees hired directly by the main company; they are not external franchise investors.

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