Sharetea Franchise

Establishing a Sharetea franchise could be the perfect career if you prefer to work in the service business with a popular product and a low initial investment.

The Sharetea brand continues to grow in popularity among its target demographic.

The best tea necessitates the best ingredients, and Sharetea insists on nothing but the best for you.

Sharetea Franchise
Sharetea Franchise

About Sharetea

In 1992, the first Sharetea franchise store opened in Taipei City. Sharetea began by selling black tea and pearl milk tea drinks to go.

It has grown to become a prominent Taiwanese bubble tea brand with several outlets and franchises worldwide.

Elevated tea leaves and carefully chosen components make Sharetea drinks sent straight from Taiwan. All goods are assured to deliver fresh and delicious.

Sharetea tests the tea leaves and other ingredients each growing season to ensure product accuracy and reliability.

The Sharetea brand keeps growing in popularity among its target demographic.

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Sharetea History

Cheng Kai-Lang launched Sharetea in Taipei, Taiwan, in 1992, selling to-go black tea and pearl milk tea products.

Since then, the organization has included 18 countries and over 450 locations.

Tea leaves from the company are still being supplied straight from Taiwan to retailers worldwide.

Sharetea Franchise Model

Royalty fee5 percent of Gross Sales
Franchise fee$22,500
Area RequirementN/A
Total Outlets450

Sharetea Mission

The objective of Share Tea is to bring the most authentically Taiwanese tea-drinking culture to the rest of the world!

So far, Share tea has established itself as a well-known Bobatea brand in the Bay Area, and it also holds the No. 1 market share in California, with a total of 15 licensed locations.

While Sharetea originated in Taiwan, the company now has a global presence.

It means that clients from their other stores worldwide are becoming your customers if they happen to be passing through your area.

Sharetea’s mission is to provide clients with high-quality milk teas at affordable costs.

All Sharetea beverages are produced with the freshest, most natural, and healthiest ingredients. You become healthier the more you drink.

Sharetea, which now has over 300 locations worldwide, continues to win customers’ hearts by ensuring the flavor and purity of the milk teas offered.

Every cup that is produced ensures a great Sharetea Experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Processing investment return capital Proven expansion track record
  • It’s simple to use, maintain, administer, and extend. Several of our franchisees have multiple locations
  • Comprehensive training and ongoing operational support
  • Feel free to contact customer care or send an email if you have any questions

Sharetea Financial Assistance

Share Tea offers connections with third-party lenders who can help finance things like the franchise fee, startup expenditures, equipment, merchandise, receivable accounts, and employment, among other things.

Please keep in mind that they can also help with procurement and supplier qualifications.

Through long-term connections with well-respected purveyors, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of procurement contracts, providing you accessibility to national buying power.

Sharetea Comparison

CompanyShareteaKung Fu Tea
Founded In19922009
Initial Investment$260,000$123,000 – $422,000
Total Outlets450200
Annual Revenue$65 Million $27.2 billion 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of sugar is used in Sharetea?

Brown sugar

Sharetea uses what kind of tea?

Oolong Tea, Brewed

What is sharing tea pudding?

Taro-flavored creamy drink with a sweet pudding flavor served with ice for a refreshing feel.

Does Sharetea use real taro?

Most tea shops use artificial taro powder rather than actual taro milk; therefore, finding real taro milk is rare.

Is Sharetea a franchise?

Yes, Sharetea is a franchise organization.

How much does a Sharetea franchise cost?

The franchise fee for a Sharetea franchise is $22,500, and the investment cost ranges from $$386,900- $492,200.

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