Siomai King Online Franchise

If you are looking for an online franchise, Siomai King Franchise can be a better business option.

A trend-setting business, the famed “Siomai rice .”Read further to learn all of the pertinent information.

Siomai King Franchise
Siomai King Franchise

About Siomai King Online And Franchise

Siomai King, JC Worldwide Franchise Inc. is a prominent oriental food product line that offers all-time favorite Chinese treats, including its renowned and scrumptious Siomai with four distinct flavors (Hongkong, Shanghai, Chicken, and Japanese).

Siomai King will also arrange, handle, and book delivery orders and process a franchisee’s commission, making this online franchise company concept a popular choice among the general public.

Here are some of the methods to profit from a Siomai King Online Franchise:

  • Commission on Direct Sales 
  • Commission on Direct Referrals
  • Income from Referral Matches
  • Rebates from Referral Matches
  • Match Commission for Passive Sales

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Virtual Food Carts  

  • As an online franchisee, you will have access to three virtual food carts or online food stores where your customers can make orders.
  • Siomai King, Siopao da King, Noodle House, Burger Factory, and Potato King are all sold in the first food shop.
  • Mang Bok’s chicken cuisine is sold in the second food shop.
  • Boy Bondage food is sold in the third food shop (sisig and pares)

Aside from the three online grocery stores, you’ll have access to the JCPremiere online store, which sells health and wellness, personal care, and beauty products, and from which you may earn 30% to 70%.

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Siomai King Online Franchise Model 

Total Initial Investment $3,100 to $4,952.
Area RequirementN/A
Total OutletsOnly One

What Does The Investment Package Include?

As a Siomai King Online Franchise investor, you have the right to sell and profit from the products of other JC Worldwide franchises.

Siopao Da King, Noodle House, Burger Factory, SGT. Sisig, Potato King, and Mang Bok’s Manok are just a few of them.

JC premier will take care of everything once a buyer orders a product through your affiliate links. The things are handled, packaged, and delivered by the company.

Marketing and training materials, website upkeep, and trade names are all included in the package.

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Promotional Period

The online franchise promotion has a campaign duration, which signifies that the current business opportunity will expire.

JC Worldwide presents the first franchise business opportunity through Siomai king.

The Advantages Of Owning An Online Franchise

  • There’s no need for inventories. You are not required to keep food on hand.
  • You will be paid a 15% to 30% commission on every selling transaction completed.
  • All sales and deliveries are handled and fulfilled by the company. You are not required to complete paperwork or logistics work.
  • Marketing materials (in digital form) are offered for free while promoting your online stores.
  • You can sell the things as ready-to-eat meals or stock packed items in your own freezer and sell them offline. The items are available for purchase at the distributor’s price.

Training & Support Of Siomai King Franchise

We want to make sure that you have a successful business after you get the franchise. You will be automatically enrolled in online training.

1. Attend an online franchise orientation seminar.

2. Online marketing and social media advertising training

3. Program orientation for referral commissions

4. Workshops on business development

Siomai King Comparison

CompanySiomai KingEl Pollo Loco
Founded In20101980
Initial Investment$3,100 to $4,952.$782K – $2.1M
Total OutletsOnly One450
Annual RevenueN/A$96.4 Million 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Siomai King a franchise or a business?

JC Franchising Inc. offers a franchise package called Siomai King Food Cart Franchise.

Is the Master Siomai franchise a good one?

The franchise price is lower, and there are no royalty fees, making it more accessible to budding entrepreneurs.

What is the best way to get a Siomai King franchise online?

You must have a net worth of PHP 149,888 – 239,888 to open a Siomai King franchise.

Does Siomai King Online offer franchise opportunities?

Yes, Siomai King Online offers franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs.

How much does a Siomai King franchise cost?

Starting a Siomai King Franchise requires an initial investment of $3,100 to $4,952, with a franchise fee of $233.76.

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