Smoothie King Franchise Cost, Fees & Requirements 2024

Juice and smoothie manufacturing is a multibillion-dollar sector that shows no signs of slowing down.

People are as health-conscious as ever in today’s globe. It means that when people go out, they seek healthy options.

The Smoothie King franchise comes into play here. Customers are the center of the business, and delicious smoothies and vitamin supplements keep them coming back for more. Continue reading for more information about the franchise.

Smoothie King franchise

About The Smoothie King

Smoothie King is a privately held franchise company established in the New Orleans, Louisiana area and is the industry’s leading Smoothie Bar and Nutritional Lifestyle Center.

Smoothie King Centers serve the industry’s first healthy fruit and function-based, freshly blended smoothies.

Sports beverages, energy bars, nutritious snacks, vitamin supplements, herbs, minerals, and sports nutrition products are available.

Smoothie King has been recognized as the best franchise in their category 16 times since 1989.

Smoothie King has approximately 600 shops in the continental United States and Seoul, Korea, continuously expanding.

The franchise ranked No. 1 in the smoothie/juice bar category and 14 overall. In 2018, the company made its debut on the “Inc. 5000” list.

Smoothie King Franchise History

Smoothie King was founded in 1973 by Steve and Cindy Kuhnau in New Orleans, Louisiana, with the goal of helping people live healthier lives through nutrition and drinking plenty of smoothies.

After the success of the first Smoothie King juice bar, the brand began franchising in 1988, making Smoothie King one of the first franchises in the United States to offer smoothies as a QSR business.

The company continued to grow steadily over the years but was privately held until 2012 when it was acquired by South Korean businessman Wan Kim who had been a Smoothie King franchisee since 2002. Under his leadership, the company accelerated its growth and began to expand internationally.

Today there are over 1,400 Smoothie King locations worldwide. These Smoothie King locations don’t just sell smoothies but also healthy snacks, energy bars, sports drinks, herbs, vitamins, and supplements.

Smoothie King Franchise Model 

Initial Franchise Fee  $15,000 – $30,000  
Initial Investment  $268,900 – $858,900
Royalty-Fee  6%
Area RequirementMaximum 800-1,600 square feet.
Total Outlets600

How Much Does It Cost to Open a Smoothie King Franchise?

Opening a franchise is a significant investment but worth considering if you want to take control of your own business and become an entrepreneur. Smoothie King offers an attractive business opportunity with a low-cost investment and a great return on investment (ROI).

The initial franchise fee is $30,000, which covers the cost of the franchise license and training. As a Smoothie King franchise owner, the total investment can range from $320,301–$585,465 for an endcap or inline location, while a free-standing drive-thru requires an investment of $723,501–$1,184,865. Additionally, franchisees must have a minimum of $150,000 in liquid assets.

There are also ongoing fees associated with operating a Smoothie King franchise. These include royalty fees of 6% of weekly sales, advertising fees of 3% of weekly sales, local store marketing expenses of 2% of weekly sales, and technology contribution fees of $200 per month.

Menu Of Smoothie king

Smoothie King’s unusual menu options go far beyond the typical “fruit in a blender” offerings of other brands. Fruit, juice, yogurt, and dairy are all commodities anyone can produce.

As a result, this smoothie firm develops customized smoothies for unique requirements, goals, and desires.

Smoothie King is the top Smoothie Destination for healthy-living individuals and families, making it enjoyable and straightforward to attain these goals.s

Smoothies from the brand contain organic vegetables, more whole fruits, and no artificial preservatives, tastes, or colors.

Potassium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Propionates, Propylene Glycol Alginate, Propyl Gallate, Propylparaben, and many more ingredients are on the “No-No List” of the brand.

Smoothie King Franchise Requirements

Smoothie King is an excellent opportunity for those looking to become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses. However, in order to open a Smoothie King franchise, there are certain requirements that must be met.

The first requirement is a credit score of 700 or higher. This is necessary in order to show that the franchisee has sufficient financial resources and is able to meet the financial obligations associated with owning and operating a business.

In addition, franchisees must have liquid assets of at least $150,000 to qualify for the franchise. This amount will cover the initial franchise fee and other costs associated with opening and running the business. Furthermore, prospective franchisees must have a net worth of $350,000 or more in order to be financially viable for the long-term success of their business.

Apart from having strong financials, potential Smoothie King franchisees must also demonstrate strong business acumen and a track record of success in either starting or running businesses.

Owning a franchise does not only means accessing the financial requirement; it also includes having all the information about Smoothie King franchise profit, failure Rate, and revenue.

Advantages Of Opening Smoothie King Franchise

The following are the benefits of owning a Smoothie King:

● Smoothie King is the number one smoothie brand: Focusing on health and fitness, with the knowledge, resources, and brand recognition to help you succeed in the fast-growing smoothie business.

● Same growth during the last five years: The team at Smoothie King isn’t just here to assist you in starting a business; they’re also here to help you grow it year after year and earn profit and revenue as a Smoothie King franchise owner.

● Simple, tried-and-true operating system: Smoothie King is committed to assisting you in getting off to a fantastic start by streamlining several business management processes and giving a cheap start-up cost.

Smoothie King Franchise Training and Support

Smoothie King provides comprehensive training and support for those wishing to join their franchise network. This includes a five-week program split into three segments: one day of orientation, four weeks of management training at the corporate facility, and five days of on-site training.

During the orientation day, prospective franchisees will be welcomed by Smoothie King’s corporate team and given an overview of the business. This includes information on the franchising process, key brand elements, and training and resources available to franchisees throughout their journey.

The four weeks of management training at Smoothie King’s corporate training facility take place in Coppell, Texas. Here, franchisees will learn everything they need to know in order to successfully run their own Smoothie King business. This includes topics such as operations, marketing, finance, and more.

The final five days of on-site training occur at the actual store location. During this time, franchisees will receive hands-on experience with all aspects of running a Smoothie King business, including customer service, inventory management, and more.

Smoothie King personnel will also provide ongoing support for franchisees in the form of regular store visits and monthly conference calls to review operations and discuss strategies for success.

Smoothie King Franchise Terms Of Agreement & Renewal

Smoothie King Franchise Terms Of Agreement & Renewal

When signing a Smoothie King franchise agreement, potential franchisees will commit to an initial 10-year term. During this time, the franchisee must adhere to the terms of the agreement and maintain good standing with Smoothie King.

At the end of the initial 10-year term, franchisees can renew their agreement for 3 additional terms of 5 years each. Franchisees can do this by meeting all requirements listed in the original agreement and paying a renewal fee.

Smoothie King Franchise Obligations and Restrictions

Franchisees of Smoothie King are obligated to adhere to certain restrictions and requirements in order to maintain good standing with the brand. Franchisees must abide by all local, state, and federal laws related to their store’s operations.

Additionally, franchisees must have a direct on-location supervisor who is either the franchisee or a trained manager in order to ensure proper oversight.

In terms of product offerings, franchisees are only allowed to sell goods that have been approved by Smoothie King. This includes smoothies, other beverages, and snacks that have been officially authorized by Smoothie King and meet the brand’s quality standards.

Smoothie King Franchise Financial Assistance

Smoothie King does not offer in-house financing for prospective franchisees. However, the brand is registered with the Small Business Administration (SBA) and has relationships with finance vendors who can assist with financial operations. This provides a variety of options for those seeking to open a Smoothie King franchise.

Individuals pursuing a Smoothie King franchise may be able to get an SBA loan. These loans are typically easier to qualify for and have lower interest rates than traditional business loans.

Additionally, some vendors may provide financing packages that include equipment leasing, inventory purchasing, and working capital.

Potential franchisees interested in beverages can investigate opportunities with MochinutMilkshake FactoryTiger SugarHTeaO, and Ding Tea Franchise.

Smoothie King Comparison

CompanySmoothie KingTropical Smoothie Café
Founded In20071993
Initial Investment$268,900 – $858,900$257,500- $560,500
Total Outlet600 1000
Annual Revenue$415.7 Million$500 Million


If you’re passionate about helping people get healthier and more energized through smoothies, then owning a Smoothie King franchise is the perfect opportunity for you. With comprehensive training and support, you’ll have everything you need to succeed as a business owner.

Now that you know the basics of what it takes to become a Smoothie King franchisee, you’re ready to take the next step. Visit the Smoothie King website for more information on becoming a part of this exciting and growing brand!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Smoothie King a franchise that can be run from home?

No. Smoothie King is not a home-based franchise. 

Is Smoothie King looking for franchisees from other countries?

Yes. Smoothie King is seeking franchisees from across the world.

Is Smoothie King a Passive Ownership Franchise with a Semi-Absentee Workforce?

Yes. Smoothie King is a franchise that allows for semi-absentee ownership. A semi-absentee franchise is one that you can start and run while still working full-time or fulfilling other obligations.

Is Smoothie King a Franchise?

Smoothie king is a privately held company that offers an exciting franchise opportunity to entrepreneurs.

Does Smoothie King Offer Franchising?

Yes, Smoothie King has been offering franchising opportunities since 2008 and accepts new franchisees all over the world.

How Long Is Training for Smoothie King?

Smoothie King offers 5 weeks of comprehensive training for all new franchisees. This is split into 3 segments, as explained earlier in the article.

Is Smoothie King a good investment?

Yes, Smoothie King can be a great investment for those looking to get into the smoothie business. It has an average of 15% profit margin and has the potential for high returns if operated correctly.

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