Subway Menu With Prices 2024

Subway is one of the largest restaurants and franchises in the world, with over 20,000 locations. They are famous for their menu focused on sandwiches, but they also offer other things like wraps and salads.

You might want to learn more about this giant’s menu and see what offerings they have and how much they cost. In this article, we will answer the frequently asked questions about Subway’s Menu with prices for 2024.

Subway Menu With Prices

How Much is the Subway in NYC?

Subway has a wide range of dishes on its menu, from classic sandwiches to bowls, wraps, and salads.

Each of the offerings has different prices. On average, you can expect to pay between $5 to $10 for just the dish without any side dish or a drink.

The shareable desserts section only offers cookies. All the cookies cost $0.99 for a piece, regardless of the ingredients.

How Much are Subway Cookies?

How Much are Subway Cookies

Subway offers cookies on its menu as a shareable dessert. You can order either cookies alone or 6 or 12 packs of cookie boxes. You can choose the box’s flavor for the cookies without any extra cost. Here are the costs of the Subway cookies:

  • Double Chocolate – $0.99/piece
  • Chocolate Chip – $0.99/piece
  • White Chip Macadamia Nut – $0.99/piece
  • Oatmeal Raisin – $0.99/piece
  • Raspberry Cheesecake – $0.99/piece
  • 6-Pack Cookie Box – $4.49
  • 12-Pack Cookie Box – $8.99

How Much are Subway Platters?

Subway doesn’t market their platters as platters, they call it No Bready Bowls. Basically, the ingredients come in a bowl like a platter. Each platter has different costs depending on the ingredients. Here is the list of Subway’s bowls:

Black Forest Ham$10.99
Buffalo Chicken$10.99
Cold Cut Combo$8.79
Grilled Chicken$10.99
Italian B.M.T$9.99
Meatball Marinara$9.89
Oven Roasted Turkey$9.99
Oven Roasted Turkey & Ham$11.86
Pizza Sub$9.89
Roast Beef$13.54
Rotisserie-Style Chicken$13.18
Spicy Italian$10.78
Steak & Cheese$13.18
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki$13.18
Veggie Patty$11.98

How Much are Subway Sandwiches?

How Much are Subway Sandwiches

Subway offers more than 25 types of Subway sandwiches, all with different ingredients and costs. Here is a list of all the common Subway sandwiches, some of which might not be available everywhere:

Italian B.M.T.$7.90
Grilled Chicken$8.26
Veggie Delite®$6.58
Buffalo Chicken$8.02
Black Forest Ham$7.06
Oven-Roasted Turkey$7.90
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki$8.26
Spicy Italian$7.06
Cold Cut Combo$6.94
Oven-Roasted Turkey & Ham$7.90
Rotisserie-Style Chicken$8.26
Veggie Patty$7.90
Meatball Marinara$6.94
Roast Beef$8.38
Steak & Cheese$8.26
Pizza Sub$6.94
Cold Cut Combo$6.94
Oven-Roasted Turkey & Ham$7.90
Rotisserie-Style Chicken$8.26
Steak & Cheese$8.26
Meatball Marinara$6.94
Pizza Sub$6.94
Roast Beef$8.38
Veggie Patty$7.90

How Much is a Subway Salad?

Similar to the sandwiches, Subway’s salads also come with different ingredients and prices. Here is a list of all Subway salads and their prices:

Italian B.M.T.$10.30
Grilled Chicken$10.66
Pizza Sub$9.34
Roast Beef$10.78
Black Forest Ham$9.46
Oven-Roasted Turkey$10.30
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki$10.66
Spicy Italian$9.46
Cold Cut Combo$9.34
Oven-Roasted Turkey & Ham$10.30
Rotisserie-Style Chicken$10.66
Meatball Marinara$9.34
Steak & Cheese$10.66
Veggie Patty$10.30
Veggie Delite$8.98

How Much is Subway Catering?

Subway catering prices might change based on the availability of the restaurant and the location where you are ordering the catering. However, here are the average prices and what they include:

NamePriceWhat It Includes
Assorted Lunch Box Meal$167.7612 6-inch sandwiches, 12 chips, 12 cookies, 12 bottled beverages. Serves 12
Easy Order Sandwich Platter Bundle$126.345 footlong sandwiches, 12 bottled beverages, 12 chips, 12 cookies. Serves 7
Easy Order Sandwich Platter$59.995 footlong sandwiches. Serves 7
Subway Series Sandwich Platter$69.995 Subway Series sandwiches. Serves 1
Easy Order Wrap Platter$69.998 wraps. Serves 8
Easy Order Sandwich Lunch Box$9.991 Subway sandwich. Serves 1
Subway Salad Lunch Box$12.991 Subway salad. Serves 1
Easy Order Wrap Lunch Box$12.491 Subway wrap. Serves 1
Subway Series Lunch Box$12.491 Subway Series sandwich. Serves 1
Toppings Platter$18.997 different toppings. Serves 7
Chips$1.79Price per chip bag
Cookie Platter$24.9936 Subway cookies
Cookies by the Dozen$8.9912 Subway cookies

How To Order Subway Online?

How To Order Subway Online

You can order Subway online in two different ways. You can either use Subway’s own website or use a third-party application.

Ordering from Subway’s website:

  • Go to,
  • Select store locator, pick “Delivery” on the top, and enter your address,
  • Add your orders to your cart,
  • Click on checkout and fill in the information like your name and the payment information,
  • Click on pay and wait for your order confirmation.

Ordering from a third-party service delivery provider:

  • Select which provider you want to order from or look at which providers are available,
  • Choose Subway on the provider’s website,
  • Follow the instructions on the delivery provider’s website, add the items to your cart,
  • Fill in your address, personal, and payment information once you are on the checkout page,
  • Confirm the order and wait for delivery.

How Much is a Subway Pizza?

Subway doesn’t have a traditional pizza on their menu. However, they offer a pizza substitute meal in sandwich, bowl, wrap, and salad called the Pizza Sub. This has pizza ingredients, but it’s not delivered as a pizza. Here are the prices of the Pizza Sub:

  • Pizza Sub Sandwich – $6.94
  • Pizza Sub Bowl – $10.54
  • Pizza Sub Wraps – $10.54
  • Pizza Sub Salad – $9.34

Is Subway Healthy?

Subway offers meat-based or plant-based meals that are generally filled with vegetables and other healthy options.

However, Subway products could sometimes be high in sodium and calories. If you follow the calorie and sodium intake of your order, Subway is overall quite healthy.

Is Subway Open?

Is Subway Open

Yes, Subway is currently open and operating with over 20,000 locations across the globe. Subway is one of the biggest franchise restaurants in the world.

They recently changed hands to Roark Capital for $9.6 billion, but this asset management company is keeping the company open and operating it.

Is Subway Chicken Real?

Subway recently made an announcement on its website that the company is using 100% real chicken that is added and mixed with marinade, spices, and several seasonings.

Is Subway Halal?

Subway’s halal status depends on the country. In Muslim-majority countries, the restaurants are halal certified, and their meals are all halal.

However, in the United States or similar countries with no Muslim majority, they are not halal certified, but they might offer halal food. You should ask your local Subway about their halal status.

Does Subway Have Gluten-Free Bread?

Yes, Subway offers gluten-free bread, and according to the company, the bread is made in a gluten-free facility, making the bread completely safe.

However, Subway doesn’t prepare their meals with gluten-free bread in a gluten-free environment. There is a cross-contamination risk when it is being prepared.

Does Subway Deliver?

Yes, Subway offers delivery services if the delivery area is in their delivery zone. You can order Subway delivery either directly from their website or using a third-party service like DoorDash or Uber Eats. The availability of third-party services might differ in each location.

Does Subway do Gluten-Free?

Does Subway do Gluten-Free

They don’t offer a special gluten-free menu, so they don’t do any of their meals in a completely gluten-free environment. This means that the gluten-free products they have might be at risk of cross-contamination. Here is a list of all the gluten-free products on Subway’s menu:

  • Roast Chicken Breast Strips
  • Ham
  • Turkey Breast
  • Maple Cured Steaky Bacon
  • Breakfast Back Bacon
  • Pepperoni
  • Salami
  • Buffalo Chicken
  • Beef Brisket smoked flavor
  • Big Beef
  • Tuna with light mayo
  • Egg Omelet
  • Poached Eggs
  • T.L.C -Tastes like chicken
  • Carrot and Coriander Soup
  • Leek and Potato Soup
  • Cream of Mushroom Soup
  • Hash Browns
  • Crinkle Wedges

Does Chicago have a Subway?

Yes, there are Subways in Chicago. In December 2023, there were more than 20 Subway locations across Chicago.

Does Boston have a Subway?

Boston has a lot of Subway locations. Right now, there are approximately 18 Subway locations actively operating across Boston.

Does Los Angeles have a Subway?

Yes, Los Angeles does have Subway restaurants. There are approximately 10 to 12 Subway restaurants in Los Angeles that are actively operating right now.

Does Subway have Coffee?

Yes, Subway has coffee on its drink menu. They offer regular black coffee, which costs $1.84. You may ask to add milk to the coffee, generally without any extra charge.

What Time Does the Subway Open and Close?

The usual opening hours of a Subway are generally between 8 and 9 AM. However, some Subways may open earlier, around 6 or 7 AM.

The usual closing hours of a Subway are between 8 and 10 PM. There are some that stay open until 12 or 2 AM. It’s also worth noting that some Subways are open 24 hours a day. It depends on your region.


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