Texas Roadhouse Franchise

Texas Roadhouse is famous for Southwestern Cuisine. It is a family restaurant with locations across the USA.

If you are willing to the Texas Roadhouse franchise, you are at the right place. Here, we will discuss all the information related to investing in the franchise.

Texas Roadhouse Franchise
Texas Roadhouse Franchise

About Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse is a restaurant chain of steakhouses with robust steaks, ribs, and a chicken menu. It has won several national cooking championships with its ribs and steaks.

The restaurant takes special pride in its steaks. They always serve fresh-cut in the restaurant, never frozen.

Texas roadhouse always supports a western theme with servers who learn to line dance and perform to a popular country song throughout the night.

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History Of Texas Roadhouse

In 1993, Texas Roadhouse was established in Clarksville, Indiana, by Kent Taylor.

He opened his first restaurant with the mission of catering to all ages with a welcoming environment and great food.

They opened their first international restaurant in Dubai and then slowly expanded to china.

 In 2021, Kent Taylor passed away. So presently, Jerry Morgan became CEO of Texas Roadhouse.

Currently, Texas roadhouse operates in more than 360 locations in the USA.

Texas Roadhouse Franchise Model

Initial Investment$1,600,000-$3,000,000
Area RequirementN/A
Total Outlets360

Texas Roadhouse Business Opportunities

The Texas Roadhouses supports Habitat for Humanity International and also sponsors a road cycling team.

Willie Nelson became an official spokesperson for Texas Roadhouses in 2002, and consequently, the restaurant has a table known as “Willie’s Corner” in honor of their long-haired.

Training Program

Texas Roadhouse provides the initial training of 16 to 18 weeks, covering operational training, management training, general management, and Kitchen management.

The training is conducted at a restaurant operated by one of their affiliates or at another location they select.

In addition, they also provide training videos, workbooks, development books, and study guides.

It will be compulsory to attain training for all other managers. All operating managers should be hired at least six months prior to the date on which the restaurant opens.

How Much Does a Texas Franchise Make?

There are a number of aspects that determine the profitability of the Texas Roadhouse franchise.

Profit varies depending on the size of the investment, expenses, and demand for the product.

As we all know, Texas Roadhouse has already earned goodwill in the market, so there is a good possibility that revenue must be higher.

Texas Roadhouse Comparison

CompanyTexas Roadhouse El Pollo Loco
Founded In19931980
Initial Investment$1,600,000-$3,000,000$782K – $2.1M
Total Outlets360450
Annual Revenue$3.777 Billion$96.4 Million  

Frequently Asked Question

How much does it cost to open a Texas Roadhouse?

The total investment cost to own a Texas Roadhouse is $1,600,000-$3,000,000.

What is the most popular cuisine at Texas Roadhouse?

The most popular cuisine at Texas Roadhouse is Cactus Blossom.

What is the Texas Roadhouse slogan?

Legendary Food, Legendary Food

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