Tim Hortons Franchise

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Tim Hortons Franchise
Tim Hortons Franchise

About Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is an International Restaurant in North America. It is also the largest restaurant chain operating in the quick-service segment.

They have captured the hearts of millions of customers. Initially, they only served two products Coffee and donuts.

Nowadays, they have also started offering sandwiches, hot and cold beverages, cookies too. And they also have one more specialty for vegetarians: Tim’s sandwich that’s packed with nutritious vegetables. 

History Of Tim Hortons

In 1964 Tim Horton opened the first store in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The restaurant always focuses on top quality, value, great service, and fresh vegetables.

It started growing into the largest quick-service restaurant because of its good service. In 1967, Tim Hortons became the partner of Ron Joyce and opened three more stores.

After that, Tim Horton passed away in an accident. In 1995 Ron Joyce sold the company to an American fast-food restaurant in order to expand. Furthermore, In 2002, Tim Horton’s became the largest fast-food chain in Canada.

Tim Hortons had more than 600 stores in the USA in 2010. They continued to grow internationally, and in 2020 it expanded to 4949 franchises around the world.

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Tim Hortons Franchise Model

Initial Investment$680,900-$1,906,300
Area RequirementBetween 1,000 and 2,300 square feet
Total Outlets5,100

Ideal Candidates

  • Candidates must have completed the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire.
  • The minimum Financial Requirement is $500,000, and Unencumbered funds are $100,000.

Selection Process

First, you have to qualify for the Pre-Qualification Process, and if you qualify in this round.

Then Tim Horton’s will contact you and invite you to complete credit and criminal checks, asset verification, and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Then, there are two more interviews scheduled with the operation Representative.

Training Of Tim Hortons

New Franchisees undergo an intensive four to five weeks training program at the Tim Hortons Training Center.

Their Team provides training related to managing customers, employee relationships, equipment maintenance, in-store security system, and mainly food process and hygiene procedures.


What is Tim Horton's most popular cuisine?

The most popular cuisine of Tim Hortons is an English muffin sandwich.

How much is Initial Investment needed to open the Tim Horton franchise?

The initial investment to open Tim Horton Franchise is$680,900-$1,906,300.

How many Tim Horton's Franchises are there in the US?

There are more than 632 franchise stores in the USA.

What is Tim Horton's bestselling donut?

Boston Creamy donut is their bestselling donut.

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