Tint World Franchise

In the United States, nearly every inhabitant owns a car, and all cars need maintenance and after-sale care.

This is why all the market sectors related to cars are often rich with opportunities for businesses.

There is always high demand in this sector, but businesses must choose a specific niche if they want to survive through the competition.

The Tint World franchise applies to this principle: it’s a business that operates in the car aftermarket sector, but it’s aimed at a specific and narrow niche: car accessories and window tinting.

Tint World Franchise
Tint World Franchise

Tint World also runs a successful franchise program that focuses on the careful training of new franchises.

If you’re interested in this franchise, you’ll need to know more details about the costs. In this article, we’re discussing anything you need to know about the Tint World Franchise.

About The Tint World Franchise

Tint World is a company specializing in car styling services.

They provide window tinting services, but they also sell films, vehicle wraps, audio and electronics, security systems, wheel and tires, and more. They also provide installation services.

They are very well-known in the United States and Canada, and, in 2013, they also started franchising abroad, in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The Tint World franchise program, as we’ve mentioned, is highly focused on the training of the new franchisees.

According to the company, the initial training provided to the franchisees and the ongoing support they are guaranteed are the secrets of their success as a franchise.

We don’t know if the success can be attributed to these two factors, but we can confirm that the franchise program is extremely successful: at the moment, there are 94 Tint World locations operating in North America.

History Of The Tint World Franchise

Tint World was founded in 1982 in Florida. Very soon, the company CEO, Charles Bonifiglio, began expanding the chain by opening new stores in the United States.

At this stage, however, the company wasn’t a franchise yet, and all new stores were directly owned by the main company. 

Tint World began franchising in 2007. This was when the expansion began being faster and more effective thanks to a franchise program that, as we’ve mentioned many times, has the peculiarity of being closely focused on the training of new franchisees.

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Tint World Franchise: Business Model

Tint World is an aftermarket car styling service provider, and it is also a franchise: you can open your own Tint World Franchise and begin offering these services using the Tint World brand name.

Company nameTint World
Business ModelAftermarket car styling services
Initial Investment$259,000 – $399,500
Franchise Fee$49,950
Royalty fee6%
Ad royalty fee4%
Number of units94

How Much Does It Cost To Open A Tint World franchise Business?

How Much Does It Cost To Open A Tint World franchise Business

Starting a new franchise with Tint World can be quite expensive.

The initial investment must cover the franchise fee and the working capital, inventory, location, supply, and more.

Therefore, the total initial investment is estimated to be between $259,000 and $399,500, including the $49,950 franchise fee. 

The initial franchise fee isn’t, however, the only franchise fee you are required to pay.

During the years, you’ll need to pay the ongoing franchise fees, which are a 6% royalty fee and a 4% brand fund fee. They are both calculated on your gross sales.

Tint World Franchise Profit & Revenue

The profit and revenue of the Tint World franchise could vary depending on where you are opening the outlet, its size, the number of employees, operational costs, etc.

However, we analyzed the sales of 66 Tint World franchise centers, and according to it, a Tint World franchise owner makes $883,000 in annual revenue on average.

And by assuming a profit margin of 20%, we can estimate that a Tint World franchise owner makes $172,000 in annual profits on average

Tint World Franchise: Requirements

Before pursuing the Tint World Franchise opportunity, it is important to consider your financial standing and business experience.

The franchise is reserved for candidates who have and can demonstrate a net worth of at least $200,000, a minimum credit score of 700, and a minimum of $120,000 in liquid capital.

Tint World Franchise: Training And Support

For their franchisees, Tint World initiated the Tint World University, a training program specifically designed to learn the skills needed to become a successful business owner.

The training program has a duration of three weeks: the first two weeks are dedicated to classes and lessons, while the third and last week is spent in a Tint World center to learn operations and management directly on the field.

Tint World Franchise: Terms Of Agreements And Renewal 

Tint World Franchise Terms Of Agreements And Renewal 

The length of the Tint World franchise contract is not publicly known. This usually happens when the length and other details of the franchise contract are negotiable with the company.

Applying for the franchise program and starting to discuss the deal is, in this case, the only way of getting to know the possible length of the franchise contract.

Other than the length of the contract, it’s also important to ask about the renewal fee: it’s the fee you need to pay at the end of the contract if you want to renew it.

Tint World Franchise: Obligations And Restrictions

Obligations and restrictions are not publicly shared by the company.

These are usually rules that franchisors have for their franchisees: they could concern the dimensions of the location, the area, the number of employees, ethics rules, and so on.

All these details are usually written in the franchise contract, so make sure to read it well to avoid any issues with the franchisor.

Tint World Franchise: Financial Assistance

The Tint World Franchise doesn’t provide in-house funding, but the company has relationships with a network of lenders.

They can support you and help you find the most suitable loan to build your Tint World business. 

Tint World VS Grease Monkey

CompanyGrease MonkeyTint World
Founded in 19781982
Franchise fee$35,000$49,950
Royalty fee5%6%
Initial Investment$250,000 – $300,000$259,000 – $399,500


The Tint World Franchise might not be one of the most affordable franchises, but it’s certainly one of the most successful.

The company is very focused on expanding, thanks to its franchise program, and they are willing to provide all the support franchisees need to launch their business and keep it successful.

Tint World Franchise: FAQs

Is Tint World a franchise or a chain?

Tint World is a franchise, meaning that you can open a Tint World business and become its owner. They are currently and constantly open to new franchise applications.

Who is the owner of the Tint World Franchise?

Charles J. Bonifiglio is the current owner and CEO of the Tint World company.

How many Tint World franchise units are there?

At the moment, there are 94 locations operating in the United States.

Is the Tint World Franchise a Good Investment?

The Tint World Franchise is a good investment because the company has proven to be successful, and the same can be said for its franchise program.

With them, you’ll have a ton of support at the beginning of your journey and throughout your entire experience.

Is the Tint World Franchise worth it?

The Tint World Franchise requires a huge initial investment.

If it fits your budget or you can come up with a wise funding plan, the investment is certainly worth it because it can begin generating profits very quickly.

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