Topgolf Franchise Cost & Fees 2024

Golf has seen a resurgence in popularity over the last few years, with more and more people looking for ways to combine their love of sports and socializing.

This is where Topgolf comes in. With its innovative combination of golf, entertainment, and technology, Topgolf has become one of the most popular sports-related franchises.

It is one of the best golf franchises that you can own, providing exceptional revenue.

Topgolf combines traditional golfing elements such as clubs, balls, and targets with new technology that adds an extra layer of fun.

It offers players a unique experience where they can practice their skills while enjoying food and drinks with friends.

For entrepreneurs interested in getting into the golf business, Topgolf offers an excellent opportunity to capitalize on this growing trend.

Below, we will discuss everything you need to know about opening a Topgolf franchise.

Topgolf Franchise

About Topgolf

Topgolf is a unique sports and entertainment complex that combines the traditional elements of golf with modern technology.

It features electronic courses at each location where players can hit golf balls tracked by sensors, and the scores are automatically calculated.

The game has become popular among all age groups, as it is easy to learn, play and enjoy.

There are currently Topgolf locations in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, and Thailand.

Each Topgolf location has a food and beverage menu featuring shareable plates, craft beers, and cocktails made from premium ingredients.

Guests can enjoy their favorite foods while watching live sports or playing video games on state-of-the-art screens around the facility.

The core values of Topgolf include excellence in service, caring for guests and team members alike, having a fun atmosphere where everyone feels welcome, and fostering team spirit among its personnel.

The staff strives to make every experience enjoyable for guests who visit one of their facilities.

Topgolf History

Topgolf History

Topgolf has its roots in the early 2000s, when Steve and Dave Jolliffe, two avid golfers, decided to look for a new project.

Frustrated with the game’s traditional problems and limitations, they saw potential in microchip technology and decided to apply it to golf balls.

After finding success developing their concept, Jolliffes opened the first Topgolf facility in Watford, England, in 2000.

The local golfing community was not initially enthusiastic about the idea, and the PGA and golf equipment manufacturers declined to get involved.

However, everything changed when Richard Grogan visited the Topgolf facility in 2004.

Impressed by what he saw, Grogan partnered with David Main, Eric Wilkinson, and Tom Mendell to strategize how to increase Topgolf’s business by making it an experience rather than just a game.

This led to the formation of US licensee Topgolf International and the opening of their first US location in Alexandria, Virginia, in 2005.

The following year saw a major investment from Callaway Golf Company, which drove further growth for the brand.

Topgolf continued to expand until it reached its current stature with over 70 locations worldwide.

Today, Topgolf is one of the most popular sports-related franchises around, offering an experience that combines golf, entertainment, and technology into one.

It continues to be an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs interested in getting into the golf business.

Franchise Model Table

Initial Investment$15 million–$50 million
Franchise FeeN/A
Estimated Outlets70+

How Much Does It Cost To Open a Topgolf Franchise?

As of now, Topgolf does not allow people to open their own Topgolf locations as franchises. However, there is a possibility that they may offer franchising opportunities in the future.

For those who decide to take the plunge and become a Topgolf franchisee, there is an initial investment ranging from $15 million to $50 million, depending on factors such as venue size and location.

This includes land purchase or rental fees, construction costs, equipment costs, staffing expenses, and more.

Additionally, there may be additional fees that need to be taken into consideration when calculating total startup costs.

Unfortunately, these fees are usually not publicly disclosed as they depend on specific circumstances related to each case.

If you’re interested in learning more about how much it would cost to open a Topgolf franchise in your area or country, you must fill out Topgolf’s international franchisee inquiry form located on their website.

Someone from the Topgolf team will then contact you with more information. But do you know how much a top golf franchise owner makes?

Topgolf Franchise Requirements

Topgolf Franchise Requirements

As mentioned earlier, Topgolf is not seeking new franchisees at the moment.

However, if you do decide to pursue a Topgolf franchise, keep in mind that there are certain requirements that you must meet before your application can even be considered.

In terms of capital, the initial investment required to open a Topgolf franchise ranges from $15 million to $50 million, depending on factors such as the size of the venue and the number of bays.

In addition to financial considerations, potential Topgolf franchisees should also consider whether they have the appropriate business background and experience needed to manage a large-scale enterprise like this one.

The area needed for a full-scale Topgolf facility is about 13 acres of land — including parking space — although this can vary depending on the proposed format and location.

This space does not include additional land for future expansion or potential retail or hospitality venues associated with the facility itself. 

What Are Some Alternatives To Topgolf Franchise?

Since Topgolf is currently not offering franchise opportunities, individuals interested in investing in a similar business model may want to consider some other golf-related franchise opportunities.

Here are some potential alternatives:


X-Golf is a popular alternative to Topgolf for those looking to franchise.

This indoor golf and entertainment outlet uses golf simulators to offer an exciting, interactive gaming experience.

Founded in 2005, X-Golf now has over 100 locations that are either open or in development.

The initial investment for an X-Golf franchise is much lower than Topgolf, with the average cost being around $700,000.

However, this amount can vary depending on the size of the venue, services offered, and other factors.

One of the major draws of X-Golf is its ability to create a unique experience tailored to each customer’s individual needs through its customizable menus and game offerings.

This includes virtual reality simulations that allow customers to play at some of the world’s top courses without leaving their home city, making it an excellent alternative for those looking for a more immersive experience than Topgolf offers. Just like Topgolf, Popstroke franchise could also ve a good alternative.

Five Iron Golf

Five Iron Golf is a popular alternative to Topgolf for those looking to franchise.

Founded in 2017, Five Iron Golf is a golf experience with industry-leading golf simulators, Trackman lesson studios, professional instructors, and in-house club fitting services.

With over 20 locations currently spread across 10 major US cities and international locations in India and Singapore, Five Iron Golf has quickly become one of the leading names for urban golf experiences.

The initial investment for a Five Iron Golf franchise ranges from $1.4–$4.2 million, depending on the size of the venue and services offered.

This cost is significantly lower than what would be required to purchase and operate a full-scale Topgolf facility, which can range anywhere from $10 million and up.

In just a few years, Five Iron Golf has become one of the most successful sports-related franchises in the world and offers an immersive experience tailored to its customers’ individual needs.

It is thus the perfect alternative for those looking to invest in a similar business model as Topgolf without the hefty price tag.

Opportunities abound for entrepreneurs in entertainment franchising, including brands like Popstroke Franchise.

Topgolf Comparison

Year Founded20002005
Franchise FeeN/A$30,000
Initial Investment$15 million–$50 million$700,000
Number of Outlets70+100+


Investing in a golf-related franchise is a great way to get involved in the booming golf industry without the need for substantial capital.

As Topgolf currently does not offer franchise opportunities, interested individuals can look into alternatives such as X-Golf or Five Iron Golf for lower initial investments and customizable experiences tailored to customer needs.

Now that you know all about the different franchises available, you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you.


Why is Topgolf famous?

Topgolf is famous for the more relaxed, welcoming, and social atmosphere among youngsters, with many using Topgolf Place to conduct business deals and meetings.

How many Topgolf franchise stores are there?

There is more than 64 franchise store all over the world.

How much area do you need for a Topgolf?

The average size of the area for the Topgolf location is around 65,000 square feet.

Who Owns Topgolf?

Topgolf is currently owned by the Callaway Golf Company after being acquired in 2020.

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