United Franchise Group Franchise

United Group franchise is a business-to-business franchise. In other words, we can say that they sell franchises of other businesses to entrepreneurs who are willing to invest in the franchise.

If you are willing to invest in the United Franchise Group Franchise, you are in the right place.

Here, we will give you all information you must know before opening a franchise. So let’s begin.

United Franchise Group Franchise
United Franchise Group Franchise

About United Franchise Group

The group is offering several businesses. It is the global leader for the entrepreneur who deals in business-to-business services.

They have specialized concepts in personalized business services, including signs, embroidery, and business brokerage.

Moreover, they have been running a business for 30 years in the franchise industry and more than 1600 franchises throughout the world.

The expert team of the company provides the foundation for continuous evolvement services.

History Of United Franchise Group

In 1987, The Conglomerate first began franchising with Signarama in New York, which has now become the world’s largest sign franchise touting locations in 62 countries with several wells knows brands.

Currently, this company is led by CEO Ray Titus with many other franchisees experts.

And, The Group is also a house of Well-known affiliated family of brands, including Signarama, Experimax, Jon Smiths Subs, Venture x, The Great Greek Mediterranean, Accurate Franchising, Network Lead Exchange, Resource Operational International, and in 2021, the group announced that they are adding a new concept to its franchise portfolio a Graze Craze.

FedEx Franchise

T-Mobile Franchise

UBreakifix Franchise 

Franchise Model

There is no information available related to initial investment and franchise fees. All the information is confidential.

You need to visit the company’s official site and fill in the details. They will contact you and give you information about the franchise.

Why Investment In the United Franchise Group A Smart Investment?

Well, the group has a family of affiliated brands. There are several kinds of niches available to invest in.

Instead of searching for a perfect franchise, you can directly contact the company. They will explain every aspect of franchise and investment and suggest the best franchise for you.

How Much Does Company Make?

There are a number of aspects that determine the profitability of the United Franchise Group. Profit varies depending on the size of the investment, expenses, and demand for the product.

As we all know, the company has already earned goodwill in the market, so there is a good possibility that revenue must be higher.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many locations does United Franchise Group have?

United Franchise Group owns more than 1,600 franchise locations across the world.

Who is the CEO of United Franchise Group?

Ray Titus is the CEO of United Franchise Group.

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