Vanguard Cleaning Systems Franchise

Vanguard Cleaning Systems is known for its commercial cleaning services for residential and commercial buildings.

If you want to diversify your portfolio with a remunerative franchise, then Vanguard Cleaning Systems must be a great opportunity for you.

To know more about Vanguard Cleaning Systems, go through our in-depth article and see Vanguard Cleaning Systems franchise profitability, fee, cost, eligibility, and so on. So, let’s begin!

Vanguard Cleaning Systems Franchise
Vanguard Cleaning Systems Franchise

About Vanguard Cleaning Systems

In 1984, Vanguard Cleaning Systems was founded as a commercial cleaning service.

It provides cleaning services in different commercial places, including car dealership cleaning services, commercial offices, Gym and fitness centers, school cleaning, warehouse, industrial cleaning, and so on.

They also specialize in providing green cleaning. Vanguard Cleaning Systems provides two types of franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs- the Master Franchise and the Janitorial franchise.

Janitorial franchises work under the Master franchise. The role of the master franchise is to recruit and support Janitorial franchisees.

And Janitorial franchisees are responsible for providing service to a customer. Currently, Vanguard has 50 Master franchises and 3000 janitorial franchises.

They also provide a training program and support in both types. However, the financing option is not available for any franchisees.

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Vanguard Cleaning Systems Franchise Model

 Initial Investment$5,500 to $37,100
 Franchise-Fee$5,000 for a Janitorial Business Franchise
and $100,000 to $350,000 for a Master Franchise
 Liquidity$7,000 – $45,000
Area RequirementN/A
 Total Outlet3000

Requirement Of Vanguard Cleaning Systems Franchise

Vanguard Cleaning Systems franchise offers two types of franchises. One is the janitorial franchise, and the second is the Master franchise.

Both have different requirements, and the Master franchise requires a list long as compared to the janitorial franchise. If you want to buy the Janitorial franchise, then you only require investment.

Besides this, no prior experience or skills are required. However, the Master franchise has a long list of requirements which are:

  • Minimum liquidity of $200,000 is required
  • Experience in management and sales
  • Living in the metropolitan area
  • Leadership quality
  • Ability to work with a team

Training Of Vanguard Cleaning Systems

Vanguard Cleaning Systems provides an extensive training program to all new franchises. The training program will be held at the regional office or headquarters of the Vanguard franchise or the franchisor designated the location.

As a Master Cleaning franchise, you will provide state-of-art software, marketing material, on-site assistance, and so on.

Moreover, as a Janitorial Cleaning franchise. You will provide on-the-job training and classroom training, which consist of 24-48 hours.

Advantages of Vanguard Cleaning Systems Franchise

  • Long Running experience
  • Providing interactive sessions, online material, and hand-on education
  • Provide support by the Master Regional franchisee of your location.
  • Green cleaning
  • High Profitable
  • Low-cost investment
  • Diverse service opportunity

Term and Renewal of the Agreement

The initial term of the Vanguard Cleaning Systems franchise is 5 years. The term of renewal is available, but they have not disclosed how many times franchisees can renew the term.

However, one consecutive 5-year term is available after completing the initial term if all the requirements are met.

Also, we don’t have information about the Master Cleaning franchise term. So, we suggest reading the Franchise Disclosure Document for a detailed review.

Vanguard Cleaning Systems Comparison

CompanyVanguard Cleaning SystemsJan-Pro
Founded In19841991
Initial Investment$5,500 to $37,100$50,000-$150,000
Franchise-Fee$5,000 $2,520-$60,000
Liquidity$7,000 – $45,000$50,000
Total Outlet300010,475
Annual Revenue$296 Million$587 million 

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Frequently Asked Question

How many Vanguard Cleaning Systems franchises are there?

Vanguard Cleaning Systems has more than 3000 units across the U.S.

Does the Vanguard Cleaning Systems franchise offer finance?

No, Vanguard Cleaning Systems franchisees never offer third-party finance.

Where is Vanguard Cleaning Systems headquarters?

Mariners Island Boulevard

Is Vanguard Cleaning Systems a franchise?

The Vanguard cleaning system offers franchise opportunities to operate independent commercial cleaning businesses.

How much does a Vanguard Cleaning Systems franchise cost?

Starting a Vanguard Cleaning Systems franchise requires an initial investment of $5,500 to $37,100, with a franchise fee of $$5,000.

Who is the Owner of Vanguard Cleaning Systems?

The owner of Vanguard Cleaning Systems is Walter C. Rutledge, Jr., who founded the company in 1984. Rutledge is an entrepreneur and business executive with extensive experience in franchising, commercial cleaning services, sales, marketing, management, and operations.

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