Walmart Franchise

With all the Walmart stores you see across the US and their success, it comes naturally for new and experienced entrepreneurs to think about opening one.

Because we see so many stores, we are led to think that Walmart could be a franchise and, therefore, that any of us can contact the corporation and open our own store, getting into business with Walmart.

However, is there such a thing as a Walmart Franchise? Can you actually open your own Walmart store? Let’s find out together in this article.

Walmart Franchise
Walmart Franchise

About Walmart Franchise

Walmart is a retail corporation that owns hypermarkets across the United States. It is actually one of the most popular supermarket chains in the US, and its headquarters are in Arkansas. 

Walmart is also active outside of the United States, in South America, China, and India.

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The History Of Walmart Franchise

Walmart was founded in 1962 in Arkansas. The first store was a discount shop where people could buy any kind of stuff for their families at the lowest prices.

In 1969, the company was incorporated as Wla-Mart Inc., but the year after that, it changed its name to Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

In the meantime, the company wasn’t only opening new stores, but it was also widening its offer. In 1970, they opened the first home office center in Bentonville, Arkansas. 

During the 80s, Walmart started becoming the hypermarket we know today. The first attempt was the Hyper-Mart, a combination of four stores where people could find anything from groceries to drugs to video arcades and more.

It was during the 90s and 2000 that Walmart became the multinational we know today. They opened more and more stores, both in the US and outside of the country.

It was during this time that a lot of controversies were raised around Walmart: Walmart stores attracted so many clients wherever they opened that they were capable of changing the economy of small cities. Small city shops were forced to close when a Walmart hypermarket opened in town. 

Today, Walmart runs more than 10,000 stores worldwide, and it is also active online with its own eCommerce website.

Walmart Franchise Model

Although it might seem like one, Walmart is not a franchise. Walmart Inc owns all the stores active in every part of the world, so it is not possible to open your own Walmart store.

The only way to get into business with Walmart is by trying to sell your products in their stores. It is a huge opportunity because your products and brand would be exposed in front of a huge audience every day.

Business ModelRetail
Finance244.86 billion USD
Franchise FeeNone
Number of outlets10,585 worldwide

Training & Support From Walmart Franchise

Because Walmart is not a franchise, they don’t provide this type of training and support.

However, they train their employees, and if you get a deal with them that allows you to sell your products in Walmart stores or e-commerce websites, you can receive tons of advice and indications on how to display and market your items.

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Term & Renewal

If you get a deal with Walmart to sell your items inside their store, the contract would be fixed-term.

It means that you’ll be allowed to sell products inside Walmart supermarkets for a certain period (it is usually years, it could be 2, 4, 10, or more, and it is always specified in your contract). At the end of the term, you need to renew the contract.

Renewing the contract after you get your first deal is always easier than getting the first one.

Comparison Franchise: Walmart VS Costco

Number of Outlets10,585 worldwide840
Business Modelretailwarehouse club
Membership FeeNone$120 per year
Finance244.86 billion USD37.5 billion USD

Walmart Franchise: FAQ

Is Walmart a Franchise?

As we’ve mentioned, Walmart is not a franchise. It is, therefore, impossible to open your own Walmart supermarket.

What is Walmart known for?

Walmart is known for its huge hypermarkets where customers can find anything they need for the house, the office, the garden, health, and more.

How many Walmart supermarkets are there currently?

At the moment, Walmart counts 10,585 worldwide. The majority of them are in the US, but Walmart is also active in South America, India, and China.

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