Wat A Burger Franchise

The Wat a Burger Franchise, developed and run by youthful minds, is an affluent and peppy burger business. 

About Wat A Burger Franchise

They had only ideas from the beginning and chose to use fresh, delicious, and affordable burgers.

Wat-a-Burger works hand in hand with the high quality, the exquisite, and the affordable.

They truly define a positive energetic atmosphere and a compromised food quality. In ‘TEAM’ there is no ‘I’ and that’s how they work.

At Wat-a-Burgers, a gathering of like-minded individuals with a desire to build and develop brought you fantastic delectable burgers and a lot of souls.

They are a combination of numerous abilities headed by their founders, from the chefs to food designers, and from the outstanding burger builders and numbers of hard laborers behind scenes.

Do you remember Jughead from the comic archives, the guy who can eat insanely big amounts of burgers without feeling ill or gaining weight in one single sitting??

Well, they expect that to be so…due to the intriguing range of burgers, the pleasant patty, and a very attentive sauce selection, burgers prepared here are really difficult to refuse! Burgers made here are not enough!

Wat A Burger Franchise
Wat A Burger Franchise

Wat A Burger Franchise Model

InvestmentRs. 20 lakhs
Area Required150 sq. ft.
Franchise FeeRs. 6 lakhs
ModelStand Alone

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Features of Wat A Burger Franchise

  • They are not just another burger, but a new level of business.
  • The combination between flavor and quality and pricing is absolutely appealing and inevitably unsurprising.
  • Furthermore, you have the perfect recipes for beautiful drinks, various grilled sandwiches, a variety of wraps, and Voila!
  • Their specialty is celestial shakes, a selection of grilled sandwiches, and a wrap range.
  • Quality – Wat a Burger works hand in hand with high quality, delicious and affordable.
  • Flavors: The interesting collection of burgers with a delightful patty mixture and a very sumptuous selection is provided with hot piping.
  • Low manufacturing costs – They were inspired by a prospective idea and decided to bring fresh, delicious, and economical burgers.
  • Shakes and drinks- They’re an expert in the provision of blasts such as milkshakes, Thickshakes, smoothies, coffee, and drinks.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the investment of the Wat A Burger Franchise?

The investment of the Wat A Burger Franchise is Rs. 20 lakhs.

What is the model of the Wat A Burger Franchise?

The model of the Wat A Burger Franchise is Stand Alone.

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